Flame of Recca

(ended 1998)


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  • Season 1
    • Blazing Judgement. Setsuna Shun En!
      With Meno's life on the line, Recca throws himself into the fight with Genjuro, and quickly learns of the powerful technique that the old man commands- the Genjutsu Wakemi, a complex illusion that creates several lifelike duplicates of himself. Outmatched, Recca finds himself completely at the mercy of the leader of the Uruha Maboroshi, and struggles valiantly as Genjuro finally reveals his ultimate intention- to steal the eight Karyu from his opponent and defeat Kurei by himself. Using his psychic surgery, Genjuro digs into the young ninja's torso, causing him great pain, and removes one of the flame dragons- Setsuna.
      Despite his apparent disadvantage, Recca prepares to counterattack and reclaim his dragon. At the last minute, however, another one of the Karyu, Saiha, intervenes, and informs Recca that the dragon Genjuro stole is an extremely vengeful being, and that the old man has already sealed his own fate. Just as Saiha predicted, as soon as Genjuro attempts to command his new Karyu, Setsuna rebels against him, and Genjuro is mortally burned by the dragon's powerful Shun En- a flame that surrounds anyone who looks into his burning eye.
      With Genjuro rendered helpless by the Shun En, Recca is declared the winner of the match, and Team Hokage advance to the third round. As per his agreement with Recca, Genjuro removes the Shiki Gami from Meno's body, and is killed by Neon, the leader of the Uruha Oto, for his betrayal of Kurei.moreless
    • Recca's newest opponent, Meno, shows that she is much more than a normal High School girl when her elemental weapon kicks in. The Shiki Gami allows her to extend and control her own hair ( not quite as stupid as it sounds), and she quickly manipulates it into various blade-like forms and uses it to attack the unsuspecting Recca. Even the Flame Dragon Nadare richochets harmlessly off Meno, and Recca is left helpess as he is almost skewered by her offensive abilities.
      With Hanabishi on the ropes, Genjuro reveals how he also implanted Meno's elemental weapon inside her body using his pyschic surgery, and how he quickly crafted Meno into an efficient killing machine by threatening the life of her father. Hearing this, Recca grows enraged, and turns his attentions towards Genjuro himself...moreless
    • Embittered after his defeat by Recca back in Kurei's mansion, Mokuren has improved himself by undergoing psychic surgery at the hands of Genjuro. With his elemental weapon, the Kodama, actually implanted inside his torso, Mokuren's body has twisted and deformed into a groteque parody of it's former self, and he quickly displays his newfound power by holding Koganei captive. As Kaoru is unable to fight, the Hokage are forced to send another member into the ring against the mutated Mokuren in order to take the victory. Recca, infuriated with Mokuren's cowardly tactics, prepares to volunteer, but is overtaken by Mikagami, who shows surprising concern for Koganei's well-being.
      As Mikagami's Ensui clashes with the newly transformed Mokuren, his true skill becomes apparent, and Tokiya eventually triumphs over his maniacal opponent with the Hyomon Ken ohgi, Zettai Redo. Team Hokage claim the second win, and for the third match, their capain, Hanabishi Recca, is paired against a young girl, Meno...moreless
    • 2/14/98
      Koganei's fight against Shiju starts off badly, as the monster uses it's fantastic agility to dodge Kaoru's repeated assaults with the Kougon Anki's fourth form- Mikazuki. Shiju quickly renders Koganei helpless by seperating him from his weapon, and proceeds to take him apart at his leisure. Koganei, left without any means of attacking, can only go on the defensive and avoid Shiju's raking claws. Eventually, Koganei falls to the monster relentless assault, and only his burning desire to confront Kurei provides him with the strength to continue with the fight and retrieve his elemental weapon.
      With the Kougon Anki back in his hands, Kaoru tales the victory over Shiju by spearing him through the throat with it's fifth and most powerful form, An. As Team Hokage claims the first victory, the leader of the Uruha Maboroshi, Genjuro, intervenes and suggests that the battle continue as an elimination match- in other words, the winner will continue to fight until they are eliminated. The Hokage agree, meaning the Koganei stays on to face the next challenger- his old partner, Nagai Mokuren. However, Mokuren shows that he has changed litle since the old days, and springs a trap on Koganei, rendering him completely helpless...moreless
    • After their victory against team Ku the hokage are shown to their rooms. But when they set out to train the next morning Domon and Fuko get trapped in Kouran's manor and and a new fighter joins team hokage to replace Fuko in their first battle against the Uruha.
