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Recca's Eight Flame Dragons (((Spoilers)))

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    Recca's flame can take the form of eight flame dragons, each with their own personality. They have to choose to let Recca master them, and once they decide to help Recca, they burn their name into his arm. When he wants to call on them, he says their name and writes the kanji in the air. Each of Recca’s eight Dragons is the spirit of a former Flame Master who first created the technique associated with the Dragon’s power.
    Note: In the anime, Nadare is first and Saiha is second, but in the manga, Saiha is the first form and Nadare is the second.

    Name: Saiha
    Power: En Shin, The Fire Blade (flame foundation: Falcon)
    Notes: Saiha is the first form of Recca's flame and one of the more difficult ones to handle at first. Basically his attack is a blade that comes out of Recca's arm with the ability to slice through anything. When combined with Homura's attack, it can become a chainsickle, very similar to Kaoru's Kougan Anki's second form, but made of flame. Recca seems to be very skilled at controlling him though by the end of the fight with Kukai, because when Recca was going to cut off Kukai's head (because he threatened to kill Yanagi) he pulled the blade back just in time.

    Saiha was the second of the dragons to fight Recca in the desert. The way Recca won him back was by first blocking the fire blade with his tekkou then catching it with his hand and while Saiha was shocked at that, Recca decked him one and sent him flying.

    Name: Nadare
    Power: Dan En, The Fire Ball
    Notes: Nadare is the second form of Recca's flame, and first appears while coming out to save Recca's mother, Kagero, when she was about to be hurt badly. She came out of her free will then, and later became one of Recca’s mastered dragons (in other words a dragon he can control). Her attack is a fireball attack, and she is pretty smart when it comes to her attack. Once when all the fireballs were deflected into the ground, she left them in the ground until the right time then used them as an attack from the ground. She seems to be very kind and was the first dragon to actually help Recca.

    Nadare was the first dragon to attack Recca in the mind desert place. She threw fire balls at him, he dodged most of them and then caught the last one, which shocked her. Saiha then attacked, and when Recca knocked him into the sky, both Nadare and Saiha rejoined him at the same time.

    Name: Homura
    Power: Ben En, The Fire Whip / Strength (flame foundation: Snake)
    Notes: Homura came to be under Recca's control during the fight with Kukai. When Recca was "dead" Homura came to him saying that he wanted to see if he (Homura) could help Recca to "fight to make everyone happy". When Recca miraculously stood up once more, Homura said that Recca was a person he would like to fight with and burned his tattoo into his arm. Homura's is a strength enhancing flame, and though it didn't beat Kukai directly, it proves very useful later on. Also, when united with Saiha, he makes a flame chain sickle, which is one of the attacks that actually hurt Kurei in the last battle of the tournament.

    Homura's mind desert fight was a relatively short one. Recca had buried himself under the sand and when Homura came by he jumped out of it. When Homura shot his flame-sickle at him, he ended up just getting Recca's shirt, which he had taken off. Recca then punched Homura in the back of the head and Homura became his again.

    Name: Setsuna
    Power: Shun En, The Fire Flash
    Notes: Setsuna is a blind dragon with the ability to see using heat sensors. His name means "Lord of the Dead" and his personality surely reflects this. He is cruel, vicious, bad tempered, and arrogant; even when he was alive, he was cast out by the Hokage. His power is that if you look into his eye, when it is opened his flames will engulf you whole and kill you. He was the dragon that was extracted by Genjuro and instead of obeying the old man; he engulfed him in his flame. After that, he unexpectedly burns his symbol into Recca, who doesn't seem too happy about having him.

    Setsuna's fight with Recca in the desert was the most bloody. Setsuna REALLY wanted to kill Recca, unlike the others who only wanted to fight him. Towards the end, when Recca tried to write a dragons name in the air, Setsuna stabs him in that arm so that he can't write anymore. Setsuna keeps attacking him and all Recca does is dodge until finally he stabs Setsuna through the stomach with Saiha's blade. It appears he wasn't just dodging. He was writing Saiha's kanji in the sand!

    Name: Madoka
    Power: Kekkai En, The Fire Barrier (flame foundation: Turtle)
    Notes: Madoka is mainly a dragon used for protection. He can generate an "impenetrable" shield around whatever he's told to. Recca earned this dragon during his fight with Neon, where he had to use the barrier to save Neon's life. After that, Recca has used the barrier several other times (to save all the people in the stadium once in the last episode, and to protect Yanagi while blasting a bad guy in manga volume 19)

    During Madoka's battle in the desert, he basically sat in his protective shield as Recca tried to get in. Finally, Recca figured out a way to penetrate his field by using Nadare to blow out the fireballs holding together the shield. He then kicked Madoka in the face and that was that.

    Name: Rui
    Power: Gen En, The Fire Illusion
    Notes: Rui is the Mistress of Illusion, being able to draw up an illusion of almost anything. Since she is a Mistress of Illusion, you can never be sure what her true form is because she always appears as something else, usually as a beautiful woman. (In the manga she has appeared as a black haired woman with her chest showing to lour a man into a trap.

    Rui's fight with Recca in the desert was rather amusing. She would distract him by appearing as a scantily clad woman, and then attack him as Kurei. After that she became Yanagi, but that didn't fool Recca at all, so she decided to do one final test. She turned into Kokuu, and Recca had to guess who was the real one. This proved to be an easy test for Recca who just pulled out a picture of Fuuko undressing (how he had it, I don't want to know) and the real Kokuu pounced on him.

    Name: Kokuu
    Power: Fire Beam
    Notes: The seventh Flame Dragon, who appears as a little old man with a scar over one eye. His power is that he can make a large fireball and shoots a beam of fire with it.
    He is also a perverted old man, and spied on all the team Hokage girls as they were changing. He has a particular liking for Fuuko and doesn’t hesitate to show it.

    Koku is a mysterious old man who shows up in the later episodes, giving a Madogu or some advice to all the team Hokage members. He tends to appear in human form more frequently than the others, and seems to have some kind of friendship with Resshin. Kokuu and Recca do not fight in the desert, however, he steals Recca's six dragons before his fight with Kurei, and teaches him how to properly combine multiple dragons into one attack, promising that if Recca can master this ability that he will surrender his services to Recca, which he does.

    Name: Resshin
    Power: Absorbs Bodies; transforms the dead into living Flames like Kurenai (flame foundation: Phoenix)
    Notes: The eighth Flame Dragon. Resshin is the leader of the dragons, and most likely the most powerful. He is the spirit of Recca and Kurei's biological father, Ouka, and is neutral in the final fight between Kurei and Recca. That is the reason he would not attack Kurei in the last fight, and why he is torn between choosing Recca or Kurei as a "land lord". Like Kokuu, Resshin does not fight Recca in the desert. While he lends his assistance to his sons when they fight against Mori Kouran's clone, he does not give his power to either.
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