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  • It took some time but Flash Gordon became one of the better remakes of last seasons tv line up. A slow introduction to what many forgot is a super-powerless hero and his friends. Dale Flashes love interest was for me the weakest of group.

    It took some time but Flash Gordon became one of the better remakes of last seasons tv line up. A slow introduction to what many forgot is a super-powerless hero and his friends. Dale Flashes love interest was for me the weakest of group. She was not that attractive and her acting tended to be wooden. Aura who was Mings daughter provide the alleged hottie aspect of the show and to her credit was a much more dynamic character. Ming was a reserved tyrant compared to the eighties movie which most people associate with the Gordon lore. Most fans didn't like his take on the character but I didn't need a raving madman in my dictator so I was fine with his portrayal. With Zarkov and Baylin rounding out Flashes group. The cast came together nicely despite the dreadfully childish material they had to work with. To the shows credit it's hard to create a world of mystery and wonder. So I have to say for what it was it was good after all every show can't be Battlestar Galactica and sometimes a little cheese on a Friday night before and or during a few drinks is what you need.
  • Okay, it didn't quite click with the original comics, but I was okay with that; as far as sci-fi is concerned the show wasn't bad.

    I think another season would have been telling, but like journeyman, jericho, and others, it was cut before it really got its steam up to where I think it could have gone. The actors were good, not great, but good, and I think the storyline in the first season was okay to kinda funny...lots of potential, a gemstone in the rough...maybe, but we'll never know now.

    The same main actress in this show played a lesser role in the series Blood Ties, which was also cut this season, although from a different provider. Now THAT was a great series...just made it two before it got the ax...maybe Sci-fi will take that one on?

    As for Flash Gordon, I hope it is like the Sci-Fi powers inferred in their explaination as to why they snuffed it out...they think they could do better with the material, and want to give it a couple of years and then present another Flash Gordon series that's completely different than this one...more true to the comics? We shall see. Fare thee well Flash Gordon, I enjoyed you while you were on the air.
  • this show was ok..

    Flash Gordon was not one of my usual favorites but i could watch the episode no problem. It had a pretty good cast. Who ever was the Casting Director, two thumbs up dude or gal. It was kind of slow in the beginning but midway through the show it got better. especially when Baylin started doing strange stuff at Earth Dimension. My favorite was when she grabbed the turkey leg with her bare hands. If syfy ever decides to make a season 2 for Flash Gordon, I wouldn't mind at all, I'd watch it. It won't be my favorite but it'd be certainly a show I'd watch.
  • My god how bad is this show

    Flash Gordan has to have been the worst remake of a show ever this made shows like black 7 look like a high bugget production ( by the way blake 7 was a great show and some ne should make it again). What were they thinking of or not thinking when they came up with the idea of reimaging of Flash Gordan the acting was so wooden and unbelivibul the sets were to say the least bad the use of red filters and dark filters was over the top and in most uncalled for wether they were trying to show that the audience that they were on mongal or earth did they think we were thick and could not work that out ourselfs .
    Thank god its gone and some one with a bit of talant with take it and make the show the way it is ment to be.
  • Absolute rubbish, quite possibly the worst pilot I've ever had the misfortune of watching.

    There is not a single redeeming feature of this show, it is so poor I still have a bad taste in my mouth 24 hours after watching it.

    Where do I start though?

    1. The first shot of Mongo looks like any old generic warehouse/factory location from any old crappy show from the early 90's.

    2. Ming The Merciless. Not only is he NOT bald, nor have a goatee - they have cast quite possibly the least menacing bad guy EVER here! Honestly, it would have been more convincing to have used a puppy.

    3. Sets. Cheap, oh so very cheap.

    4. Script. What script?

    5. Plot. What plot?

    6. Acting. What - you see where I'm going here?

    Avoid this show at all costs, it's just plain rubbish.
  • This series brings the famed comic strip character to the small screen for a contemporary look at his intergalactic adventures.

    I didn't really know anything about this new Sci-Fi Channel until they aired a trailer about it and I went looking up about it on the computer. I found out it was a newest version of story about fictional hero that been around for some years now. After I saw the first episode I became hooked to the series. I pretty much watch every episodes that aired. But I guess people didn't take to it like I did because I hear that it was canceled only after a few episodes. I hope that they do keep this series going because even though it had a few flaws, it was a good show.
  • Better writing could make this a good show.

