Flash Forward (1997)

Season 1 Episode 10

That's My Baby

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Unknown on Disney Channel

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  • Just as memorable as the finale episode.

    Judging by the TV.com scores alone, it looks like the series really picked up near the end of its run, but this episode is definitely one of the more memorable ones.

    While the basic plot of having to take care of a fake child has been done on so many other shows, that just goes to show how good the idea is, especially if pulled off correctly. While Christine has her own storyline this episode, the person at the front and center is Tucker, who really shines in each scene as he does his best to shirk off any kind of responsibility all for the sake of becoming an extra in a Zombie movie. Even now, I still find myself smirking at each scene where he just ends up putting his baby doll in worse and worse condition until Becca has to step in and take over for him. What I like about Becca this episode is that she is actually able to get the better of Tucker and turn all his manipulation skills on him, making for a good ending to the long line of Tucker screw-ups that make the episode.

    The plot line is everything you would expect it, but considering what the show is, I'd keep it that way.
  • This one had me in stitches.

    Hard to believe it's been about ten years since this show began (and ended... sadly). I was a Flash Forward junkie and have watched every episode several times, but this one more than others. It's my top three or four favorites. Oh sure, many sitcoms have been done about the person caring for a "fake" baby for a class project (even Frasier had an episode where Niles had to care for a sack of flour... with hilarious results), but when Tucker melts off the doll's arm in the toaster and duct tapes a "fin" onto the arm, I was in stitches. The whole bit with him losing his brother in the mall, trying to impress Becca with his parenting skills, trying to "modify" the doll's electronics, and the humorous results of all of that make this a very enjoyable episode. What are the odds Disney will release these on DVD (or maybe iTunes) soon?