Flash Gordon

Syfy (ended 2008)





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  • My god how bad is this show

    Flash Gordan has to have been the worst remake of a show ever this made shows like black 7 look like a high bugget production ( by the way blake 7 was a great show and some ne should make it again). What were they thinking of or not thinking when they came up with the idea of reimaging of Flash Gordan the acting was so wooden and unbelivibul the sets were to say the least bad the use of red filters and dark filters was over the top and in most uncalled for wether they were trying to show that the audience that they were on mongal or earth did they think we were thick and could not work that out ourselfs .
    Thank god its gone and some one with a bit of talant with take it and make the show the way it is ment to be.