Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

In Hong Kong, Demetri's caller is watching A Christmas Carol on TV. She has created her own Mosaic board by taping clippings, photos, and notes to her window. One of the photos shows Demetri, and a note reading "A561984" is taped beneath it. Mark and Demetri arrive at the Hong Kong airport. Thanks to Audio Forensics, they've learned that Demetri's caller was Iranian and educated in England. Mark ignores his cell phone as it rings and they start to leave. The local FBI officer, Marshall Vogel, introduces himself and tells him that Mark that Stan is calling, and then suggests that they leave. Mark refuses and takes the call, and an angry Stan accuses him of disobeying a direct order. Mark agrees but claims he made the decision on his own and lied to Demetri, absolving his partner of the blame. He hangs up and tells Demetri that he's in the clear if things go wrong. Stan smashes one of his TVs in frustration and then a news broadcast announces that Gordon Myhill, director of the National Linear Accelerator Project (NLAP), is making an announcement at a press conference. Myhill informs the press that he has information on the cause of the Blackout. As Lloyd and Simon prepare to go out, Simon warns that Lloyd is trying to absolve his guilt and refuses to play along. The two of them come out and face the press. People across the world watch as Lloyd gives his prepared speech saying that the NLAP was trying to recreate the energy levels of the Big Bang on a miniature scale, and their experiment took place at the same time as the Blackout. Simon steps in and tells everyone that the results were unintentional and part of the risks of scientific advancement. In Hong Kong, Mark and Demetri watch the press conference. Demetri wonders if that ends the Mosaic investigation but Mark isn't sure that Lloyd and the NLAP caused the Blackout. Lloyd continues to speak, telling the world that he's sorry for the loss of life and explains that he lost his wife. However, he promises everyone that they're shutting down the project and there can never be a second Blackout. One reporter grabs a gun from a security guard and shoots at Lloyd. She misses and Simon hustles Lloyd backstage. As security restrains the reporter, Simon tells Lloyd that he's not going to let him drag them both down, and he refuses to accept that NLAP caused the Blackout until they have definite proof. He warns Lloyd that if he pursues a different path, it's war between them. Janis comes to see Stan and he tells her to bring in Simon and Lloyd for debriefing. The FBI has learned that they disappeared since the press conference. Janis remembers Lloyd and his son Dylan from Angeles Hospital and Stan tells her to find Lloyd and discover what he knows. Zoey tries to call Mr. and Mrs. Noh and gets their voice mail. She leaves a message asking them to come to the wedding and that she saw them there in her flashforward. As she hangs up, a co-worker asks if she'll be at the funeral of one of their friends, Joyce, and Zoey promises she'll be there. Mark and Demetri go to the area where Audio Forensics managed to place the call within a three-block radius. They notice a Persian restaurant in the area but it's closed for the evening and they decide to come back the next day. Bryce notices that Janis is watching for Lloyd and she offers to leave if he'll help her. He refuses but asks how she's doing. Janis admits she's concerned about her injuries, and how they may have left her unable to become pregnant like she saw in her flashforward. They figure she still has a month to become pregnant so that she's four months due in her flashforward, and Bryce tells her not to give up. Stan is in his office when he gets a visitor: Simon. Simon says that he wants to work with Stan and see all of their Mosaic files. When Stan wonders why he should cooperate, Simon points out that the government will shut down Mosaic as soon as they accept NLAP is responsible. Worse, since Simon and the group didn't cause the Blackout, there'll be no one to stop a second one. Stan tells him to come back the next day and they'll deal from there. Lloyd arrives at the hospital to move Dylan to safety and Janis finds him. She offers him protection but Dylan doesn't want it and tells her to leave his family alone. Mark and Demetri go to the Persian restaurant when it opens and talk to the owner, Samad. They play him a tape of Demetri's caller but he denies knowing who it is. They realize he's lying and Mark tells Demetri to go outside and make sure no one comes in. Mark then threatens Samad with secret arrest and interrogation unless he tells what he knows. Samad tells him they're looking of a woman, Nhadra Udaya, and gives them the address of a dim sung restaurant she frequents. As they leave, Demetri wonders why Mark sent him outside and Mark explains that he sent him out so if the situation turned dirty, Demetri would be in the clear. Simon meets with Stan and Janis and they show him the aerial footage of the towers in Somalia. The physicist says that they're pulse lasers that he first thought of in 1992. He tells them they haven't been built and assumes it's modeling software, but Janis tells him that they're real, and they were in Somalia in 1991. Simon insists that