Season 1 Episode 3

137 Sekunden

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on ABC

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  • They go to

    They go to Germany to get some clues on what caused the blackout, but of course things turns bad, We are getting more and more confused about whats going on, but its edge of your seat show.
  • Looking for answers!

    A little slower this episode and not quite up to the level of the previous episodes, but still enjoyed it and was waiting for the next twist in the plot. Still not sure where it is going or why. left me wanting more!
  • Aight.

    Mark and Janis arrive in Germany to discuss the past events regarding the blackouts. Demetri fears about his future. Meanwhile, Aaron tries to get Mark to help him with an appeal. This episode was an average episode, I found it kind of boring but I guess you have to get them at some point in a series plus it's just trying to explain the storyline more. My favourite character so far is Demetri he is cool and his storyline is very interesting! The only part I found myself enjoying was the ending with the crows dying and that it may have already happened before. I can't wat for the next episode hopefully it's better than this one.
  • Zero action. Miniscule intrigue.

    There is really very little going for this episode in terms of action or intrigue. It just serves as a platform to facilitate a little more explanaion of the FF event, a little more characterisation - mostly to add a little more forward momentum to the individual events central to the main characters lives. Though this is achieved you wont walk away with any sort of feeling that you were entertained.

    There is very little pace to the screenplay. I suppose the conflicts between Janis and Benford, Stark and his wife are supposed to up proceedings. Yet they fail. The central plotline revealed by the Nazi is just so underplayed it doesnt rise a notch above the ice-cool pulse of 007. So with little other conflict, the episode just feels very, very flat. As with the previous two episodes this one reveals another morsel of main plot arc at the very end, hoping to tempt us to watch on. Though this falls pretty flat too. Maybe if they'd made that final scene a little more ominous looking and feeling, it would have worked.

    As it is, the episodes are falling to the same sorts of pattens. Though nothing in the plotlines is standing out from the mundane nature that almost every part of the show is emitting. Unfortunately, what seemed like an excellent and interesting concept is looking to slide into mediocrity. Hope Im wrong.
  • Best episode so far.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Here we get little glimpses of what can, may or may not happen. The war criminal uses his knowledge to basically create the self-fulfilling prophesy. Mark compromises to let a Nazi war criminal go for what was seemingly dubious information, but might be more useful than expected. Next Demtri dies in March but is married (to a hot Gabriel Union) in April. This dichotomy that is set up is a great twist. How can Demtri be dead and at his wedding? We'll have to stay tuned to find out. Also, did Demetri change the future? I don't know if he busted the guy for the bong. If so, no Customs job. And, how can Mark's sponsor see the vision of his daughter alive yet the remains in the grave be hers? Another mystery! The Director's wife sees a young boy calling her "mom" and there he is at the memorial service. This is a great episode because is gives us just enough to want to see more. It doesn't give away too much and at the same time it doesn't leave us screaming "That's a wasted hour I'll never get back (or 45 minutes if you use a DVR)." It gives us mysteries that make us wonder. It even gives inside jokes (the bong) and gives us a good laugh. And you had to love the speech the director gave. Probably one of the best eulogies ever!

    So, great pacing, more revelations, 2 solid mysteries, a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a clue to not just look to the future but also the past. Can't wait till the next episode.
  • bad episode