    Granted, I've only watched the first 5 episodes, but I get the feeling this is how the entire episode is going to be.

    The premise is good, but the writing and scripting is obviously sloppy.

    The dialogue is painfully lame, and mostly consists of sexual innuendos between Flash & every woman he meets. I'm not saying it has to be highbrow conversation (Stargate's sarcastic & self-referential jokes work) but it's just bad, uninteresting and doesn't contribute to the show.
    (I nearly stopped watching after the 1rst show where they joke about torture being sexy.)

    Characters aren't being used well, his best friend who he supposedly runs a business with has only been in 2 episodes.
    The fiancee is used only as a 'straight' man and made to look ridiculous.

    The main characters also don't seem very smart.
    It seems like nearly every episode has some gaping plot hole that ruins the show for me.
    Travelling to a world where water is the most precious thing imaginable? Take a couple of water bottles! (seriously this 1 plot hold drives me insane & I spend the episode screaming at them!) When the lab of a scientist whose research you're investigating explodes and showers you with his research papers - why not grab some of them while you're leaving?

    Continued plot holes like this just make it painful. I can suspend disbelief for "fantastic" elements like the rift devices or the world of Mongo - but I can't forgive the stupidity or obvious plot holes. (seriously people- H20 could save your life!!!!)

    Intentional camp/cheesiness is great, but very hard -- you also have to try to make it interesting and the world you create still has to be consistent. It can't all be silly costumes and sexual inneundos.

    Update: After watching the first season, it does get better.
    However, I'm still amazed it took them 17 episodes to figure out they could bring in water to barter/trade with.
  • That was a miss.

    Why cant scifi be scifi? Why does this 'modernization' have to tie in with our time. The original was superb because it was a complete fantasy world. You bought into that because everything meshed together and every thing was conceptually consistent. This adaptation is just silly. Not to mention the characters cant act. Someone walks through a rift and to an entirely different world and doesn't show a hint of awe or astonishment. And this futuristic world has holographs, holograms, flying saucers, lasers and yet when they are in our world they call a cellphone a talking box!!! C'mon, time to fire a few writers. I can't go on...this is too much. Flush this show and spend the money on something more worthy and bring back Firefly or Threshold.
  • Flash Gordon is entertaining.

    Flash Gordon is entertaining. I love Ming,the benevolent father- such a nasty man, brilliant acting- great actor. Baylin, Dr Zarkov & Flash work well together as does Mings daughter Aruora.The only disappointment with this show is the character Dale - she looks too much like Flash Gordon.. a little errie considering they are ex lovers.
    Dale's character should have been played by a stronger more powerful looking actress, not such a skinny and extremely fragile actress,after all the adventures in Mongo can only be convincing and exciting to the viewers if the actors are strong and fit to fight their way through Mongo.
  • Not for anyone who enjoys good sci-fi .

    If you miss "Hercules the Legendary Adventures" or "The Adventures of Sinbad" from the mid 90's then this is the show for you. The only thing it's missing is Bruce Campbell. [no offense to Bruce]

    The writing is standard serial schlock. Painfully predictable. The characters are two dimensional and dull. As are the episodes. So much so that you find yourself cheering for the 'bad' guy in most cases just to make it interesting. It's a pity the new Ming is so bland. They should give him a handlebar mustache to twirl while he's being "evil".

    There is nothing to recommend in the latest incarnation of "Flash Gordon". Unless you're under the age of 12 or just don't care what's on the screen I'd say skip it completely .
  • Flash Gordon the all-star athlete that has to save earth from the villiany of Ming the merciless with the help of his friends Dale and Dr.Zarkov

    This show is truly my guilty pleasure. I have it set to record on my DVR and 99% of the time. It is the last show that I will watch of everything that I have recorded, yet every week I have it set to record and after viewing I think it wasn't that bad. The stories are not the best but they make up that with some mighty good special effects. What I think does help it is having three of the hottest actress on one show Karen Cliche is Hot, Anna Van Hooft is hotter, Gina Holden is so hottest.
  • Each show gets better.

    I know there are a lot of people knocking this series but I have enjoyed the show so far. The pilot was exciting and while there have been a few moments of "what were they thinking when they wrote that!" the overall show is a 'hit to be'. To make it a hit we have to continue watching it. As many of you have said on many occasions the actors are new to the business and the writers are still trying to get a feel for the job. The success of the show depends solely on the viewers and as the fans of the show we have to support it.

