Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Flash with the aid of Aura finds the cure to the water Ming has poisoned and blames Terec for, discrediting Ming who is unaware that the traitor is right beside him.

    This episode concludes the Lake Kendal stealing story while making some startling revelations and opening up even more possibilities and storylines in this modern rendition of the Flash Gordon saga.

    Ming is merciless, but Dale also proves herself to be capable as she wishes to inflict pain and agony upon Lenu whom they captured for the death of Joe, she is very cold. The Thorn Natalia branch which will make the victim become "forthcoming", but can cause permanent damage, which doesn't bother Dale at all.

    Flash must clear Terek he King of the Deviants who has been accused of poisoning the water another new violent race the Turen is introduced which has imprisoned them, but allow Flash after drinking the poisoned water to find a cure.

    Aura questions her father, she does not approve of his decisions, she goes to the Amoderians to ask aid from Vestra, Aura shows compassion to the sick which impresses Vestra who identifies the poison as one concocted by Esmaline who was cast out and now sells her spells to those who will pay her price. Flash and Aura go to find Esmaline, Aura extracts a promise from Vestra to take care of Terek until they return as show of compassion, not letting on it is because he is her brother.

    Zarkov proves he isn't the buffoon people think he is by cleverly questioning the prisoner Lenu then when she thinks she has him fooled, reveals he knew she was lying and she is still bound. When she is interrogated after the Thorn Natalia needles are inserted into her head, Dale is not bothered by the fact that Lennew will lose touch with reality forever, she does not wish Baylin to dispatch her, but concocts a suitable revenge, having her denounce Ming as the actual party responsible for the water poisoning.
    The vanulian vine which wraps itself around its victim entraps Flash on their journey to Esmaline, he escapes and when they find her she sends Flash to bring her the fruit of the vanulian vine, which he must accomplish quickly as the poison is taking effect, as the moons converge, he goes blind and the oil he used to escape the vines clutches starts to wear off, Aura rescues him without regard to her personal safety.

    Huge revelation that Verstra of the healers is their mother, she reveals her true identity while tending to Terek's wounds, who was cast out for giving birth to a deviant son, it is particularly interesting that Ming had her take a blood oath to never tell Aura she is her mother, especially that it is not her life, but her child's that would be forfeit.

    Flash arrives at the nick of time to save the son of the Turen king Bogard, the Amoderians will take the cure to the cantons, Vestra encourages the alliance between Aura and Terek.

    Ming is ruthless, a tyrant and extraordinarily cruel, but he actually believes he is the Benevolent Father and what he does is for the benefit of all Mongo, regardless of those who must suffer in order to achieve the greater good. This explains why he would purge his own son in accordance with the code as deviant births have to be culled, he will make his sacrifices along with the people. He will poison hundreds so that the rest will stay in line and in accordance to his plans for Mongo, those who oppose him "I will hunt down the traitors in my midst one by one, one by one, no matter who they are."