Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Four weeks before the Blackout, Bryce meets with his oncologist, who warns that there's little they can do for his stage four renal carcinoma. As Bryce leaves in his SUV, he backs into a man's car. The man gets out to complain but Bryce ignores him and starts ramming the man's car over and over. He then gets out and walks away. Two weeks before the Blackout, Keiko Arahida is at the Nakahara Building in Tokyo. She meets with the board of directors and tells them about her background in bio-medicine and robotics. She tries to tell them some personal things about herself, including the fact she plays guitar as a hobby. However, they're not interested and she quickly goes back to her grades in college. Bryce is operating on a patient but isn't focusing. Afterward, Olivia questions how committed he is to medicine. Keiko returns home and discovers that her family is having a surprise party to celebrate her new job. Her mother Yuuka has invited two boys over to get to know Keiko, but Keiko insists she isn't interested in them. On the day of the Blackout, Bryce meets with his therapist, Dr. Fleming. He admits that he hasn't told his family about his cancer because he doesn't want to put them through more pain and suffering, and he doesn't believe any of his friends are interested. Fleming suggests that he deal with the present but Bryce doesn't see the past since he has terminal cancer. She tells him to keep healthy in the present and let the future take care of itself. Afterward, Bryce takes a gun and goes to the pier. He looks out at the ocean one last time and prepares to shoot himself. The Blackout occurs and Bryce has a flashforward of himself in a Japanese restaurant meeting a woman he's never seen before: Keiko. Bryce invites her to sit down and notices the kanji saying "Believe" tattooed on her wrist. Bryce wakes up as the Blackout ends. In Tokyo, Keiko has passed out while brushing her teeth. She wakes up and laughs. Now, Bryce is trying to learn Japanese in anticipation of his flashforward coming true. However, the nausea from his cancer threatens to overwhelm him. Once he's done vomiting, he goes back to doing a sketch of Keiko. Aaron is at home watching his daughter Tracy, who is passed out drunk, when Mark calls and tells him that Jericho works with the Burroughs Institute for International Peace, a Los Angeles think tank. After Mark hangs up, Olivia's phone ring and he picks it up. He discovers the text message someone sent her about his drinking in the future. He talks to Olivia, who says that she didn't consider it important enough to tell him since he told her about his drinking on his own. Bryce completes an operation and Olivia congratulates him afterward. She notices that he looks ill and checks him out, and finds the central line in his chest used for chemo. He tells her that he has cancer and has known for a year, and Olivia realizes that's why he tried to kill himself. Bryce explains that he didn't want to put his family through the last days of his suffering, but says that he's okay now since he has something to live for. As Tracy makes dinner, she sets out a bottle of wine. Aaron tells her that he can't handle having alcohol around the house, and says it's about him, not her. Tracy takes the wine and angrily leaves. The Mosaic team meets with Agent Levy of the NSA. She goes over the enhancement of the stadium footage and informs them they've identified the man's ring as having an alpha symbol. However, various factors make it impossible to enhance the man's face. Levy hedges on what she's saying and finally admits that she's uncomfortable because of one of the team has been red-flagged by the NSA. When Stan demands answers, Levy finally admits that as part of Homeland Security surveillance, they learned that Demetri received an untraceable call. Realizing Levy is referring to the call from the woman who warned him about his murder, Demetri demands answers and finally convinces Levy to check with her superiors and provide him with a recording of the call. Keiko is at her cubicle, bored with little to do. She brings up a Bob Dylan video on her computer and practices imaginary guitar fingering, but is interrupted when she receives a summons to the board room. However, they tell her that they need her to make pour tea because she's the only woman in the company and they're not going to hire another one for service duties. Keiko reluctantly starts pouring tea. Bryce meets with Nicole at a diner and tries out his Japanese on her. She thinks it's cool that he's learning Japanese for a woman he's never met, and