Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Filler episode

    This episode was basically a fillwer but a fun one. Bryce and Keiko are two very engaging characters and to see and episode devoted almost entirely to them and their issues was a treat. It was funny because before this episode I had absolutely no interest in Keiko and very little interest in Bryce. But I changed my mind seeing them live through their desperate dramas. So that part of the episode was alot of fun. Mark's struggling to discover who texted Olivia only made me disrespect him more as a character but that's nothing special. Aaron's distress at how he feels he has lost his daughter was acted out very well and dramatic enough. Now we can also throw in Olivia's concern for Bryce (which I found touching because, before this episode, there hadn't been much of their relationship shown) and Demetri's getting closer to finding out more about his supposed death (oddly enough, I wan't very interested in Demetri this episode) and we've got a full filler episode. Basically, nothing happened in the episode, just some character building. I hope to see more Bryce and Keiko plots in the future.
  • A nice character-driven episode.

    This episode felt a lot tighter in terms of character and writing- there was a lot of good in this one.

    I actually didn't expect that situation with Bryce, and it was actually a touching(ish) storyline. I never really cared much for him before, but I did feel for him this time, and I wonder what will happen to him in the future.

    Keiko was also interesting- I am quite looking forward to those paths crossing.

    Nevertheless, the main plot moved forward quite slowly- still no mention of the black crows, nor the rings from last week.

    Mark accusing his friends of telling his wife about his drinking was a little awkward to watch- I am beginning to like him less and less as a character. Demetri's story finally seems to be picking up- which is good, because I like his character.

    I think it feels a little drawn out and too teasing at times- the storylines feel a little too seperate. As much as Bryce and Keikos was good (and, on a side note, Aaron and Tracys' was not so good)I have no idea how it will tie in with the rest of the story. Which is a shame, because the rest of the story involves more of Mark, who's character seems quite weak in compared to some of the cast.
  • okay okay okay..

    .. this is what we know:
    Simon and Sincler are physicists, they made a 'small' experiment on the whole word, they have either bosses or partners. So the guy in the football field (suspect 0) could be Simon. Jericho is a private military who protects the guys responsible for the blackout. and will soon infiltrate the FBI with the help of a mole and kill the 'mosaic' team.
    the FFs could change, but if you don't do anything about them they won't. i mean lets face it, if you had a vision you won't think that you can change it, right? its a vision its gonna happen no mater what. our guys had just figured out that they can change it,. so now we know that the FBI knows that the blackout is caused by human, and now they'll try catching them. that's one, but what next? i love this show and i really want it to continue, but if they didn't give us bigger story it's gonna be like any other cop shows where they're running catching bad guys.

    i wanna know more about Janis, her baby which seems to be getting by a sperm donor (not so exciting Abrams) and her post traumatic disorder, i mean she should be developing one, right? and stop giving Mark so that attention and just distribute it on the other, don't get me wrong i like him but i need to know more about others! anywhoz love the show and i'm only saying that because i want it to get better, crossing fingers.
  • The more i see the more i like REALLY GOOD ONE

    This episode was really good one, i loved the story line of brice and kikeo, and i think that Nicole kinda falling in love with Brice, both of Nicole AND Kikeo are really nice characters, funny how fate plays a roll in this episode, Demetri found a lead on the woman who called and told him about his death. i am really happy for watching this show and this episode, the Drama was just perfect, keep up the good work flashforward. still have 20 word to post my comment, flash flash flash flash flash flash flash flash last word :)