Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on Syfy



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    • Flash: How do I find this Esmeline?
      Vestra: You would regret it. The payment she would extract would be more unpleasant than death. Would you be willing to tend to her crops while garden maggots chew at your flesh?
      Flash: I'd rather just write her a check.

    • Bolgar: What business have you here, Omadrian?
      Vestra: I understand a Turin has taken ill.
      Bolgar: It's not your concern.
      Vestra: Flash Gordon has gone to procure an antidote. Until then, I have brought a salve to ease his discomfort.
      Bolgar: Why would Omadrian aid a Turin?
      Vestra: If the Turin are a friend to Flash Gordon, then the Turin are a friend to the Omadrian.
      Bolgar: Flash Gordon has not yet proven that he is our friend.

    • Flash: Are there any other childrens' stories that could potentially kill us?
      Aura: Dozens, if they're all true.
      Flash: Ahh, terrific.

    • Terek: Why have you not told Aura you're her mother? It would mean so much to her.
      Vestra: With your own life in peril you show such concern?
      Terek: She's my sister.
      Vestra: Than know that when Ming cast me out for birthing a deviant child, he forced me to take a blood oath. If I were to speak of it to Aura...
      Terek: Would you die?
      Vestra: No. She will.
      Terek: What father uses his own daughter's life to enforce a blood oath?
      Vestra: The same father who would reject his own son.

    • Zarkov: (talking about Earth) You know the best thing about it?
      Dale: What?
      Zarkov: No Ming.

    • (regarding hallucinogenic thorns that Baylin is inserting into Lanu's head)
      Zarkov: Cool, like evil acupuncture.

    • Vestra: Would you be willing to tend to her (Esmaline) crops while gardan maggots chew at your flesh?
      Flash: I'd rather just write her a cheque.

    • Baylin: Durd, I need you to arrange a message. Tell her there is a disturbed man at the steep house shouting that he is from a place called Planet Earth.
      Zarkov: Oh that's so good. She'll totally buy that! But who's going to be the disturbed… (Zarkov realises he will be the disturbed man.)

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      United Kingdom: June 30, 2008 on Sci Fi
      Sweden: December 19, 2008 on TV6
      Slovakia: June 5, 2011 on Markiza

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