Bryce admits that it sounds crazy. Nicole tells him that it's a good kind of crazy. After Aaron's meeting is over, Mark comes in and asks to talk to him. He admits that things are worse again between him and Olivia, and then asks Aaron if he sent the text message to Olivia. Aaron angrily wonders if Mark trusts him, and Mark admits that he only told two people about his drinking. Aaron kicks over several chairs and then tells Mark that if he doesn't trust him, he should find a new sponsor. Keiko goes to a tattoo shop and asks for the man to tattoo the "Believe" kanji from her flashforward. He warns that she's an office girl and her bosses won't like it, but Keiko says that she's doing it for herself, not anyone else. Mark lets Stan know that they've received the NSA recording, and then asks him if he sent Olivia the text. Stan is just as angry at Aaron, even when Mark points out that Stan was angry right after he learned Mark was drinking toward his flashforward. Stan tells him to get out because he doesn't want to see his face right now. At the hospital, Bryce talks to Ms. Kondo, a Japanese practice. She compliments him on his skill with her language and asks about his search for the woman in his flashforward. He shows her his finished sketch and she recognizes the t-shirt that Keiko is wearing as one from the Sushi Arihada restaurant in Tokyo where she used to teach. As Bryce leaves, Olivia calls him over and tells him that she's arranged to get him into an experimental drug trial for cancer treatment. Bryce believes that it may kill him and prevent his flashforward from coming true, but Olivia reluctantly concedes that it's more likely the treatment will keep him alive long enough for his flashforward to come true. Bryce is still reluctant and Olivia tells him to take a couple of days off to consider the matter. Instead, Bryce takes a plane to Tokyo and goes to the restaurant. He tries to explain to the staff that he is looking for woman he loves, but his language skills aren't quite up to the task and they figure he's looking for a virgin. One of the cooks finally recognizes Keiko and gives Bryce her address. At home, Keiko tells Yuuka that she's quitting her job because it's destroying her soul. Yuuka can't believe she's giving up a great career and insists that Keiko should get married, but Keiko refuses to live her life for someone else. She insists that there's a man out there for her, and Yuuka says that if Keiko won't respect her parents' wishes, she should move out. Vreede goes over the NSA recording with Mark and Demetri and filters out the background noise. They discover that The Symphony of Lights is playing in the background, and that it is performed every night in Hong Kong Harbor as part of a massive laser light show. Mark and Demetri go to Stan and ask for permission to go to Hong Kong to investigate. Stan is sympathetic but doesn't believe it's a valid lead, and warns that tensions between the U.S. and China are high because of the CIA's accusations that the Chinese are responsible for the Blackout. As they walk away, Mark tells Demetri that they're going to Hong Kong anyway. Bryce goes to Keiko's address and her mother greets him. He Bryce goes to Keiko's home and Yuuka comes to the door. He asks after Keiko and shows her his drawing, but Yuuka, realizing he's the man that Keiko was talking about, hastily denies that Keiko lives there. When Bryce tries to pursue the matter, Yuuka threatens to call the police and slams the door in his face. Later, Bryce calls Nicole and admits that he was an idiotic for believing in his flashforward. He figures that he was trying to avoid confronting his mortality by pursuing the woman in his flashforward. Nicole tells him that he may have to be patient, and tells him he should come home. Tracy is passed out again and Aaron watches her in concern. When Mark arrives, Aaron goes out to talk to him. He admits that Tracy has changed and that she's broken because of what happened to her. Aaron blames himself, saying that Tracy always wanted to join the military and live up to her father's reputation. He then tells Mark that he can't be his sponsor any more... but he could use a friend. Mark agrees to be there for him. Bryce returns to Los Angeles through LAX. As he gets off, he's unaware that Keiko is a few dozen feet behind him. She's carrying her guitar and remembering her flashforward. In it, she's walking through the streets of Los Angeles carrying her guitar, and goes into a Japanese restaurant to meet Bryce. As Keiko leaves the terminal, she looks at the "Believe" kanji on her wrist, and then goes out into the city.