    i cannot believe how bad this episode was. In general the first three episodes were bad, characters are flat as a table, and someone should say to the writers what "exposition" means and why is that bad
    the show looks like a poor attempt to merge lost and fringe.
    The show is keep repeating all the time what did everyone saw, again and again, how about it's boring, how about we want to see how incredible screwed the life would for pretty much everyone, the raise in suicides would be tremendous, riots in the streets ( oh hey i'm dead in six months so does it matter, let's rob a bank, )leftist and nihilistic believes would go through roof, and the rest of the world would be think its a sign of God and America would run to Sarah Palin for help, or who over nutcase religion fanatic would be there.
    and i don't even want to mention what Al Qaeda benefits would be... ( guess what ahmed, in six months usa will be burned to the ground, Allah told me...)
    And the writers showed that their research is non existent on FBI and police procedur. An old Nazi guy says that he can tell you what happened, you make the deal (with no lawyer for the American side) and he says something about the crows, oh the crows died, and that's it. he's free. the fbi agents realize that they made a mistake, they can't let him free, but oh what do you, he made a DEAL and deal is a deal right.
    How about the person who wrote that is an idiot. Half of prisoners would be free if that happened. and the others would be drafting their ideas
    And about the funny moments: there not there.
    it seems that 75% of scenes per episode are useless, characters saying to each other the same things over and over again. and the scenes where there is some dramatic tension of valuable information are executed poorly with a "lost" effect hanging about.
    sloppy work.

    it makes me wonder how much money does the writers take for this kind of crap...
  • just a slow and uneventful episode.

    this episode had a good setting and a plot but it was way too slow for a great start of the series.Mark and Janis goes to a former Nazi to get some information about the blackout. Some interesting clues, but dragged way too long. worst episode so far. 137 sekuden can be described as interesting at first,boring at halfway,and a strong twist at the end. i want much more of this episode and much more for this series because right now Lost is winning. Good stuff were the old grandpa actually saying something interesting at the last few minutes and demetris girlfriend s flashback saw him in their wedding but he got a call that he will die before 6 months.

    overall, disappointing episode.
  • Not as good as the first two episodes and foreseeable.

    Mark travels again, but this time to Munich to see a former nazi who has information, at least he says that, about the blackout. Very foreseeable what happens in Munich's jail where the old man is because when he said he wanted the freedom for the information he had for Mark I inmediatedly thought his information was not very valuable and he was just playing with the agents.

    The man speaks about the Kaballah and the crows he saw after the blackout. And gives Mark a book about the American birds. I'm wondering why that man had an english book in jail... a book about birds. Strange, isn't it? Well, about the crows, I have to say in the end they turn to be important but we don't know why the birds fell suddenly down in Ethiopy. If that fall is related to the blackout I can't help thinking about the crows in the Tower of London, whose wings are cut because the legnd says if they fly away the monarchy will end. By the way... there are crows in Ethiopy?
  • Leads from the future take us to German prison where a Nazi will spill the beans in return for freedom.

    This episode was the first real sign that the wheels are coming off. There was bad acting and bad writing in the first two episodes but this episode added in bad pointless subplots that go nowhere and constant annoying music that droned on and on.

    OK, the actors don't seem to be able to convey more than about two emotions each, but don't just slap in music and hope nobody notices.

    The story of the Nazi was ridiculous. A guarentee of freedom before even hearing what he has to say. What did they expect? That this guy who was locked in a prison cell had the key to it all. It's beyond stupid.

    Demitri's fiancee shows up and you kind of wish she hadn't. There are enough bad acting performances here thank you. More corny cheeseball dialogue.

    And as is becomming a pattern the last 20 seconds or so of the show give you just enough to make you want to brave the pain and watch another episode.
  • So boing

    Mark and Janis arrive in Germany to discuss the past events regarding the blackouts. Demetri fears about his future. Meanwhile, Aaron tries to get Mark to help him with an appeal.
    This episode really dissapointed me, it was so boring and dull, I turned it off after half an hour there didnt seem to be much happenening in the story just a filler. I was going to quit the show after this episode but managed to catch the next episode which was a improvement of this episode. So bak to watching FlashForward hopefully this was a one off. 6 out of 10.
  • Good, but not great.

    Oh dear- after the first two episodes, this seemed to fall a bit flat for me. The acting was over the top (the speech and the memorial was horrendously over the top), and the storyline with the Nazi really didn't give that much. Crows?? I really hope this isn't going to go to weird- obviously the storyline is quite unbelievable anyway, but it maintained an aspect of reason- this seems to be going down the wrong route.

    I liked Mark's friend trying to find his daughter- the acting and emotion seemed genuine. Also Demetri's storyline about the wedding was also well-handled, and I am quite interested in seeing where that goes.