    • Desperate Trials!
      Episode 23
      Recca's ever-weakening attempts to defeat Kukai prove futile, as he demonstrates just how strong he is in his "Oni" form. Kukai continues to beat Recca, all the while voicing his disgust at how Recca has entered a life-or-death tournament when he isn't prepared to kill. As the fight continues, we see that Kukai is, in fact, dispensing advice on how to further advance through the Ura Buto Satsujin. He becomes a mentor of sorts throughout the battle, lecturing Recca on how he must become an Oni to defeat an Oni. Despite provocation, Recca refuses to win the fight by killing his opponent, instead choosing to defeat Kukai with the help of a newly-acquired Karyu.moreless
    • 1/27/98
      Team Ku are terrified at the prospect of their leader entering a fight. From past experience, they know that Kukai possesses terrible power, and will most likely kill Recca if provoked. Recca, judging Kukai by his outwardly pacifistic manner, simply believes that the team are trying to intimidate him, and refuses to back out of the match.
      As the fight begins, Kukai offers Recca three free hits, claiming that he will kill the young ninja if he is still standing after the third strike. Recca attacks for all he's worth, but the massively powerful Kukai remains unharmed. After the third hit lands, his weapon activates and a grotesque transformation rips through his body, drastically increasing his strength and mass. In this new form, Kukai the Oni takes the fight to Recca, and slowly begins to beat him to death...moreless
    • 1/17/98
      Saicho is determined to win this match in order to restore the tainted honour of the Ku, although due to a recent injury, he is only able to fight for 10 minutes before getting tired out. Because of this limitation, he throws everything at Recca while he still has the chance. Recca unable (or perhaps just unwilling) to defeat him, simply bears the brunt of his attacks and waits until the 10 minutes are up. With Saicho unable to fight, Recca is declared the winner of the match, thus ensuring that Team Hokage moves on to the next round.
      Recca, however, is annoyed that Kukai, the leader of the team, did not get the opportunity to battle, and so offers to give him the opportunity to rescue his team from disqualification. The referee initially refuses to allow an unsanctioned match, but after Mori Kouran overrides her and personally endorses the fight, she has no choice but to agree. Kouran, who wants the Hokage to lose so that he can claim Yanagi as a prize, clearly believes that Recca doesn't stand a chance against the titanic Kukai, and so sees this as the perfect opportunity to ensure their defeat...moreless
    • Fujimaru begins the fight by promising to slowly remove Fuko's clothes bit by bit, and, ever the opportunist, he uses his incredible speed and lightning fast weapon to keep that promise. Fuko's Fujin is unable to even make contact with him, and so, in desperation, she combines it with the Oni's Nail, another weapon, in order to use a previously untested technique- the Kaze no Tsume (Shards of the Wind). These three short, sharp spikes skewer Fujimaru through the chest and win Fuko the fight.
      Recca is then paired off against Saicho, the fourth member of Team Ku, and after a short demonstration of power, their battle begins...moreless
    • The battle between Mikagami and Daikoku rages on, with the swordsman clearly having the upper hand. Frustrated by Mikagami's seemingly carefree attitude to the fight, Daikoku attempts to finish him off with his most powerful technique- "Thousand Strikes". Mikagami simply responds with a move of his own- the Hyomon Ken, and takes the victory, leaving a bloody and battered Daikoku begging for forgiveness from Kukai, the team's leader.
      For the second fight, Domon is matched with Minamio, a lithe opponent who's elemental weapon makes his body extremely malleable and difficult to damage. Domon is forced to resort to using the Beak King- the weapon taken from Kuchibasimaru, in order to stand a chance in the fight. In the end, he manages to defeat Minamio, but collapses from the strain of the battle, leaving the result at a tie. Fuko's match with Fujimaru then gets underway...moreless
    • Sword of Blood! - Tokiya - Tokiya in the Ring!!
      Now entered in the Ura Buto Satsujin, Team Hokage find that they are in the first fight after the opening ceremony. Fuko and Recca unwittingly meet two members of Team Ku, the clan they are set to face- Saicho and Kukai respectively, and find them to be notably different from the hardened fighters they expected to find at the tournament.
