Flame of Recca

(ended 1998)



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Hanabishi Recca is a descendant of the Hokage Ninja clan, a group of feared warriors from feudal-era Japan. He was born 400 years ago to Ohka, the 26th Leader of the clan, and Kagero, a beautiful young woman. The son of a Flame Master, Recca inherited the ability to create flame from his hands, and thus was destined to become the next leader of the clan. Roughly one year after his birth, the Hokage came into conflict with the troops of Oda Nobunaga, a powerful warlord who was seeking their Elemental Weapons, and were brutally wiped out. Kagero, determined to save her son, used a forbidden Hokage technique to send him 400 years into the future where he would be safe, or so she hoped. At the beginning of the series, Recca is a 16-year old schoolboy, completely unaware of his heritage, despite the fact that he harbours an extreme obsession of all things ninja-related. One day he meets Sakoshita Yanagi, a teenage girl who's life he saves by pushing her out of the way of falling pipes. Severly injured in the process, Recca is healed by Yanagi, and swears that he will become her Ninja, and will always protect her. From then on he refers to her as his "Hime." It soon becomes apparent that an ancient enemy has followed Recca to his new time, one who shares a connection with him from the distant past. Recca and his allies must then strive to settle a conflict started over 4 centuries ago... Origional Network: Fuji Television Characters (In order of Appearance): Name: Kage Houshi/Kagerou Age: Unknown (Probably around 420 Gender: Female Birthplace: Hokage Village Psychic devices: Eikai Ball (Shadow Sphere), also knows the time manipulation technique. Element: Shadow Name: Recca Hanabishi Age: 16 Gender: Male Grade: First year student in High school Mother: Kagerou Foster Father: Mr. Hanabishi Biological Father: Ohka Birthplace: In Hokage Village Psychic Device(s): Tekkou, An armband that keeps his flames in check Ability: To create flames from his hands Element: Fire Name: Domon Ishijima Age: 16 Gender: Male Grade: First year in High School Psychic devices: Dosei no Wa (Ring of Saturn), Kuchibashi Oh (Beak King), and Tetsugan (Iron Ball) Element: Earth Name: Yanagi Sakoshita Age: 16 Gender: Female Grade: First year student in High School Psychic devices: None Ability: Power to heal almost any wound Element: Healing or Spirit Name: Kurei Age: 20 Gender: Male Biological Parents: Ohka (deceased), Reina (deceased) Adopted Parents: Kouran Mori; Tsukino (deceased) Birthplace: Hokage Village Psychic devices: None, but has bangles to keep his flames in check. Element: Fire Name: Fuuko Kirisawa Age: 16 Gender: Female Grade:1st year student in High School Psychic Device(s): Fuujin (God of Wind) and the Oni No Tsune (Demon Claw), and Shinryo Shintou (Growth). Also fights with throwing knives called gimlets, although they are not psychic devices. Element: Wind and Air Name: Tokiya Mikagami Age: 17 Gender: Male Grade: 2nd Year Student in High School Parents: Not revealed, deceased Sister: Mifuyu Mikagami, deceased Psychic devices: Ensui (Dark Water) Element: Water Name: Kaoru Koganei Age: 13 Gender: Male Grade: 1st year in Junior High Parents: Unknown (possibly deceased) Psychic devices: Kougon Anki, the “Puzzle Madogu” Element: Metal (The Japanese Kanji means "Gold") NameGanko Morikawa Age: 9 Gender : Female Grade: Nil Parents: Mother, deceased; Father, unknown Psychic Device(s): Kata Kugutsu (Puppet Converter) Element: Reanimation

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  • My First anime and is still much better than most series today.

    The Plot centers around Recca, The son of a flame caster able to control Powerful flames with his hands. He is Sent 400 years into the future By His mother in times of Danger. Recca's Enemy is his Half Brother Kurei, Kurei hated Recca ever since He was a little child. Recca along with his Friends Battle many Powerful foes and Try to put an end the Conflict that is 4 centuries old.

    The plot is interesting enough and This is one of the best fighting Anime ever. The Animation is Very good for an old anime and the combat sequences are Fun to watch.The bad thing is, Flame of Recca had one of the worst Eng Dubs of all time, All Characters talked Like they were Drunk. The overall Voice acting is Irritating and even Depressing at times. I had a hard time figuring out if Recca was Crying in pain or happy or just Plain talking. Everybody's like "HEY!" for no Apparent reason. The sounds Felt weak, Especially in Combat. And All the Girls In the anime Felt overdramatic in their dialogues and there are plenty of spots were the Sounds are just too low. The combat scenes are Fun But lacked the intensity of other anime such as Yu Yu Hakusho. Some of the Fights are just way too tedious to enjoy. If you can Get through Bad parts, you'll know that is a Great Series, There are some excellent episodes and A good enough story to keep you interested till the end. The Intro and ending themes are Fantastic, The Intro of Recca is My favorite intro of all time. Flame of Recca is way better than Naruto too. Way better. if you've missed this show, i'd recommend you to watch it. I would've given it a 9 if it wasn't for the horrendous voice Acting. Still a great watch.moreless
  • Flame of Recca is an Awesome anime...

    Flame of Recca is an Awesome anime...This was one of my favorite anime too. It started when a woman from the past delivered his son to a distant future to escape death. But the brother of that baby came along too.The woman who delivered his baby has an immortal abilty. So she Walked and walked to find her long lost son until he found a boy named Recca. He has an ability to control fire and fire dragons And then she found out that that Recca was her son. I really like the story a lot, and sometimes it makes me laugh...moreless
  • really worth my time!

    really entertaining show at the very least. Full of great fight scenes! you'll never get bored with this show. One of the best animes I've ever since although It'll never surpass Samurai X (ruruoni kenshin). waaaaaaaay coooool show!! I recommend this show to every anime lover! you will never be disappointed!
  • Flame of Recca is about a boy, Recca Hanibishi who has been sent from about 400 years ago to the future that is now due to some problems.

    Flame of Recca is one of the most awesome anime i have seen. Its better than Full Metal Alchemist in the sense that it has a different view presented in the show. It shows Recca Hannibishi of the Hokage clan being pitted against Kurei who we later come to know is his step-brother who had tried to kill him when he was a child and to make sure Recca escaped, his mother used a device to send her child to the future but at that same time, Kurei also jumped into it and he also landed up in the same timeline as Recca but he couldn't find recca in that timeline.

    Few years later, Recca is now a high school going kid. There are others in the storyline like Domon Ishigima, who is a rival of recca but deep down inside they are really friends. And there is also Fukko who harbored a crush on recca but recca was of the opinion that if anyone beat him then he wud be their ninja. Yanagi saved recca and he assumed she beat him and he became her ninja.

    There was another character called Shadow who kidnapped Yanagi and tried to bring out the flame in recca and it happened. Shadow, as we come to know, is infact recca's mother and she provides him wit details abt who he really is. Kurei kidnaps Yanagi and tortures her but recca and his friends- Fukko, Domon, Mikagami(a guy who had tried to kill recca because yanagi resembled his dead sister) save her.

    The story doesnt end there. It goes on forward. It's best to watch it and not imagine it.moreless
  • flame of recca is really awesome.

    flame of recca is really awesome I really like watching its episodes its really awesome it started when a hokage named emma gave her two son to the furure so they can live because in that time there was a war going on so emma decided to give her son to the furure where they can live peacefully cause emma has an ability she is an immortal person she can live forever so in that whole year emma was finding her sons and when she saw recca the boy whose the son of emma she challenged recca so that recca can produce his true ability to control the fire so their adventure continues with his friends fighting evil....alohamoreless

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