Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 21

Revolution (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2008 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Following a shocking discovery, Flash briefly reunites with his father.

With the rebellion underway, Azura, the leader of the Zurn, offers Ming assistance in repelling Terek's forces.

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  • great episode

    Terek assembles a rebel army from all corners of mongo. Aura uses her social status to help out with the rebellion. Flash finally finds his father hidden inside rankol's lab. The rebel attack is almost repulsed by the patriots guarding the gate. But Dale and Baylin fights off the patriots defending the gate, as they open the gate, terek and his forces enter nascent city and crushing all resistance. It's a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a good way for ending the story. it's not as grandiose as the 1981 movie ending, but it's appropriate for the series.moreless
  • In this episode the story of Ming vs Mongo comes to a conclusion. The battles were great to watch even though they didn't involve large cgi armies duking it out. Seeing the blue queen again and her savage warriors added to the story. Shemoreless

    In this episode the story of Ming vs Mongo comes to a conclusion. The battles were great to watch even though they didn't involve large cgi armies duking it out. Seeing the blue queen again and her savage warriors added to the story. She even provided a way for Ming to come back since her talisman is supposed to protect him from anything. Tarek also showed his potential to become a tyrant in his cold execution of Ming and not to mention Aura being in full agreement in tow. Good what I hope is season finale since Flash has come a long way bridging the gap for me between Battlestar Galactica serious high quality scifi and Andromeda cheesyness it deserves a second season.moreless
  • The revolution has arrived, Ming is defeated or is he? Dr Gordon is rescued, Flash, Dale and Zarkov are trapped on Mongo forever.

    A most exciting conclusion with many possibilities ahead for season two, the season finale delivered on the promise of a most intriguing wrap up of the season.

    "The father falls the son rises the world is reborn" does the prophecy apply to Flash or Terek or both?

    Dr Gordon has been rescued and reunited with his family, the Riff Generator must be destroyed, he and Mrs Gordon then jump into the riff back to home and no doubt the government men who are waiting for them.

    Ming is merciless and cruel; he thinks nothing of slashing the throat of the messenger who brought the letter telling him to surrender. Although fanatic, he is no fool, he establishes an alliance with Azura who gives him a charm that will protect him. His forcing the monks to give him the prophecy he wants is for nothing, several die and all gave the same result. However, Ming is no coward, he will fight, although he does use his General's blood instead of his own to paint his face, he will fight Flash to the end and when Flash gives quarter, he takes advantage as to him the only honorable result is death, however Aura yet again saves Flash. Ming is then brought to the prison and Verstra rescued, once in his cell he is still undefeated, he is captured but not broken as he spits out at Flash "Get off my planet".

    For Princess Aura, although she may have switched sides and joined with her brother Terek, the bottom line is that Ming is her father and although she loathes him, she still loves him, he constantly abuses her, dismisses her and has even tried to kill her, but to Aura he is her father and must live, however once Terek has made the decision that Ming must pay for his crimes, Aura has no choice but to abide by her brothers decision. As Ming defiant and proud to the end walks to his fate in the death chamber, Aura, eyes brimming with tears says a final "Goodbye Father", Ming looks at her, to him she has become as strong and as ruthless as he – "Finally, a daughter I can be proud of"

    Terek is starting to show his true colors, he is the son of their father, cold and bloodthirsty for revenge, witness his immediate order to have his father executed, granted, deservedly so, but by his words and actions it would imply that he will be his father's son, although with Ming escaping, he may not get the opportunity.

    Dale finally realizes that her broadcast only caused problems and will not help the people of earth against a Mongo invasion, but that instead it will bring government agents after her and the Gordon family to suppress them. This version of Dale seems to be more on the emotional side and not quite the match for Flash as say Princess Aura.

    With the Rift Generator destroyed the Rift Blaster is useless, Flash, Hans and Dale are trapped on Mongo, perhaps permanently, leading to even more twists and developments for the next season.

    Flash "I guess the adventure isn't quite over."moreless
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Jody Thompson


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    • Baylin: Your reflexes have improved.
      Dale: Nothing like a little revolution to step up your game.

    • Aura: Well, will I ever see you again?
      Flash: Don't take this the wrong way, Aura, but I really hope not.
      Aura: Well, thank you for everything, Flash.
      Flash: It's been, uh, quite an adventure.

    • Ming: This is my planet, to shape in my own image.
      Flash: You're right about that. All the hatred and brutality that you've created is flooding back. And you're gonna drown in it.
      Ming: How I wish you never came here.
      Flash: Then you never should've taken my father. I found him, though. And I'm taking him home! And I never wanna see you or this planet ever again. The new rulers of Mongo can decide what to do with you.
      Ming: I rule Mongo!

    • Baylin: (after saving Flash's father) Flash, it worked.
      Lawrence Gordon: Flash? I can't believe they still call you that.
      Flash: Yeah, it kind of stuck.

    • Flash: (after kissing Dale) Ok, if we get out of this, this'll be a little awkward.

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    • International Airdates:
      United Kingdom: July 21, 2008 on Sci Fi
      Sweden: January 16, 2009 on TV6
      Slovakia: June 18, 2011 on Markiza