Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • A nice character-driven episode.

    This episode felt a lot tighter in terms of character and writing- there was a lot of good in this one.

    I actually didn't expect that situation with Bryce, and it was actually a touching(ish) storyline. I never really cared much for him before, but I did feel for him this time, and I wonder what will happen to him in the future.

    Keiko was also interesting- I am quite looking forward to those paths crossing.

    Nevertheless, the main plot moved forward quite slowly- still no mention of the black crows, nor the rings from last week.

    Mark accusing his friends of telling his wife about his drinking was a little awkward to watch- I am beginning to like him less and less as a character. Demetri's story finally seems to be picking up- which is good, because I like his character.

    I think it feels a little drawn out and too teasing at times- the storylines feel a little too seperate. As much as Bryce and Keikos was good (and, on a side note, Aaron and Tracys' was not so good)I have no idea how it will tie in with the rest of the story. Which is a shame, because the rest of the story involves more of Mark, who's character seems quite weak in compared to some of the cast.
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