Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2007 on Syfy
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The leader of the Hawkmen, Vultan, travels to Earth to locate his long lost son.

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  • Flash meets the hawkmen of Mongo


    That's the quality of lines that the writer of this series come up with. When asked by his mum where Baylin is from Flash tells her she's from Luxenmongostan!

    How can they expect the audience to take a show serious with that kind of writing, even as a joke it's below par.

    After last week' s preview I was excited, hawkmen, but after watching the actual episode it was clear this show desperately needed a Brian Blessed, failing, some better writers. Hawkmen are supposed to be fierce creatures able to fly, not hang glide. Even taking into account that Mongo is another planet, there has been no mention whatsoever that gravity is different, which might have explained these men hang gliding using a cape. That still does not explain the way they suddenly seemed to appear in Rankel's lab. There were simply too many inconsistencies in this story to make it believable and this in turn reduces its enjoyability. It's like watching some bad comedy, not a state-of-the-art sci-fi series based on a classic story...moreless
  • WOW... That was the worst hour of TV I have seen in a while. is was so painful

    The Hawkmen looked like they hated they're little dancing in circles, cawing around, about half as bad as I hated watching it.....BOOO and hope who ever let this go to TV go jump of a building and go SPAT, just like this episode did.

    WOW... That was the worst hour of TV I have ever seen. Woulda found watching Martha Stuart or any reality show more entertainting, and both those make me want to hang myself. GARBAGE and totally utterly a HORSE PILE. So many things not sure if I can remember all the thing I found bad about it. Think this series and the station lost alot of veiwers, in that time slot,after that episode. The special effects where almost par with the original show from the 80's. My Main Problem Was Everthing With The Hawkmen! Would have found anything else besides the torn-up capes to be more believing. Bad writting,directing or editing from the show makes it tough to watch but the hawkmen was just really bad...bad....CAW..CAW.. When the hawkmen where all clamering about at there ceremony spot(witch just looked like a mining sight or empty garbage dump)the dancing and locations was all wrong. If people are not FIRED over this I be really mad. They should have just played a original movie in that time slot. Flash gordan could be alot better show if left in the right hands. The fans are missing out on a great show if they don't do they're plaining or storytelling better. This show is not going to, or should not, make it to a next season. Bring back SG-1 season 11

    Any of these woulda been more believable

    - Hawkmen village or hunting grounds along the inside cavern or caynon walls

    - CGI wings

    - Fake prop wing

    - Wings that grow out of there back like a wearbird instead of wearwolf

    - Leather gliding suite (even though in real life gliding suites still need a parashoot to land)

    - Some high tech belt or boots that levitate like flipperfoot scientist guy from the planet mongo

    P.A.R.T(People Against Reality Television) I am starting this movment to get TV stations to stop making any more reality TV programs. They need to get They're thinking caps and there pocket books out, and stop making generic programs and start making quality televisionmoreless
  • Watch those Hawkmen dance, oh did I miss something important.

    I watched the first 2 episdoes of flash a few weeks ago and thought 'it might get better'. I then just didn't watch it the next two weeks so coming back to it with an episode which has Hawkmen (sorry, Dactyls) doing more funny dancing than flying didn't really help my thoughts on the show. Actually if anybody has watched Deep Space Nine I thought some of the dances resembled Nog's dance from 'You are cordially invited'. Either way I couldn't stop giggling.

    The funny thing is that you have a prisoner you'd think to check if he has a Tattoo that marks him as a Dactyl even if it is conveniently placed. Admittingly a long sleeved shirt is a perfect disguise without a doubt.

    Also the kid Dactyl subplot came out of nowhere as I got the impression that they had gone to Earth just for the sake of it. Maybe I wasn't listening properly but it was obviously planned as they were at a ceremonial spot in the quarry which wasn't there homeland.

    Lastly why does Flash act like a 15 year old around his Mam with women. That and the whole exchange student thing was just bad humour and a little embarrassing not just for him but for us to watch.moreless
  • Puzzling episode

    I was somewhat puzzled by this episode, as it doesn't really move the series forward at all. I mean, It was a good story-line, it just didn't really fit into the series. It seemed almost to be an outtake. However, the show was adventurous and well done. It had moments of suspense and some thrills. It was interesting getting to know a different aspect of Mongo-life as well. Hawk people ... who'd have thunk it? All in all it was an interesting and fun episode. It gave us insight to more of Mongo and introduced us to some creative new characters, it wasn't a complete loss, again I felt it was a little out of place though.moreless
  • A sometimes silly but generally entertaining episode. Flash encounters the Dactyls who kidnap a boy from Earth. The fast-paced action and the sensual presence of Princess Aura made this decent escapist fare.moreless

    I have to admit that I found the story amusing and entertaining. Again, there's nothing too deep going on here but there was enough action, attractive women, nice costumes for Aura, and humorous situations to keep me interested. I also found it interesting to see all the BSG alumni in this episode.

    Half of the guest stars in this episode have played roles on Battlestar Galactica. They've also probably appeared in other Vancouver-based productions. The boy played Milo in the BSG episode "Dirty Hands." The actor who played Vultan, Ty Olsson, played the recurring role of Capt. Aaron Kelly on BSG. And the actress portraying Flash's mother (Jill Teed) appeared in Season 1 of BSG as Sgt. Hadrian, the independent prosecutor in "Litmus."

    Princess Aura looked very sensual in this episode. It's important not to overlook the fact that the sexuality of Aura in the 1980 movie drew a lot of fans to that earlier version of Flash Gordon, so the sexiness of the character here is nothing new for the Flash Gordon concept. I'm glad they kept that element of the story.

    This show is escapist entertainment and sometimes there's a place for that, alongside heavier fare like BSG. There are still some things that could use improvement. For example, even though the show is on a tight budget, they could have made more realistic-looking flying capes for the Dactyls. Maybe a stabilizer bar between the wrists and the knees that would provide support for the cape. How expensive would it be to add some kind of wood support in the lining of the capes?

    Even so, the episode was fun in a slightly goofy kind of way. For a humorous sci-fi action-adventure series, this wasn't half bad.moreless
Ty Olsson

Ty Olsson


Guest Star

Samuel Patrick Chu

Samuel Patrick Chu


Guest Star

Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts


Guest Star

Anna Van Hooft

Anna Van Hooft


Recurring Role

Giles Panton

Giles Panton

Joe Wylee

Recurring Role

Jill Teed

Jill Teed

Mrs. Gordon

Recurring Role

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