Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 10

Conspiracy Theory

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Syfy
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On behalf of Rankol, a bounty hunter named Genessa abducts Zarkov. Also, Flash and Dale are questioned by a government agent.

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  • Well a typical night in Flash land little action and a little silly. This time centering around Zarkov being taken to Mongo to perfect rift technology. Baylen discovers chocolate with comic results and gets tough with a fellow bounty hunter andmoreless

    Well a typical night in Flash land little action and a little silly. This time centering around Zarkov being taken to Mongo to perfect rift technology. Baylen discovers chocolate with comic results and gets tough with a fellow bounty hunter and she ends up dead for failing the floating freak. Dale and Flash had a ridiculous segment in which they were shot up with truth serum but thankfully the g-man who held them ended up stranded in Mongo. If you relax lower your expectations this mental junk food is quite passable to get you through to the rest of great Friday programming.moreless
  • good episode

    rankol sends a bounty hunter to earth to find zarkov. it doesn't take her long to find him. rankol tells zarkov that working with him is good for the universe. But Baylin suspects that rankol is just fooling him so she goes after him to mongo. meanwhile, back on earth flash and dale are dealing with a teenager who accidentally filmed a bounty hunter crossing a rift. dale competes with another tabloid news reporter who uses her glamor to spin any silly story into a ratings bonanza. it's a hilarious episode, the story is good, i love to see more flash gordon.moreless
  • Zarkov is kidnapped.

    Hmm, not as good as the previous episodes, but the competition between the two tv stations and its two presenters made it quite funny. The witness of the rift falling for Flash' trick though was pretty weak.

    I can partly understand why Zarkov is tempted. On earth no one respects him, he's got no money and has to make do with old equipment. On the other hand, Rankol offers him a position of respect. Still, he should have rememebered that Dr Gordon disappeared after working with Rankol. In my mind that makes it difficult to trust Rankol.

    The alien hunter and the truth serum and subsequent discussion between Flash and Dale was funny too.

    It's becoming more and more a comedymoreless
  • The truth serum given to Dale and Flash made the episode silly. The fight sequence was weak.

    I haven't watched the past few episodes, because I have been watching other things on tv that grab me more. I wanted to see this one to see what I have been missing. I thought the dialog between Flash and Dale was short of stupid. I thought the fight scenes on this one were weak. I noticed they edited the fighting so we saw just enough to get the point. I rated somewhat high for what is being mentioned, because I think this is following the feel from the 80's movie which I liked at the time. The acting was decent. I still enjoy the look of the show overall.moreless
Ona Grauer

Ona Grauer


Guest Star

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Mr. Mitchell

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Michael Kopsa

Michael Kopsa

Montgomery the Alien Hunter

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Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore

Joely Lavant

Recurring Role

Bruce Dawson

Bruce Dawson

Lawrence Gordon

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Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Dale and Susan Glass, are wearing the same shirt but Dale's is just backwards.

    • Dale references Dan Rathered. Dan Rather aired a story in 2004 with documents purporting to support the rumors that Bush was AWOL during his service in the Texas National Guard during Vietnam. It was later revealed that the documents were questionable and had not been properly researched before the piece aired.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Rankol: I tell you this because you're the only one who can understand.
      Zarkov: Not to quibble... but only because you killed the others.

    • Flash: Now I know how leftovers feel. (they're shown immobilized in saran wrap)

    • Dale: What about credibility? Honor? Ethics?
      Glass: Ratings. Raises. Revenue.

    • Glass: I know what people crave. People don't want to hear about rising inflation or the Middle East. They want to be entertained.

    • Mr. Mitchell: Reporters like her don't need a story. They make things anything hot just by covering it.
      Dale: And that's a good thing?

    • Flash: Okay, calm down. It's not like some secret, government agent guy is gonna pop out and arrest the two of us, okay?
      (A dark van pulls up, and a secret, government agent guy points a gun at them.)
      Government Agent: Get in the van, now!
      (Flash and Dale look at each other.)

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