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Syfy (ended 2008)





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  • Okay, it didn't quite click with the original comics, but I was okay with that; as far as sci-fi is concerned the show wasn't bad.

    I think another season would have been telling, but like journeyman, jericho, and others, it was cut before it really got its steam up to where I think it could have gone. The actors were good, not great, but good, and I think the storyline in the first season was okay to kinda funny...lots of potential, a gemstone in the rough...maybe, but we'll never know now.

    The same main actress in this show played a lesser role in the series Blood Ties, which was also cut this season, although from a different provider. Now THAT was a great series...just made it two before it got the ax...maybe Sci-fi will take that one on?

    As for Flash Gordon, I hope it is like the Sci-Fi powers inferred in their explaination as to why they snuffed it out...they think they could do better with the material, and want to give it a couple of years and then present another Flash Gordon series that's completely different than this one...more true to the comics? We shall see. Fare thee well Flash Gordon, I enjoyed you while you were on the air.