Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 11

Random Access

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on Syfy

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  • In a jealous rage, Joe attacks Flash and they both fall through a rift.

    This was the episode when Joe learned the truth about Flash and Dale's relationship. Their confrontation has been building since the pilot episode. Dale has been making excuses to Joe when she was helping Flash with the Mongo problem. In "Random Access" feeling come to a head when Joe catches Flash and Dale at the scene of the latest Rift, a seedy motel. Enraged Joe and Flash wrestle, fall through though a rift and are stranded together on Mongo.
    This is the narrative device for a recap of the adventures of Flash and Dale through the Sci-Fi looking glass. Joe, who by this time needed to be brought in on the secret of killed off learns "all about Mong" while he and Flash try to escape from the slave labor crew digging Ming's latest project (a tunnel to carry fresh water from earth).
    The story having been told the intrepid two earthlings escape with some help from a Darem, a member of the dactyl tribe, and return to the location of the rift.
    Back on earth Dale, Balyin and Zarkov, deliver an alien baby, fight off a Mongo bad guy and reopen the rift for Flash and Joe to return.
    The plot line of this episode is as trite as it seems when I wrote it just now. I have to lower my rating.brb.
    OK, that's done. This episode is a sign that in it's first season Flash Gordon is running out of steam. Bad writing, wooden acting, flat characters. It may be time to reset the DVR.
    Random Access the the worst episode of this, the first season of Flash Gordon: The Latest Version.
  • Well we all knew it had to happen the dreaded clip show but man I seriously doubt anyone would've guessed it would come this early in the show. To top it off it was a hybrid half

    Well we all knew it had to happen the dreaded clip show but man I seriously doubt anyone would've guessed it would come this early in the show. To top it off it was a hybrid half clip and half actual episode. As to the actual episode all those who hoped Joe was gone will be sorely disappointed. For some reason Joe not only caused the trip to Mongo which set off the clip show. By episodes end we now have Joe who's in the know about Mongo and now won't be going anywhere. I don't think this bodes well for the show having clip so early and missing the opportunity to get rid of Joe.
  • ..and they still make this?

    What an appauling episode. Not only is it a flashback episode - without them having that much material to pick and choose good parts from! It was painful.

    The cheapness of the show was never more evidant - and the secenes set in the mine - so dark that nothing could be seen. A way to save money, sure, but a total wase of the epsiode. Like the very tied "oh no there's two of him, which do I shoot" from earlier in the season, this is just one long yawnfest.

    Makes me giggle that they still advertise the show with music from the film version... hahaha.. says it all really.
  • not the best episode

    I enjoyed this episode but i felt it could have been better. The deviant scene was dragging. They should have used an alien with a good back story to tell. While the deviant scene was used, good thing something exciting was happening at mongo. When Flash and Joe are sent to a cave to work as slave miners, those short moments are entertaining enough to forgive the scene with the deviant. I felt that the use of scenes from old episodes were over used. They showed too many, it could have been better if Flash and Joe simply talked about it without flashbacks. I hope the writers will not use flashbacks in the future, I hope they don't use a deviant ever again, that kind of alien is just not interesting.
  • The instability of the main rift causes mulitple small rifts to open up.

    This was quite a good episode, which felt like a season finale because of the many flashbacks. I loved how Zarkov rescues the universe yet nobody seems to appreciate his efforts.
    Dale is crazy for helping a random devaite and Baylin is crazy for allowing her to do just that. Though it did pay off as the deviate killed the evil slave overseer.
    Finally, Joe gets to know the truth. I thought that was long overdue, perhaps he and Dale can work out their issues now that he no longer has to be kept in the dark, I also hope that what Flash said was true so that Joe can trust Dale and know that there is nothing between her and Flash, despite some evidence to the contrary in recent episodes.