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Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Distance runner Flash Gordon learns of a secret scientific experiment involving his father, who was thought to have died years ago.

Flash's investigation leads him to the mysterious world of Mongo where he and his ex-girlfriend Dale are threatened by its ruthless dictator, Ming.

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  • Too 'white', too light. (seriously a joke about torture???)

    I'm sorry but any show where they joke about torture that actually occcured in the show has to automatically lose at least 3 stars. Seriously seriously bad taste people!

    I'm hoping this doesn't air internationally, I think the world already hates us enough for actually torturing - now that we're flippant about it.... I can only imagine if there are further depths we can drop to.

    Another issue... some diversity would be nice. Is there really not more than 1 non-white character in an entire town? I've been to Maryland and I definitely saw non-Caucasians. And even if that town in Maryland IS that homoegenous, what about the parallel dimensions? While I'm glad Ming is not a horribly racist stereotype, I certainly didn't expect him to look like any generic Waspy official.

    It has potential, if they could get better writers and aim higher than high schoolers/college kids. Camp is ok, but you can't force it- so don't start off trying to be too clever.moreless
  • The 1936 movie with all its problems and special defects is better, much better.


    I don't remember everything from the 1936 movie, but I remember quite well some parts of it from a rerun when I was a child and I must say this show doesn't live up to its "predecessor". Right from the beginning the episode is really hard to digest. For instance, the scene in which they are sending the probe to our dimension was shot inside an industry. There's nothing alien about it at all. It's just pretty obvious it was an attempt to save some money. A comment that serves to the "alien" sent to Earth just as well. Plus, the whole romance they try to kick in right from the start... Leave me be! It's a pretty obvious imitation to Smallville formula. The main actress even reminds me somewhat of Kristin Kreuk.

    "Flash Gordon" was about fantasy, it kept my mind going over and over around science fiction, warring forces of good and evil, etc. Now it's just a bunch of cliches and old-dated lines altogether that even ruin what was good about the story. I felt more in the edges of laughing than anything else.

    I sincerelly wish this show hadn't been made at all!moreless
  • What were they thinking this show will kill flash as we know it .

    ok well I have sat down and watched the first 2 eps of Flash Gordan and they have killed the hole idea of flash this jumping back and forth to earth and what have the done to the doc. he has to be the worst in acting and with his line all he seams to say is if the they find out about the vortex the world is over you know with people like him around that would not be a bad thing. As for dale being Flash's love interest there is no spark between them there would be more love with 2 4x2's than those two. And then we come to Ming yes Ming the guy we all loved to hate as kids now we look so this new guy and think I could take him no problem. The guy is supposed to be a dictator installing fear and death and showing no emotion about doing it.

    You know if it says sci-fi on the box I will watch it no mater how bad it is but they did not even give Flash Gordan a chance to be a great show it looks like a show that got the go ahead and no one was ready.moreless
  • the actor that played flash was good, the rest was bad.

    This episode was really really really bad- actually only the acting. effects. and story were bad leaving... well nothing to be good. the guy that plays flash from smallville is good though- and thats about it. i noticed only one scene from the film - which ruled- and that was the dale scene where she was to be mings concibine. the robot made me laugh at how cheap it was and looked like something from power rangers- and thats not a compliment. any way what i will say is if you are after a laugh then watch it, or if you dont want to take it seriously youll love itmoreless
  • Some bad acting and weak characters/plot

    Had high hopes for this show but so far its mostly average. There are moments where you think things are going to pick up but... nope! Some very VERY BAD acting in this episode. Flash seems likeable Dale is ok but IMHO too thin! she looks like a skeleton with skin, I think this seems to be a american trend now-a-days as the TV is full of what I consider "unhealthy" looking women. (Rant over) The show has some intresting storylines and hopefully will pick up. I will give this a few episodes before giving up as I know its a low budget thing and the actors are new. Didnt like Zarkov - too young and CRAP at acting, the same goes for Ming. I think the writers are trying to make Flash their own idea. Dudes, if you are reading this stick to the basics:

    Flash - top football hero, Dale - Babe with brains who is Flash's girlfriend, Ming - Evil older dictator whom tends to over react. Take a leaf from the book of the last film,moreless
Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes


Guest Star

Alejandro Abellan

Alejandro Abellan

Ernesto Lupe

Guest Star

Spencer Achtymichuk

Spencer Achtymichuk

Young Flash

Guest Star

Anna Van Hooft

Anna Van Hooft


Recurring Role

Giles Panton

Giles Panton

Joe Wylee

Recurring Role

Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore

Joely Lavant

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the trucker is selling the alien device to reporters he says 'cien para mirar' which they translated properly but when he says 'cinco ciento para ver' and they say that it means five hundred they are mistaken here, the correct way to say five hundred in Spanish is to say quinientos.

    • A departure from established continuity, Ming's capital is known as Nascent City in this remake of Flash Gordon. In previous versions of Flash Gordon the city is known as Mingo City.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Lawrence Gordon: Well, I'd say we made a mistake calling you Stephen. From now on, I'm calling you Flash.

    • Flash: So, apparently, RV dude was another scientist that worked with my dad on a secret project called the Portage Initiative.
      Nick: And that's supposed to mean something to me?
      Flash: Ah, it's French. It's means to cross over land in between two lakes. Hey, you got enough slack?
      Nick: Yeah, I'm good.
      Flash: So, anyways, apparently it has something to do with subatomic dimensional transferrence. Whatever the heck that means. I have no idea, but that's what the internet fringe seem to think.
      Nick: Okay, and this is suddenly important because?
      Flash: Because he never told me about it. It's like he had a secret life going on.
      Nick: Dude, he was a physicist and you were what, thirteen? And you suddenly think he's gonna sit you down and discuss the finer points of string theory?
      Flash: You don't get it. This guy was talking about my dad like he may somehow still be alive.

  • NOTES (2)