    The season finale was suspenseful and built up to a tremendous ending. I hope we get to see the show return next season with the same cast and continuing to bring us the same campy fun we've enjoyed so far. The show isn't trying to mimic actual dimensional travel, it's a TV show enjoy it as such.

    Keep watching, the pilot was good and the season finale was great, it only keeps getting better.
  • Give the series a chance...

    The series start was painfully two dimensional, but as the series has progressed so has it actors and storyline. I've found myself arguing with my husband on points of intrigue during the commercials. The inter-social interaction has also improved. It has been, thus far a very interesting ride to watch Flash, Aura, Ming, Bailen, and now Terek grow in personality as well as in skill as they stretch their legs in the growing internal intrigue that makes up the alternate universe that threatens our world. I can't wait for the next season, to see how Terek handles ruling Mongo, and how the relationships develop from this point on...
  • Starts off slowly, but packs a mean punch at the end.

    I must admit, that I started watching this show after 5 episodes were already out. I only really started watching, cause I am a big Smallville fan, and I just wanted to see how Eric Johnson would do as Flash.

    Well, I thought the show started off slowly, it had some nice plot points in the first 10 episodes, but only a few episodes really stood out and wow'ed me. With that being said, the writing, acting, and directing for the shows was still good, and I was still wanting to come back for more, and see that next episode.

    When the show went on a hiatus, after the episode "Possession", it really came back on fire. The episodes that follow "Possession" are really engaging and entertaining. The plot moves forward at a faster pace than it was before the break.

    The good about this show, really is the acting. It is consistent, and can be campish at times, but for a lower budget show the acting is great. The direction is good as well, and so is production, even though I feel like some of the sets are straight out of "Dark Angel" sometimes. The writing is hit or miss though. Early episodes there was some misses, and a few of the episodes prior to "Possession" weren't all that great. The writing was outstanding after "Possession", all the way to the end of the season, and I mean excellent. I hope the bring the show back for a second season, and continue developing the stories like they did at the end of the season. I just hope the change in story telling wasn't too little too late.

    I would give this show a 7/10. Maybe with a little bigger budget, that could allow for some better production the show could get up to and 8 or 9. It won't ever surpass Smallville as my favorite "Superhero" type show, but I would still recommend this show. Just make sure you watch the whole season, and you will appreciate it once it nears the end.
  • People need to give this show a chance...

    A lot of people seem to find fault with this show, but in fairness to it after a shakey start it does begin to turn into a reasonable series.

    It is one of those shows that gets better as it goes along, in many ways much like Journeyman - a show that starts slow, loses viewers then ends stronger.

    Personally I'm glad Sci-Fi decided to give this a full season order, and I'm sure that the story will develop into a nice arc by the end.

    I would not object either to seeing a second series and I am certainly looking forward to the conclusion of season 1.
  • Fire the writers, Fire the directors, Fire f/x team, Fire half the cast.

    Wow what a mess this thing is. Can't believe it was given so many episodes. Could have had 42 minutes of paint drying on screen would have been better. Sorry I only lasted 5 episodes before giving up. I think when in one of the scenes I actually saw the backdrop flapping in the wind I thought to my self....self....get the heck out of here and change the channel. I never liked Eric Johnson in Smallville and ditto here. Let Gina Holden off this mess so she can go back to Blood Ties.
    The three woman did ok jobs but they were not given much material to work with. Cancel this piece of garbage before it ruins careers.
  • Disappointing in almost every way - the cast is the only bright spot.