      As the competition begins, the individual members of the teams are paired off to fight one by one, and Mikagami from Team Hokage finds himself matched against Daikoku from Team Ku.moreless
    • Recca, Mikagami, Fuko and Domon decide to enter the Ura Buto Satsujin as "Team Hokage", and make their way to the arena where it is being held. As they attempt to register, they are informed that every team has to surrender something of value to be allowed to fight in the competition. Team Hokage's donation has already been determined- Sakoshita Yanagi. Despite Recca's objections, Yanagi agrees to be the donation, and Team Hokage are granted permission to enter.moreless
    • Ready to Fight! - Recca's Challenge!!
      Recca realises that, in order to defeat Kurei, he will need to fully harness the power of the dragons inside him, and so leaves with Yanagi to train in the mountains. The Karyu show nothing but disdain for the young ninja, but Recca is determined to bend them to his will. Fuko and Domon spar with each other in a separate location, aware that they will get left behind in terms of skill should they fail to train.
      Meanwhile, Kurei announces the location of the Ura Buto Satsujin, an underground fighting tournament in which he plans to finish off his enemies...moreless
    • Just as Kage Houshi finishes her story, the four fighters make themselves known, but none of them seem to be any of a threat to Recca and friends. Just when it looks as though their defeat is certain, their leader, Kuchibasimaru, captures Kage Houshi and threatens her life. Exploding with anger, Recca unwittingly unleashes the power of one of his Karyu, bringing it's full force to bear on Kuchibasimaru...moreless
    • With Yanagi and Tatesako-sensei safely rescued, everyone heads to Kage Houshi's secluded house in the mountains, where she begins to reveal the secrets of Recca's past. However, unbeknownst to them, four of Kurei's fighters have learned of their location, and converge on the house seeking revenge for the destruction of Kurei's mansion.moreless
    • With his Arm Protector removed, eight Fire Dragons emerge from inside of Recca, but promptly begin to destroy everything around them, obliterating the majority of Kurei's mansion. Only by striking a desperate bargain with their leader,Resshin, is Recca finally able to harness their ferocious power. When Kurei survives their initial assault, Recca is left to face him alone and weakened, but fortunately for him, Kurei has a more fitting demise in mind for his young opponent. He disappears, leaving Yanagi in the hands of her ninja.moreless
    • Confronting Kurei for the second time, Recca, Domon, and Fuko are unable to match the power of the incarnation of his flame- Scarler. Even when Mikagami joins the fight, they are heavily outmatched. As Team Hokage lies in ruins, Shadow appears and advises Recca to remove his Arm Protector, thus releasing his potential power. Recca does so, but within moments the force behind his flame begins to tear him apart. Will he survive long enough to harness his power and defeat Kurei?moreless
    • 10/18/97
      Trapped in Mokuren's cavernous underground laboratory, Recca and friends must struggle to find a way out whilst avoiding the plants controlled by the madman's Psychic device. Meanwhile, Koganei reveals the first four of the Adamantine Blade's forms- Blade, Chain sickle, Scissors, and Boomerang, injuring Mikagami several times along the way. But, when he resorts to using the weapons's most powerful form- Bow and Arrow, Mikagami finds himself in dire straits. As Recca, Domon, Fuko, and Ganko reach Mokuren in his underground lair, he torments Recca by making him listen to Yanagi's screams as she is tortured, driving him into a murderous rage. Has he pushed Recca too far?moreless
    • 10/11/97
      Recca, Domon, and Fuko encounter Kurei for the first time, as he reveals a small part of Recca's heritage to them, claiming that it was he who scarred Recca's face over 400 years ago. It soon becomes apparent that Recca's flame has no effect on Kurei, and in a separate room, Mikagami squares off against Koganei, who shows surprising skill for his age. Seemingly outmatched, will Recca and Mikagami be able to triumph over their respective opponents?moreless
    • Sekioh's phenomenal strength proves to be too much for Domon to handle, and only by mastering his own newly-acquired Elemental Weapon is he able to match him in battle. When Sekioh threatens Fuko, however, Domon's anger provides him with the incentive to win the fight. In the next room, they encounter Koganei Kaoru once again, as he springs a trap that would separate them from the rest of the mansion. Just when it looks like they won't be able to advance any further, Mikagami appears to even the odds...moreless
    • Completely immobilised, Recca and Domon can only watch as Reiran begins to kill Fuko slowly and painfully. Fortunately for her, she eventually releases the Elemental Master's true nature, and escapes from her clutches. Quickly destroying her, they gain Marikawa Ganko as a friend and ally, then progress to the next room. Waiting for them there is Sekioh, the next Elemental Master. Taking the initiative, Domon decides to make this his fight, and attacks Sekioh head on...moreless
    • Stone Guardian - The Game of Death!!
