Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 19

Cold Day In Hell

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2008 on Syfy
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Flash is thrust away to the Frigian snowfields after visiting a Celetroph monk. Flash faces the final test of the prophecy, to free the region's queen who has been encased in ice for many cycles.

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  • great episode

    Flash speaks to the celetroph monks. He wants to find out if he is the man in the prophecies. The monk takes him to the frigian snowfields to test him. Flash gets help from a local who is harvesting ice. He is tasks in helping free the ice queen from a frozen state. Flash gets help from the kingdom of frigian. But when he searches for the ice queen, he finds himself being detained by the very people who should have been helping him. Baylin comes to the rescue and helps him out. i really enjoyed watching this episode, I can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • Nice climax to Flash becoming the savior of Mongo and again we're treated to more of the planets strange inhabitants. With the decision to take out Ming in mind. Flash goes to the priest for clarity. They in turn send him to the icelands of Fria tomoreless

    Nice climax to Flash becoming the savior of Mongo and again we're treated to more of the planets strange inhabitants. With the decision to take out Ming in mind. Flash goes to the priest for clarity. They in turn send him to the icelands of Fria to fulfill the final test rescue the ice queen. It was fun watch Flash go on the quest once Baylin and Tarek join him to fight an ice worm it gets even better. In the end Flash is found not to be the one which I don't agree with. It was a great leap to make Tarek the prophecy but this I think will lead to greater stories as the war approaches. One delve into cornball ville would be Dale thinking she can pop on tv and tell the tale of alien worlds but if anything at least it'll be interesting.moreless
  • Flash must "warm the heart and earn the favors of a distant queen" to fulfill the third prophecy, which he does, yet still does not acknowledge he really is the chosen one who will lead Mongo to their salvation.moreless

    This continues the storyline from the previous two episodes , Flash to be acknowledged as the "chosen one" must fulfill the third prophecy, which he does, however Flash does not want to be the savior of Mongo, he feels it should be Terek , son of Ming. Prophecies are of course subject to interpretation.

    Warming the heart and earning the favors of a distant queen is the third test, which Flash is sent to the Frigian wastelands to save the queen. He meets Brini of the Tridens who is illegally harvesting ice for her people, he helps her and of course they get caught and arrested. Count Mallow who serves as the queen's regent in her absence allows Flash to attempt to rescue the queen. This of course is a ruse.

    Ming feels neither guilt nor remorse about poisoning the water stolen from earth, with the people turning against him he is enraged at their betrayal, blaming Terek for his problems and naturally ignoring his own role in the events. Terek in turn visits Ming in his private chamber who wants him to acknowledge him as his son. Ming of course will never agree to this, imprisons Terek for execution, who in turn is rescued by Baylin who is aided by a sympathetic guard who of course is killed for his trouble by Ming after he confronts Aura that she knew Terek is her brother.

    Dale is still distraught over Joe's death, full of emotion she returns to earth to do an expose of Mongo, however after making her broadcast tape she realizes the futility of this as it will merely bring government personnel who will silence her as they tried to do with Flash's father and did with Joe.

    Baylin and Terek find Rankol, he reveals himself to be not just a fellow deviant, but also a Celetroph monk who although cannot interfere with the prophecy, can aid fate and tells them where Flash has gone. They find him in the ice cave, Flash figures out by using the heat from their suits they can free Brini, which they do and she leaves them, only to be captured by Count Mallow who puts them in ice shackles to be fed upon by the ice worm. At the last minute Brini saves them from the shackles and Flash figures out how to kill the monster. He then rescues Queen Fria who punishes the count for his misdeeds by encasing him in ice for 20 cycles. The Queen wishes Flash to be her consort, but he weasels out of it, giving his companions equal credit and becomes instead her advisor. Brini reveals herself to be the daughter of the Tritan King and that she is their queen (odd, I would think she'd be a princess). Flash also tries to manipulate the prophecy by portraying Terek as the chosen one as to an extent he also satisfies the requirements (although Flash actually saved both queens).

    Queen Fria puts an end to Ming's plans to harvest her ice, after she leaves, Ming directs Rankol to gather his patriarchs to prepare for war. This opens up even more potential storylines, a war over water on Mongo, which gives speculation that Ming cannot take water as easily as he hoped from earth, as well as Flash continuing to deny his destiny even as he becomes more and more involved in the affairs of Mongo.moreless
  • Another solid installment in the modernized comics strip. One step closer the aformentioned revolution.

    I've been waiting to see this take on the world of Frigia, and oh boy, this episode not only brought a cool breeze (no pun intended) but also added some adventure elements that just keeps this show interesting and full of flight.

    One drop though, although minor (I've noticed it in the previous episode): In the opening credits, in the scene where Flash jumps off onto the speeder, his legs are visibly seen. If the producers intend on releasing this season on DVD, they might consider to correct this annoying little flaw. Other than that, I don't see any gripes about this series.moreless
Holly Dignard

Holly Dignard


Guest Star

Kendall Cross

Kendall Cross

Queen Freya

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Daniel Probert

Daniel Probert

Count Mallow

Guest Star

Anna Van Hooft

Anna Van Hooft


Recurring Role

Craig Stanghetta

Craig Stanghetta


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Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore

Joely Lavant

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    • Dolan: The signs are on you. You are the water bearer, the child who shall replace the father, the help from afar.
      Flash: Hey, no offense, I'm not too big on the whole destiny thing.
      Dolan: You do not wish to be our savior?
      Flash: No! But if the savior's the only one who can take down Ming, then I'm willing to step up.
      Dolan: What would you have me do?
      Flash: Make a proclamation; tell people that I'm the one. Maybe I can unite the cantons long enough to take down Ming.
      Dolan: It is possible. But only if you are truly the one.
      Flash: I thought I passed every test.
      Dolan: There is one more. It is foretold that the uniter will begin his campaign by warming the heart and earning the favors of a distant queen.
      Flash: I don't have time for another test. I need to take Ming down now.
      Dolan: What you need to do now, Flash Gordon, is to fulfill your destiny.

    • Flash: Why do you come all this way to harvest ice? Why don't you just get your water from Ming?
      Brini: Because I would rather be executed for poaching than kiss someone's behind for an allocution.
      Flash: Why have I never heard of the Tritons fighting Ming?
      Brini: 'Cause we don't care who rules whether it's Verden or Ming or you, it's all the same diglish dung to us.
      Flash: You know, Ming stays in power because of attitudes like that.

    • Queen Freya: (after Flash saves her) Prepare a celebration! I will be bonded and Flash Gordon will rule Frigia at my side.
      Flash: Uhh... what? Wait, wait. What?
      Queen Freya: It is your right as my rescuer.

    • Ming: (after Aura defies him) What have you become?
      Aura: Only what you've made me.

    • (After waking up on the Frigian snowfields)
      Flash: I guess it's too much to be asked to be dropped in Hawaii.

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