    As a Flash Gordon fan (the original novels, comic strips, 1930's movie serials, 1970's animated series, and even the cheezy but very fun 1980's movie) I was really looking forward to this new series. Like the 1980's movie, it is done in a tongue-in-cheek seriocomic style. All well and good, but it is unfortunately hobbled by a miniscule budget, pathetic production values, and too much unnecessary tinkering with the source material. The small special effects budget is all too obvious in that most of the action takes place on Earth (where CGI and other special effects are minimally needed), whereas the original serial took place ENTIRELY on Mongo, in fantastic, alien, futuristic surroundings. Instead of rocket sleds and ships, we get pickup trucks and Winnebago motor homes. When we are treated to scenes on Mongo, they mostly take place in interior, dimly lit rooms, or barren fields, with a minimum of set expenditure. The spectacular peoples Alex Raymond created for Ming's Planet Mongo are reduced to pale, silly caricatures. For example, the magnificently golden-winged flying Hawkmen are replaced by a bunch of rag-tag, wingless Road Warrior types in black, who instead of soaring on feathered wings that are part of their bodies, glide on tattered capes (with cheezy effects). The befuddled but brilliant and dignified Hans Zarkov in this version is reduced to nothing but a pale, even more cowardly imitation of the Rodney McKay character from Stargate Atlantis. Overall, a fan can't help but feel cheated. While the cast is very likeable, they simply can't make up for all of the show's other shortcomings. It is so bad, I don't even bother to Tivo it. I rate this series (generously) as a 4 out of 10. If it makes it to the second half of its first season (let alone a second season), I shall be VERY surprised.
  • It's simply not happening - a failed hommage to the greatness of Flash Gordon.

    Is it the low budget for this production that should be blamed? The not so great choice of actors? Or the lack of any talent in the script writing department?

    Maybe it's all of the above, but Flash Gordon is not taking off as it could very well have done. The classic story has all the ingredients of a great sci-fi saga, yet Flash is acting more like he's going to the mall and can't find the right kind of sneakers instead of having found a means to travel through space into another world. Is it the script that makes the cast seems so shallow and lacking in captivating acting? I'd blame the director and the script writers primarily. It would take an amazing actor to make this story take off.

    Flash Gordon is sadly, not blasting through the skies as he once did. Sad also because you know that there won't be another attempt at depicting this fantastic original saga again for many years.
  • Nowhere near as good a show as it could have been.

    The 2007 version of Flash comes nowhere near to any previous incarnations, but does it really have to be compared? I love the 80's movie and I also enjoy sitting down, relaxing and watching the 1930's offering. This version is new and modern, if it was too close too any of the previous shows it would have been shot down for not being origional enough. This show lacks one thing..Money, none of the effects or the writing compare to other established shows out at the moment such as Stargate or Smallville but it is enjoyable enough to sit and relax in front of.
  • A new version of Flash Gordon

    I love this character of Flash Gordon and my question is why can't anybody do a decent version of bringing this character to life. I mean the 1980 movie version was pure camp and hard to watch today. This new version I am sorry to say is incredibly bad - the story sucks, the re-imagined concept sucks and is painful to watch - couldn't even make it past the first couple of episodes. I really really wanted to like this show but I would rather have a root canal than be subjected to another episode of this show. SciFi cancels a gem with the Dreseden Files but this dreck remains on the air - there is no justice in the world.
  • Pilot

    I've read the reviews on here before I decided to look at this. So I was very cautious and not expecting much. Even then I was let down. I turned it off after 20 minutes. How do shows this bad get made. This has the potential to be a great sci fi series but man have they made a mess. The Aquaman pilot was a million times better than this and got dumped so how this survived beggars belief. I won't be watching anymore of this drivel thats for sure. The first alien we see looks like someone dressed up in a cheap borg suit for halloween. Rubbish
  • I have been a fan of Flash Gordon since I was a young child. I grew up watching the 1980's movie. I even watched Defenders of the Earth which had Flash Gordon in it. I was glad to see this new series come to TV.

    I enjoy the Flash Gordon TV show. I feel that it introduces a new generation to the Flash Gordon world. I feel the actors are doing a wonderful job given that Flash Gordon started life as a 30's comic strip. I hope that people give the show an honest chance. I feel that this Flash Gordon can relate the ideas of the 30's comic book strip in a way so a 21st century audiance can enjoy them. I have enjoyed all the new characters and the shows deepth of the Gordon family. I feel the plot is a good and sound one. It shows the love of a family and friends.
  • At least the cast is good looking...

    This is not my Flash from the 80s, nor is it my parents Flash from the comics. It's a Sliders/Monster of the Week hybrid that takes the general ideas of the Flash universe and makes them, well, less than they could be. Come on, the Hawkmen don't even fly? And what's with the portals opening up only in Flash's town? What's with the portals in the first place? Flash and Dale should be on Mongo trying to save the world and get back home. I keep wanting the show to do good, I really do. The show's writers and producers just don't seem to.
  • Great Show!

