Fixer Upper - Season 1

Tuesday 8:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Apr 17, 2014 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Baby Boomers Buy Fixer Upper
    Chip and Joanna Gaines help Dr Marla Hendricks seek out a home in Waco to begin her new life.
  • Academics Seek Acreage
    The Jonklaases want a home that offers lots of acreage and lots of bedrooms for their growing family. Devon, a biochemistry professor, would like to be closer to work and not too far from Hannah, who is expecting their third child. Will unexpected costs get in the way of the family's search for their dream home?moreless
  • Active Baby Boomers Seek Sanctuary Near Nature
    Recently married baby boomers who maintain an active lifestyle seek a fixer-upper house near Cameron Park in the city of Waco, Texas.
  • Professor and Family Crave Country Climate
    Lots of acreage and bedrooms are on top of the wish list of a biochemistry professor and his pregnant wife who are looking for a fixer-upper for their growing family in Northern Waco, Texas.
  • Couple Reach for Unreachable
  • Physicians Seek Farmhouse for Growing Household
    Married physicians with a growing family seek a farmhouse with at least four bedrooms and 5 acres of land in Robinson, Texas.
  • Couple Pursues Elusive Neighborhood Where Residents Never Leave
    Chip and Joanna are tasked with finding a family a home in the Viking Hills neighborhood of Waco, Texas, a task that's made difficult by the fact that "for sale" signs are rare, however they come up with three possibilities that include: a stately colonial with a wagon-wheel light fixture; a split-level retro with an odd bathroom; and a house that's a bit claustrophobic and has many louver doors.moreless
  • Missionaries Enlist Kids to Find Retreat in Their Hometown of Waco, Texas
    Three siblings ask the Gaines to help them find a retreat for their missionary parents, who run an orphanage in Uganda, but return to Waco, Texas, for biannual visits.
  • Single Mom Starts New Life With Fixer Upper
    A new beginning is sought for a single mom who just went through a difficult divorce; at the same time, Jo has a surprise in store for Chip as he approaches a milestone birthday.
  • Family Returning to Waco Craves Cowboy Charm for Fixer Upper
    A couple who are excited about returning to their Texas roots after moving from Oklahoma look at houses that are comfortable and have some cowboy charm.
  • The Gaines' Carpenter and Family Seek Urban Environment
    A carpenter moves his young family from the big city to the Brook-Oaks neighborhood, in Waco, Texas, where he hopes to find a home with an urban feel and that's close to his business.
  • Can a Big Budget Buy an Elusive French House In Waco?
    A Texas family of four have $650,000 to spend when they search for a country-style home with European flair that offers easy access to Lake Waco.
  • Client Rebuilds Life With Renovated Home
    A woman in the process of rebuilding her life after losing her home and her husband receives help from Chip and Jo finding a fixer-upper in West, Texas.
  • Nomadic Suburbanites Seek Unique Retro Residence
    Chip and Jo work to take a retro residence and make it contemporary for a couple with a growing family and thriving business in Woodway, Texas.
  • Young Family Embraces Revitalization Efforts Making Their Own History
    A young couple who are eager to become part of the revitalization of the once-thriving Sanger-Heights neighborhood in Waco, Texas, have a challenging project for Joanna and Chip to tackle.