    However, what happened to D Gibbons? They sort of dropped that storyline from last week!

    Overall, this was a pretty dramatic fall from the first two episodes- I really hope it hasn't peaked already.
  • Review

    This episode was the first "average" episode for me. The fact that they spent the entire episode with the German guy in the prison - only to have it turn out to be a complete lie the entire time felt like a waste of an epsiode. Not a whole lot of character devolopment went on. The only thign we really got to see is our main character begin to grab for straws, trying to figure out this blackout thing. I've also realized that I've had a hard time learning names in this show. Might say a little bit about the devolopment of the characters there. Overall - the show still has me hooked, but I hope they bounce back from this funk next week.
  • Counting Crows.

    A slow burner, to be sure, but this episode threw up a lot of questions and forced a lot of characters to do things they normally wouldn't, they're putting it down to faith. The obvious one being releasing the Nazi even though it's highly unlikely he had anything concrete to offer Mark. This hunt for the missing pieces of Mark's wall of weird could be the very reason his daughter is in danger. He could be the trigger to numerous events and by discontinuing this investigation he could very well alter the future, for the better. Of course, his curiosity is just too strong and so a mass murderer is set free. I wonder if Demetri pulled up that would-be officer on his bong? He is all about changing his future, as he fears he'll die, (the opening phone call didn't help much) but the very fact his finance saw him in HER vision, could mean you can very well escape this future, and I have a feeling he tested that by charging that dancing guy for possession, therefore altering his timeline and ensuring that there is a way out of this seemingly predestined future. As for the final visual? Very cool! Was that EMP-esq blast aimed for humans? Keep 'em coming!
  • Mark and Demetri go to Germany to speak to a ex nazi who claims to have some sort of understanding of the blackout.

    137 Sekunden was again a very reasonable episode. The encounter with the nazi was interesting and I am looking forward to see how his remark about the crows will play out. It was also a twist to find out the daughter of Mark's sponsor is probably dead for real. I am still not too sure about that but his encounters with his ex wife were well written and well acted. The fact that Demetri's fiancée claims she saw him in her flashforward was also a surprise. But since we don't actually see him in her flashforward it remains to be seen if her story is correct. What's interesting is that it's still very unclear whether all flashforwards will come true, only some or none at all. What I do find kind of a cheap trick is that with this show it seems that towards the end of the episode the main storyline wraps up and the episode slows down a bit. After that a new mystery is introduced and the episode suddenly ends. If they keep doing that it will get old real fast. But the premise still leaves room from a show that can be great. Let's hope they will be able to achieve that.
  • False visions and Nazi Mystics?

    This show is awfully slow, and in all honesty just a little boring. Its central mystery keeps events moving but you never have an idea of the point. With the exception of the initial blackout there has been little action and with a show about pre-destination its unclear what the point is yet.

    Although an interesting idea to have a Nazi who manipulates the agents for his own pre-destination means you never get a sense that this guy will be a re-occuring bother for the FBI. He doesn't give them anything except for the crows, which just leads to another thread to place in the big book of leads (Even the head FBI guy admits that they shouldn't be chasing after Nazi's when they haven't solved the other mysteries yet, mind you he still gives them the funds to fly to Munich - if this wasn't set in the future a few month Id wonder if they visited Oktoberfest while over there, might add a bit of action to the show) the whole jewish thing with the 137 seconds at the moment seems to be a macguffin but could appear significant later.

    The one thing that could be significant in addtion to the crows that actually has me intrigued is the possibility of false visions. That or the fact that people may have seen different futures. Demetri and his blackness (and the phone call that indicates he'll be murdered) is counteracted by the fact that his fiance sees their marriage on the beach. Personally I think that this is not the case and her feelings are overwhelming her actual experience, I didn't see him in her flashforward but she claims he was. The more telling one is the twist that Stark's daughter is dead, her remains match her DNA. That makes his vision/flashforward false unless some other more science fictiony elements are introduced later, cloning maybe (nahhhhh, but that's clearly just wishful thinking on my part to spice up the show). I kind of like the fact that it could be false because that implies that some of these visions were manufactured by the ones/force which administrated the blackout. Subject Zero as an innocent bystander would be interesting I didn't quite understand the kid in the desert at the end. Was that during the previous incident or during the worldwide blackout? Didn't make it completely clear.