    I am a fan of the original Flash Gordon movie and I love the show. It is different from the movie but good all the same. There is wonderful humor and the plots are good. I find myself waiting for the next episode to show. I think alot of people dismiss it before giving it a chance which is a mistake. The show is worth watching over and over again. One reason I love the show is because of Flash's character. He is a normal guy that was thrown into an unnatural sitution that is literaly out of this world. He is searching for his father who went to another world and never came back. The show has lots of potential and it keeps better and better. Want to know more? Watch...
  • *snoooooooooore*

    Buster Crabbe could do a much better job. Even tho he's been DEAD for almost 25 years. If you can't do the concept the way it was originally written, DON'T DO IT. In recent years we've had numerous movies and tv shows "re-imagined." The VAST majority of them blow chunks (see the Bionic Woman re-imagination). While Flash Gordon isn't quite THAT bad, it surely isn't GOOD, either. Guys, go back to the drawing board. Follow the ORIGINAL concepts. Update the times and tech. Even go so far as to flesh out the scripts for modern day viewing. It might actually fly then. But, as it stands, this won't make it past one full season. D-.
  • flash gordon

    this show is just garbage, i have tried to watch this but it is just getting worse,this show should be buried,i don't know scifi is up to,gina holden should never have left blood ties.this show is so bad you can see the actors do not like being in the show,i don't think this will last one season,would have to be the worst show on tv,from now on i will no longer watch this show,all i can do is advise other
    people to do the same and give this show the thumbs down.
    sorry i have to be so critical of this show
  • I have to admit the show grew on me

    I watched the first two episodes, and didn't like it much at all. However, I gave it a chance, and it really has grown on me. The show has gotten a lot more interesting I enjoy watching it very much now. I have a bad feeling that Flash Gordon will be cancelled after the first season though, so I'm hoping that the people who gave up on this early, would come back and give it another chance. You won't be disappointed. Remember, a lot of programmes improve a lot from the pilot. It's certainly a lot better than the other crap that's out.
  • I dont know why everyone dislikes this show so much, its not bad, got its points that need to be worked out but overall i think its a good reincarnation of the original

    Complete with sci-fi gadgets, decent (not bad, not great) storylines and definetely great characters (again not bad not great) its definetely a show id watch above others given a choice. Ive watched all the episodes so far and with the exception of the hawkmen episode (which the hawkmen were a really really terrible part of) the episodes have been pretty good. There are some really good settings in the show, from the womens' forest in mongo to the actual city in mongo. Dont even get me started on the women, they are gorgeous, Baylin and Dale are really good but Ming's daughter could have had a better casting choice as she isnt that great of an actor. You also have the mysterious Ming's aide. Not a bad show at all though a few details still need to be ironed out.
  • Poorly executed rehash of what was a charming and much-loved 30's serial. It has no original ideas and is full of bad choices which appear to be led by budget constraints and perceived demographic requirements.

    Truly awful. What were they thinking? This has none of the charm or wit of the original serials, it is bad bad bad. I barely made it through the pilot, but unlike some shows with shaky starts this shows no promise of improving. No longer are Flash, Zarkov and Dale stranded on Mongo, they appear to be able to come and go though naff 'worm-holes' and this seems to rob the show of any excitement or tension. 'How will they get back?', oh they just use the zapper thing - BAM! The set design is uninspired - Ming's laboratory looked like an underground garage and there was little sense this was an alien planet. And they are going have to do more than simply photoshop an extra moon in.

    Ming has all the menace of a strict science teacher, and lacks so much presence you're wondering if he's supposed to be one of the henchmen, not the arch-villain. The shows flaws leave it lost with no chance of recovery. It is deeply disappointing - I would love to see a decent remake of the original. But this is best left and forgotten. Avoid.
  • Corny but Interesting

    When I first heard that they were bringing back Flash Gordon I thought I hope that it's better then the movie. And I was right it is much better then the movie. I never saw the serial so I can't compare the two but it's much better then the movie. That being said the whole show's is corny as you can get. So time's watching the show I have to pause just I can laugh out loud. I mean that tall guy that glide's threw the hall's and doe's not walk that is just funny it's hard to think of him as a villian he's more like comic relief. In short Falsh Gordon is Corny but still very entertaing.
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