any physicist who came up with the idea would have publicized, and they figure that the obsessive secret Deacon Gibbons is responsible. They show Simon a composite of the mystery man and explain that how he's connected to the Blackout and Suspect Zero. Simon doesn't recognize him and promises he'll do whatever he can to help them find Gibbons. Lloyd goes to the hospital administrator, Mr. Dunkirk, and tries to get Dylan moved to somewhere safe. Dunkirk refuses to move him to a safer location and then points out that Lloyd confessed to killing millions of people on live TV, and he isn't sure if Lloyd did it deliberately or not. When Lloyd starts to argue, Olivia comes in and offers to get Dylan transferred to a private children's hospital where he can get the protect he needs. Dunkirk reluctantly agrees and Lloyd thanks Olivia. He admits that he doesn't think many people will be interested in helping him given the press conference, but Olivia assures him she'll be there for him and his son. Zoe goes to Joyce's funeral and sees a white rose on the coffin. She remembers she was holding a white rose in her flashforward on the beach, and that Mr. and Mrs. Noh were there. She breaks into tears and leaves. Mark and Demetri find Nhadra at the dim sung restaurant. She meeting with several shady individuals but agrees to talk to them. She doesn't want to talk at first but Demetri insists and she explains that Demetri's death on March 15 is the first in a chain of horrendous events. Nhadra doesn't want to tell him anything else because it will simply precipitate her death. However, Demetri continues to pressure her and Nhadra finally admits that the killer will shoot Demetri three times at close range. Demetri figures it's someone he's close to, and Nhadra confirms the killer's identity: it's Mark. She gives them the serial number of Mark's weapon and he carefully removes it and confirms she's telling the truth. Demetri wonders if she's lying but Nhadra tells him to study her carefully as she tells him that Mark intentionally shoots him on March 15. Nhadra tells them that is all she has to say. Mark, dissatisfied, grabs her and drags her outside. The Chinese police are waiting for them outside and Vogel is there as well. Vogel informs them that Nhadra is a material witness in Demetri's murder-to-come, and orders the police to lower their guns. Realizing there's no other option, Mark surrenders. The police throw him and Demetri to the ground while Nhadra walks off. At the hospital, Olivia finishes the transfer papers and Lloyd thanks her. He mentions that he went to Harvard in 1998 and Olivia says that she was going to study there as well, but moved to L.A. when Mark got his job with the FBI. She was going to stay in the apartment next to Lloyd's building, the same apartment that his wife-to-be moved into. Lloyd considers the idea of parallel universes and notes that in another universe, he and Olivia would have met and possibly married instead. Vogel takes Mark and Demetri to their plane and prepares to see them off, but Mark has realized that he's a CIA agent. Vogel admits he is and warns that compared to all the forces investigating the Blackout, Mosaic and the FBI are just one very small piece of the puzzle. Mark gets a call from Stan, who has seen security footage of his attempted abduction of Nhadra. When Mark finishes the call, he gives Demetri his gun and badge and says that they've changed the future: he's no longer with the FBI. Nhadra meets with a man at her office and warns him that she can no longer protect him. The man, Gibbons, says he'll find someone else to help him. Zoey goes to see Mrs. Noh and explains that she's realized her flashforward is of Demetri's funeral. His parents would only be there if their son died. Mrs. Noh admits that she had the same flashforward of Demetri's death, but didn't want to tell him or Zoey for fear of accepting it was true. However, she has come to realize that Zoey truly loves her son, and would be glad to have her as a daughter-in-law. Zoey insists that they can change the future and make sure that Demetri lives. As they wait for their flight, Mark watches A Christmas Carol. Demetri apologizes for Mark getting fired for his efforts on Demetri's behalf, but Mark insists that he's not going to shoot Demetri. At the hospital, Nicole gives Bryce a porcelain cat statue that is supposed to give luck in love. She assures him that he'll find the woman from his flashforward. Janis then comes to Bryce with a personal matter: she wants his recommendation for a fertility clinic so she can go ahead with her pregnancy. Lloyd takes his son out to the ambulance for the transfer. The two EMTs start to load Dylan in while Olivia comes out to help. She hugs Lloyd and they both wish each other a good life. Olivia then asks if he believes in the parallel world theory he described earlier. Lloyd refuses to answer and they turn to the ambulance as Dylan cries out. When Olivia goes to reprimand them, the EMTs say they don't have time to deal with her and they're on a schedule. When Olivia calls a security guard, the fake EMTs shoot him and threaten to kill Olivia unless Lloyd comes with them. He agrees and they drive off, leaving Dylan behind with Olivia.
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