    This show needs less talk, more action and a feeling of forward momentum as the character drama isn't quite strong enough at the moment to carry it. It's early days so just because it has a shaky start does not mean it doesn't have potential, lets just make it less boring.
  • A slower episode, but still great.

    137 SEKUNDEN was a slower pace episode than the previous two, but with many different plot threads, and introduced us to new characters.

    We met Zoey(Gabrielle Union), Demetri's fiance. Gina Torres(The wife of Stanford), and Rudolf(Curt Lowens). The only one who had any impact on this episode was Rudolf.

    This really focused on Mark, Aaron, and Janis. Again Christine Woods shines as Janis just like last episode. She seems to be the only one really questioning what they are doing especially concerning Rudolf. I really like her character and hope they focus on her. Brian O'Byrne as Aaron also shinned in this episode, as previous episodes he's taken a back seat. Of course Joseph Fiennes as Mark shines as he's the lead in this series. He does a excellent job as he makes a deal with a devil on a leap of faith and it pays off in the end but it takes a toll on him and Janis.

    This episode was really about taking a leap of faith and hope, and like I said my previous review of this episode is really the theme of this series especially early on. Overall another great episode.
  • Mark and Janis arrive in Germany to discuss the past events regarding the blackouts. Demetri fears about his future. Meanwhile, Aaron tries to get Mark to help him with an appeal.

    Absolutely loved this episode and it did its job of leaving me completely intrigued and dying for more..especially that interesting ending!

    I believe the acting was strong from John Cho in the opening dealing with his death, to the father dealing with the pain of his daughter's death. I could feel the pain on that guy and he did a good job portraying absolute lost, sorrow, and regret. His vision leading to a wrong conclusion was gripping but also leads to the mystery of the visions themselves. Another powerful scene was everyone's facial expression at the funeral.

    The meeting with the Nazi guy was interesting and well played. The crew thought for sure he had just played them hard to win his freedom and for a sec it looked like that was indeed the case. I was surprised to see the nightmarish twist to a truth in what he told! Man what was going on with those crows and that eerily strange deal in the sky above that tower??? I absolutely loved that ending!

    Overall I loved the way the show had the actors dealing with their "futures" in their own different ways and of course the plot is going very well! I look forward to next week!
  • A Murder of Crows

    I think this is the point in FlashForward where you're either on board or you're not. We've gotten through our first 3 episodes, and if you can't get a sense of what kind of program you're watching after 3 episodes, you have a bad handle on TV. Or it's a bad show.

    FlashForward, is a procedural. Through and through. Judging by TV's ratings (CSI, Criminal Minds, etc) most viewers will be fine with this. But for me, as a psycho Lost fan, I was kind of wanting more. The closest show I would compare this to is actually Fringe, so if you like all that 'investigating odd occurrences' thing, you'll dig this. But it's clear most episodes are going to consist of: "What did you see in your flash forward?" "Oh, really? Weird. Here's what I saw.."
    "Let's put the pieces together!"
    That's just not interesting enough for me. As I said in last week's review, we aren't doing the crossword, they're doing it for us. It is very clear in scenes like Dimitri's phone call (how many Asian dudes are named Dimitri?) where the woman tells him he'll get shot in the chest 3 times and then, "gotta go, bye." Vague for the sake of being vague. Gotta love it.

