Flash Gordon

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Dale and Flash accompany Bayline to Mongo for a commemorative ceremony.

    I know it probably wasn't but it seems as if this episode was affected by the writers' strike. It felt different somehow from the previous episodes. The most striking character difference was in Ming. It seems they really wanted to emphasize his 'merciless' side in this episode and made him cut off a finger to start with and them moved on to killing a man in plan sight of his daughter.

    This approach might have worked if it hadn't been for the previous episodes. Now it simply seemed totally out of character.

    Another minor difference was Rankol's headpiece, it's suddenly partially transparent when I'm almost certain it was just plain black before. Zarkov also acted differently, but at least that had a good reason. I've got a feeling we will be seeing more of that female Dr.
  • Baylin takes Dale and Flash to Mongto to celebrate The Sorrow. Starring Eric Johnson, Gina Holden, Karen Cliche, Jody Racicot, John Ralston

    I hated this episode at the beginning because it was a little boring for me, and i was prepared to almost fall asleep. I didn't really remeber a lot about the Sorrow, and could have really cared less. However, the episode soon came to a fight scene, one that even got Baylin (Karen Cliche) injured. While injured Baylin performed the ritual for those who died from the Sorrow with one good arm, and whenever i think of the series, this is the image that comes into my head, with an amazing performance from Karen Cliche. This episode also brought on a possible episode that i think, if the series would have lasted, would have left a possible arc to focus on the Sorrow, which i looked forward to.
  • I'd like to see more of this.

    I keep wanting to like this show more than I do.
    This was one of the few episodes that didn't disappoint me.

    To me, good scifi is often social commenntary upon our own world. I liked the idea that Mongo could be Earth - just one a little ahead of us in ravaging the planet.
    I liked getting the backstory of how the planet got to be the way it was.

    The subplot of Ming dealing with the dissident was not that exciting but was still of interest. It has interested me in seeing how people deal with facism/ a repressive government by finding laughter - be it Daily Show pointing out the ludicrousness of current government or jokes about Stalin or Honecker.

    And it was nice to see that Zarkov had inspired a crush and that someone valued his independence rather than rote recital of the "party line" and sticking to the same paradigm. I especially liked that she was pretty (w/out being scarily bimbo or fake looking) and yet also portrayed as smart, intelligent and in a position of some power.

    I hope they continue in this vein of more serious explorations of the characters and of Mongo.
  • good enough

    flash and dale accompanies baylin to mongo to assist her in paying her respects to the dead. the seemingly normal day turns into horror when she finds out that the sacred ground that she visits from time to time gets invaded by a group of roving mongo thugs. flash, dale and baylin suddenly find themselves in a middle of a life and death struggle. this episode is somehow lacking a strong premise. it's good enough to watch but it's not a satisfying as the other episodes. it's not like the usual chase. the writers should have done better with this episode.