Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 20

Revolution (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Good start to the two part finale.

    I liked how they are beginning to show how desperate Ming is. He has become more of a monster. It has also brought in a liitle bit of darkness into Flash's character too. This is when the Hawk Man kills Azura's henchman, Flash is shocked but realises this is war and war will have casualties. It also leads in to two other suspenfuls points, Dale on the run from two government agents with Flash's mother and finally seeing Doctor Gordon. What will happen to him though after removing Rankol's equipment from his brain? Part two will reveal all I suppose. Bring it on.
  • great episode

    Ming orders Rankol to be arrested after he learns that Rankol is also a celetroph monk. Terek assembles his rebel army, and he is ready to take on the Ming empire. Dale and Nora are being chased by the men in black, they escape to mongo. This is a really exciting episode, it's getting close to the end so the action is ramped up. i enjoyed watching this episode. the writers are able to maintain the humor but at the same time add a lot of action with the story. it's very fast paced, so much happens in this episode. I can't wait for the finale.
  • The buildup to the final fight with Ming was thrilling and

    The buildup to the final fight with Ming was thrilling and done well with even the silly aspects adding depth to the story. In this episode we get to watch the force that will oppose Ming come together. With Rangal on the outs after it's discovered he's a monk, Tarek told to his face that Ming will never accept him, and Aura at least seeing her dad needs to be removed from power. Flash has all the people close to Ming and the Cantons ready to fight for freedom. On Flashes front we have Dale and his mom running to Mongo to escape the government. This was preceded by the only silly part of the story Dale thinking she could just go on tv and announce that from another planet a tyrannical dictator is coming. Good episode making the season finale highly anticipated.
  • And the kid with glasses and asthma hits a homer!

    Wow, where the heck did this come from? I used to linger through the episode before I watched SGA doing something else while Flash Gordon's played out storylines and disinteresting plot droned in the background. The only thing I found interesting about Flash was Jonathon Walker's character, Rankol. If not for him I wouldn't have glanced up those few times from my computer or drawing or haiku writing. I had a sense that FG was improving but didn't pay much attention. This episode, compared to especially the first episodes, blew me away. When did the plot become so interesting? When did the actual story seep through episodic cheese junk? When did the actors finally have a direction to take their characters? When did it stop being all about Balin's chest? Interesting plot, character development, and motivation to continue watching for what happens in the next episode for the win. Plus, that episode where Aura got all greased up? Besides being an incredibly attractive scene, the story as a whole wasn't too bad! Hoorah! Perhaps there's hope. *waves an I
  • While Ming's forces are diverted to the ice fields, Terek rallies an armed rebellion. With Dale's broadcast about Mongo, she and Mrs Gordon escape to Mongo. Dr Gordon is found just as the war is about to begin.

    The events leading up to the finale have culminated, revolution is in the air as Terek gathers forces to attack while Ming's forces are busily trying to gain control of the ice fields. Terek now believes himself to be the chosen one although he realizes he needs Flash to speak to the leaders in order to win their support. There is an attempt on Terek's life which Flash thwarts; the assassin is pursued by Flash and the Dacytal who find he is a Zurin spy and after extracting information, "You did well to speak the truth, you will die with honor" with those words the Dacytal takes out the assassin – Flash "Why did you do that?" "Because Flash Gordon, this is war."

    Dale changes her mind about the tape, after showing it to the station manager she puts it on the air, with the predictable result of government agents coming to imprison her. She joins up with Mrs. Gordon and they escape to Mongo in Zarkov's Winnebago.

    Ming grows more paranoid and insane as he consults the Celetroph about the prophecy and does not hear the words he wants to hear, he finds Rankol amongst the monks, enraged he has Rankol imprisoned as a traitor for execution.

    Baylin and Zarkov try to invade Rankol's lab, find out that they need Rankol's blood to access it, they cannot trust him although he has helped them, but however they do free him to join the deviants. Once in the lab they find the iMax wired directly into the hardware, Zarkov grabs the iMax which sets off alarms, they escape to the lower levels.
    Aura decides to join forces with her brother who has her attack the ammunition dump, while at the camp with her memory stone, she figures out that Verstra is her mother, she confronts Ming and accuses him of having the deviant strain, not their mother. To take care of the Verstra problem Ming forces her to drink the grey water so the people will think that she, not he carries the deviant blood.

    Terek is an unknown quantity, what are his motives, his own ambitions? Although Aura does not wish him to attack the citadel while their allies are still in there, he goes ahead with his battle plans as he feels the sooner they attack the better their chances, as he rallies his forces he looks at Aura who is looking at him much like she does their father when she believes he is wrong. Terek is the son of Ming so the question would be how far has the apple fallen from this tree?

    Dr Gordon is discovered in the main computer room, like the iMax also hardwired to the mainframe, he awakes, recognizes Flash and Zaroff, Flash disconnects him and he goes into spasms, leaving us to wonder will they be able to save him before the rebellion forces attack?

    Flash: "this won't be easy Terek, thousands could be hurt or lose their lives" Terek "It's a risk I'm willing to take."