    Since I'm not really invested in any characters (I should be by now) I doubt I'll care much about how it all goes down. So I found myself nitpicking at odd things. Like how John Cho is the only character with scars on his face, when guys like Joseph Feinnes (who plays like a poor man's Jack Shephard) was also thrown around during the event. Also, I'm bothered by seeing The Famous Jett Jackson playing an FBI agent (Again! he was an agent in the Sarah Connor Chronicles as well!), but I was amused at some of the theories tossed around at the beginning of the episode, some sounding eerily similar to a certain M. Night Shamayalan movie that will go unnamed. Ha!

    This week they visit a former Nazi, who's still in prison and might have a key to exactly why everyone blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Or 137 seconds. Exactly. I love that it has to be that exact. It can't be like 'around 2 minutes or so'. No! 2min 17sec exactly! It's important! So he strikes up a deal to be released, so the desperate FBI go along with it. (Christine Woods is very good as Agent Hawk) I actually enjoyed this material- seeing Mark get played was fun (it shouldn't be btw, so the show isn't doing its job with its lead) because it evoked The Silence of the Lambs with the bi-play between brilliant prisoner and the agent that needs him. It was nice to see some international flavor to the show, and the early scene of the 2 Germans discussing their visions had me wishing the show WAS more international; I want to follow more characters dealing with this around the globe. Not just a handful of cops and their families. I also wished the speech given by the FBI director was a speech given by hmm, I dunno- maybe the PRESIDENT of the USA. The show doesn't think on an epic enough scale sometimes. They'll give us a throwaway line in a bar, but that's about it.

    Cho, meanwhile, reunites with the wonderful Gabrielle Union, who says something very interesting: she and Dimitri got married in her vision. So is he alive or is he dead? Oooh the mystery! What's intriguing about the flash forward premise is that it seemed set in stone. How do people react when their fate is fixed? When it's not, then it's just like regular future- all sorts of possibilities- the kind everyone lives each day.

    That bearded guy calls in a favor and has his dead daughter dug up. It's not as ridiculous as it sounds, trust me. So if Aaron saw his daughter alive in the vision, but she is clearly here and dead, what IS going on? Hmm. Like Dimitri, the idea here is to counter the vision, to keep the audience on their toes, and it works to better effect with Aaron's plot, but I bet 5 dollars the body is simply an elaborate fake, and lil' girl Aaron is actually alive after all. Overall, the scene with the birds dropping out of the sky was admittedly cool, but I can't keep sitting through slow episodes waiting for the cool ending. If a Lost fan can't have patience with this show, that's really saying something. At the pace FlashFowrad is moving, I think I'd rather just watch something else on Thursday nights and read the cliff notes the next morning. I'll keep in touch, but wake me up when Dominic Monaghan shows up- or until something actually happens again.

    Best line: "That's okay, I know what a bong is."
    John Cho throwing a nod to his 'Harold and Kumar' fans!
  • Things slow down a little bit, but in this case, that's kind of a good thing.

    The one thing that's bothered me about FlashForward was its tendency to move at way too fast of a pace for being only two episodes in. Well, the third episode certainly slows the pace down and focuses on the characters and some new plot developments that may help people understand what's going on with the flash forwards. Of course, they don't reveal much at all, but at least they didn't start moving once again at a rapid fire pace, making it impossible to keep track of whats going on.

    The episode revolves around the introduction of a new character: an ex-Nazi named Geyer (sorry if that's misspelled) who claims he has information about what caused the blackout. While him and Janis deal with that, Demetri finally reunites with his fiancee while attempting to figure out who it was on the other line who said he would be murdered in March. All in all, not too much happens by the time the episode ends, but we get to learn a little more about some of the minor characters (Aaron, who mysteriously saw his daughter alive even though she's been dead for awhile).. there is a big reveal at the end, but it seems insane to me that something as big as the ending could go unnoticed to the FBI.. if they don't explain that, that could be a plothole that's the size of this show).

    I did like the focus on Aaron, seeing as we don't know much about him and learning a little more could expand possible plot points in the future. And the scene at the end, with the crows dying and falling all at once was creepy and a perfect note to go off on. And what was that giant tower at the end? I have to say, I'm more intrigued than ever, and hope that FlashForward can keep the intrigue coming.