      Recca, Domon and Fuko face the animated mannequins controlled by Katashiro Reiran, the first Elemental master of the mansion. Using her Fujin, Fuko is easily able to dispose of the threat. Unfortunately, this drives Reiran into a rage, and she makes Fuko the target of her murderous onslaught. Just as Fuko seems to be gaining the upper hand, Reiran's weapon, the Kata Kugutsu, turns the tables once again, leaving Fuko completely at her mercy.moreless
    • 9/13/97
      With Yanagi in the clutches of an unknown enemy, Recca approaches Kage Houshi in order to discover her whereabouts. Kage Houshi shows him where Yanagi was taken, but warns him that his opponent is a flame master even more powerful than he. Determined to rescue Yanagi, Recca and his friends brave the dangers of Kurei's mansion, but will they be able to penetrate its' defences?moreless
    • Tatesako Fumio, a new history teacher, sparks Recca's interest when he expresses knowledge of the Hokage Ninja. Inviting Recca and friends to his home, the Sensei promises to give him more information concerning this extremely secretive Ninja clan. Their lessons are interrupted when a young boy appears and attempts to take Yanagi hostage! Who is this kid and why does he want Yanagi?moreless
    • Depressed after his defeat at the hands of Mikagami Tokiya, Recca loses interest in protecting his Hime. Only after Mikagami abducts Yanagi in the middle of a carnival does Recca finally realise just how foolish he has been, and rushes to his Hime's side. Hidden in the House of Mirrors, the reflections confuse Recca and prove to be a great disadvantage. Can he triumph over Mikagami in this environment?moreless
    • Just when it seems as if Domon might be getting through to Fuko, Kage Houshi strengthens her hold on her. As she desperately defends the Fujin, Fuko creates a powerful tornado to deflect Domon and Recca. Unfortunately, this also means that pretty soon the air will run out within the cyclone, suffocating her. Domon and Recca must then risk everything to save their longtime friend. Unbeknownst to everyone, another student witnesses the battle and seems to have taken an interest in Recca as well.moreless
    • When Recca comes to school referring to Yanagi as his Hime (Princess) and calling himself her Ninja, the whole student body is in an uproar. This especially angers Kirisawa Fuko, who has been Recca's greatest rival since they were both children. To add to his troubles, Kage Houshi has armed Fuko with the Fujin (Wind God), a powerful artefact that also carries a deadly curse. Recca and his newfound flame must now battle against Fuko and her Fujin.moreless
    • Four hundred years ago, in an age of conflict in feudal Japan, a Hokage Ninja sent her child into the future in order to save his life. Growing up unaware of his heritage, Hanabishi Recca finds himself fascinated with the life of a Ninja. A near-fatal accident results in an encounter with Sakoshita Yanagi and the two soon become close friends. Unfortunately an enigmatic woman is after Recca and she seems intent on awakening his mysterious powers- even if it means his death.Flame of Recca is about a highschool student named Recca Hanabishi, who aspires to be a ninja and is obsessed with anything ninja-related. After meeting a girl named Yanagi Sakoshita, whom he acknowledged to be his princess (姫 hime), and a mysterious woman named Shadow (影子 Kage Hōshi), who apparently attacked him for no reason at all, he finds that he not only comes from a long-dead ninja clan of 400-years past, he also can control his personal Flame. Recca and his friends (Domon Ishijima, Fuko Kirisawa, Tokiya Mikagami, Kaoru Koganei) must grow stronger in order to protect Yanagi from being taken by Kurei (紅麗) and his adoptive father, the evil Kouran Mori, who wants eternal life, and believes that Yanagi's mysterious healing power is the key to it.