Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on ABC

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  • Weakest Episode to date!

    Seems to have been too many illogical things going on this episode, I don't mind suspending my disbelief - but so many things happened here that you just think why? Or surely they wouldn't do that? As I said the weakest episode, so far, but I want to see have they tie the threads together, so i will be sticking with the series.
  • Could of been good, but flawed writing here. (Spoilers on this episode)

    The main reason why this episode does not work is because of the public announcement.

    In reality if you had announced to the world you had caused the blackouts, you would get picked up / Arrested immediately by some kind of secret service and interrogated vigourousely. Instead they are just wondering around, not even the public who lost family and friends seem to care, ud think they would get mobbed by the masses instantly!

    Its like Jack Bauer from 24 discovering the terrorists and then just...walking away.. oh and giving one of them a job!

    This was it for me on this show, so many flaws in the writing in the past 10 episodes and you just dont care enough about the characters!
  • Great episode

    So, interestingly enough, they played this episode in Australia before America by about 5 days.
    Which is why I get to be the first to review this! So let's get down to basics: This was a great episode.
    A lot of answers were provided and a lot of questions were given too meaning that the show actually proved itself as a property that could go past the April 29th 2010. This is something I had been thinking about a lot lately, so I'm glad we finally got a quick glimpse at the end game.
    Other than that though, I realise that the break between now and 2010 is going to be very long due to the elements still up in the air.
    Great Mid-Season Finale, hopefully a sign of things to come.
  • A wonderful episode !!

    I think this is the best episode so far in this show, which I think that it will change all the events of the show totally...
    Mark has been fired from his job...
    Demetri's girlfriend found that it wasn't their wedding... it was his funeral....
    Loyed announced the respnsibility of the blackout live on TV....
    Then he got kidnapped at the end of the episode...
    Simon is now helping FBI in the investigation about the cause of the blackout....
    Mark and Demetri found the woman which has told Demetri that he is going to be murdered....
    The surprise is that she said that Mark is the one who's gonna shot Demetri 3 shots in the chest....
    For more details see the entire episode :)
  • Seriously - the writing of this episode was so bad, it's unbelievable (spoilers ahead if you haven't seen this ep yet).

    Like another reviewer here mentioned, what happened in this episode is so absurd, it boggles my mind how any author could come up with it. Now I am well aware that this is fiction, and the writers are free to create their own universe, with their own set of values and their own reality. But if you set your story in today's world, with today's people and today's rules, at least try to make it somewhat believable.

    Imagine this: An event occurs that kills over 20 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide, and then some guy admits on TV that he's responsible for it. Do you think he would be able to just leave the building, or even the room where this announcement has been made? Do you think the FBI would just send some friendly female agent to ask politely if he would like some protection? Do you think he could roam the streets (and hospital hallways) unharmed, with only an appalled stare from some lady behind a desk to hit him? And do you think his supposed accomplice (alleged mass murderer, if you will) could just walk into the FBI headquarter and straight into the assistant director's office? Only to receive a job offer and a non-obligational invitation to show up the next day for some more harmless banter? For heaven's sake, no.

    I just sat here shaking my head continuously. How dumb does the writers consider their audience to be? Or rather, how dumb are the writers themselves?
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This episode made the whole show more interesting again and I can not wait to watch the next one.
    People try to change what they saw in their flashforward. Now that Demitri knows who will be shooting him, Mark is fired, Demitri's girlfriend finds out there will be no wedding but a funeral, and Lloyd ended up getting kidnapped leaving the kid with the doctor. What I like throughout the show is to see the Banfords trying so hard to be together hoping what they saw will not happen. I am eager to see what will happen to Dr. Banford with Lloyd's son, and Mark without a job. Also the relationships between Demitri's girlfriend and his family.
    Looks like no pain no gain.