Flame of Recca

Season 1 Episode 19

The Iron Fist Fails! - Domon's Trump Card!!

Full Episode: The Iron Fist Fails! - Domon's Trump Card!!


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The battle between Mikagami and Daikoku rages on, with the swordsman clearly having the upper hand. Frustrated by Mikagami's seemingly carefree attitude to the fight, Daikoku attempts to finish him off with his most powerful technique- "Thousand Strikes". Mikagami simply responds with a move of his own- the Hyomon Ken, and takes the victory, leaving a bloody and battered Daikoku begging for forgiveness from Kukai, the team's leader.
For the second fight, Domon is matched with Minamio, a lithe opponent who's elemental weapon makes his body extremely malleable and difficult to damage. Domon is forced to resort to using the Beak King- the weapon taken from Kuchibasimaru, in order to stand a chance in the fight. In the end, he manages to defeat Minamio, but collapses from the strain of the battle, leaving the result at a tie. Fuko's match with Fujimaru then gets underway...moreless
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