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Flash Gordon BUTCHERED!!!

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    [1]Mar 4, 2008
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    The new Flash Gordon aired for the first time in the UK yesterday. Being a Flash Gordon fan from the Buster Crabbe series through to the Flash Gordon movie, the only thing that came to my mind was "WTF have they done?". I was really looking forward to and hoping for great things with this show but was massively let down.

    Flash Gordon is a Pu ssy. Where's the muscles like what Flash Gordon is supposed to have. Marathon runner? Yeah right! This character has zero credibility.

    Dale Arden... She's harder than Flash.

    Dr. Zarkov... Where's the mad scientist? This guy is a blathering idiot.

    Princess Aurora... Hmmm.... Did anyone see Ornella Mutti's Aurora in the Flash Gordon movie? Now that was Princess Aurora!

    And what's with all the travelling to and from Earth/Mongo? Portals? That's a bit derivative isn't it?

    And the biggest let down of all...

    Emperor Ming... WTF!!!! This character has absolutely no credibility at all. Where's the monstrously evil megalomaniac that all Flash Gordon fans love? This guy is NOT Ming the Merciless, more like Ping the Pus-sy!

    This modern take on Flash Gordon has completely destroyed the Flash Gordon mythos. Get rid of it or come up with something more faithful to the comic books.

    I am hugely disappointed that the guys instrumental in creating this trash can butcher a story that so many people love. The writers, producers, casting crew and director should be sacked!
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    [2]Mar 17, 2008
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    Im a Brit. I remember the Buster Crabbe stuff and I adore the film. Not least because of the sound track. But, I couldn't disagree with you more. The old stuff was camp and predictable. It looks and feels awful now. Flash is fine, he is far more like Mr Average in un averave circumstances. Noting wrong with a marathon runner. A football player is far less credible. Chances are he'd be a millionaire on steriods. A man like that wouldn't even get involved. Probably get a hanger on to do the dirty work.

    So what if Dale is stronger?

    Zarkov is fine. Most scientist types are cast a idiots, make them more easy to write. What do you want, Hawkins?

    Aurora is fine. Better looking and more feisty that her predecessors. Portals are derivative, but tell me , how would you have done it? All the eps on Earth or Mongo? Spaceship? Which would have been more original for you?

    Ming: What do you want, Mr Camp from the movie? won't work today. Real evil is like us and more scary for it. Ming is more like us.

    If this Flash has destroyed the "mythos", then the Mythos must have been very weak. Why should follow the comic books? How about the film? Having seen the entire series, you trashing of it is particularly funny, as you seem to like the movie. I suggest you watch the whole thing before writing stuff that might just turn out to be wrong. Sorry, but I really do tire of people who keep judging new remakes with the old. They are supposed to be different and appeal to todays audience and not pander to old crusties. New Flash is different and it appears to work well enough for several million viewers. And remember, you can always watch your superior old version or the movie when ever you like. The old series was great for its time. The movie was fabulous for its time, and for todays generation, Flash appears to work well too. I can accept it for what it is while still loving the old stuff.

    If this was the first ever Flash, I have no doubt it would not be attracting the some old tired "its not the original" posts.

    I should at this point explain that I am the bloke who sits there mixing the old Queen track to the new video.......
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    [3]Mar 26, 2008
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    ICEMOJO: In response, I have now watched all the episodes and it was rubbish. Would not be sorry to see the back of it and my original thoughts still hold true.

    Agree the original Buster Crabbe was camp and predictable but that was part of the fun. Agree that he shouldn't be a football player like in the movie. The problem with him being a marathon runner? Well have you actually seen a marathon runner? Marathon runners are not physically imposing or muscular; they are extremely skinny and lithe. Not the type of person that is going to take on Ming's soldiers. A sprinter would have been a better choice. Or maybe he should be a UFC fighter or something which is popular nowadays, it would certainly have more credibility.

    Ming, I have to disagree with you there. In his present guise he is just NOT evil. The character lacks credibility and believability. Who would be scared of him? He's a little short-ars.; not menacing at all. He doesn't have to look like a Chinese emperor but a pseudo version of an aryan Hitler Lots of thought went into that. Don't forget, we are on a different world in a different galaxy, a little creativity wouldn't have gone astray.

    The mythos is the comic books. This new series is not Flash Gordon, it is a TV series that has merely used the names of the Flash Gordon characters and it hasn't been implemented well at all.

    Zarkov is easier to write for? That says it all about the production as a whole. Everything about it appears to have been done to make it easier. Cheap production values and it shows. The best thing about it is the Queen track at the end.

    Yes, I would have included spaceships and I would have set it on Mongo entirely. It seemed to me actually like a rip-off and a really bad version of Smallville (which is really good!).

    And... The Hawkmen? What a disaster!

    The difficulty with taking on any classic genre like Flash Gordon, Superman etc. is that there is a loyal fan base of purists that have been around for years. While they want to see it remade, they want it to be kept as true to the ethos as possible. This new Flash Gordon doesn't achieve that, in fact it really is painful to watch.

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    [4]Mar 29, 2008
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    ^^LOL, that would have been excellent had Flash been a Mixed Martial Artist!
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    [5]Mar 9, 2009
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    I have to admit I didn't enjoy the new series one bit, I've always had a soft spot for the old black and white series, more of that please!!!
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