Flash Forward (1997)

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Flash Forward (1997)

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Becca Fisher and Tucker James are two 13 year-olds who have been best friends since birth. They live next door to each other and have shared birthday parties, babysitters and backyard swings. But now, Becca and Tucker are beginning the rite of passage known as the eighth grade. Suddenly, they are teenagers, testing the bounds of their new independence while struggling to hang on the their past.

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  • Becca Fisher and Tucker James are two 13 year-olds who have been best friends since birth. Suddenly, they are teenagers, testing the bounds of their new independence while struggling to hang on the their past.moreless

    I loved this show when I was a kid. It use to air on Disney Channel and I would watch it every time I could caught an episode on the television. I love the plot of each episodes I watch and that this show should had lasted a little long but I guess it had to come to an end. Anyway, I am glad I was old enough to watch and understand this series because I think it was really a good show for pre-teens and teenagers. If anybody go looking for this series for whatever reasons good luck at finding the show because it great.moreless
  • Flash forward--a childhood favorite

    This show was one of the hallmarks of children's television. Even though it lasted for a short time (totally unfair) it left a big impact on my tv viewing experience. It was a simple show telling a simple story about two lifelong best friends--ya'll know how it goes, it's been retold time and time again-- but there was just something so charming and unique about this one. I think it had to do with the actors and how well they played off each other. I deeply wish it hadn't been cancelled so early. It had the potential to become a long-lasting, influential staple of Disney channel ala Lizzie Mcguire. What a shame.moreless
  • Love this show!

    I was way too old to watch this show, but I must confess...I did, and I loved it! I've never seen the whole show from the first episode to the last, so it always feels unresolved to me. I always knew Becca and Tucker would end up together, but I didn't get to watch the end of the series. I will have to find a site that lists the episode highlights. To end this review, I loved this show when it was on originally and I still love it. Disney, if you're listening, bring Flash Forward back for re-runs...even if it's just at night!moreless
  • Great show when it was on! My favorite I was little growing up!

    Yeah this show totally defined the jr. high kids on disney channel genre. I totally forgot about this show until my sister mentioned it to me the other day. memories, memories... Anywho this show was funny when i was growing up and if there were reruns on i would for sure watch them. That Tucker kid sure was hilarious. The sad thing is that no one on this show went on to do anything else. Except Ben Foster went on to play Archangel in X-Men: The Last Stand, which he was totally underused. Anywho, yeah great memories with this groundbreaking show disney-channel wise.moreless
  • Next door neighbor friends.

    I loved this show so much it was amazing and starting a whoile era of best friends in middle & high school. I loved the main girl in it who you can now see her in Serenity which was great and she did great. i think they shoulod bring it back it was so great I loved it so much.

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