Season 1 Episode 13

Better Angels

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on ABC

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  • This was my favorite episode of the season, s o far!

    This eaxtremely interesting episode was one that I highly enjoyed! The show was getting a little boring, but it sped up again, right here, with this amazing episode!

    I was very happy with this episode, as it wsa well written, and I thought that it was exceptionally creepy and highly suspenseful, at various points.

    The episode also ended on an absoulutely incredible note. I couldn't ebelieve the ending, and I am impatient to find out what will happen next!

    Overall, an exceptional episode. Definitely the best one so far, and I would highly recommend this whole series and this particular episode to anybosy!
  • This show had a rough start, a long break, returned with a couple of below average episodes.

    But tonight, the show really hit its stride. I really enjoyed this episode : it was emotional, well-paced, dramatic, funny. Good that the weak characters weren't on this week (Zoey, Aaron, Tracy, Simcoe, Dillon), or kept to minimum (Bryce, Wedik, Nicole). I am really starting to love the Janice character, with her baby wish. Her scene with Demetri was very funny, and touching (though I hope they didn't actually 'do it').

    Charlie's flashforward about Mark's death and then seeing agent Vogel confirm this was very well done.

    I liked the scenes also with Mark and Olivia. It was emotional and we can already see them breaking apart.

    Glad I stuck with show, even during that rough beginning. Keep up the good work!
  • Those who jumped the boat, time to get back on it!

    I know there aren't that many fans of this show out there but I truly feel like this episode really helped bring the bang back into this series. For a great show, it must have suspense, and provide answers to that suspense that will perhaps lead to a conclusion or an even bigger suspense, and this one truly does both. Charlie (Mark's daughter) finally tells Olivia what her flash-forward was, and while it was nothing to much to do with D. Gibbons she does over hear a man telling another that Mark is dead. It gets better! While in Somalia, Demetri asks Vogel what his flash-forward was, and while he only says "he was doing his job" viewers are shown Vogel talking to another guy telling him, "Mark is dead". It's a long shot here (but very much likely) the masked gunman after Mark on April 29 in fact sent by Agent Vogel to eliminate Mark! It gets even better! The gang makes it to the tower in Somalia where they meet the only survivor who has now become a war lord of sort and they listen to his story and what not - blah blah blah. While combing through what has been left behind in the sole tower they find a tape of Gibbons documenting what the Somali people whose village was experimented upon 19 years ago saw. Within the tape made 19 years ago, Gibbons left a message for Demetri! Yeah you read that right; 19 years ago Gibbons left a message for Demetri in that tower. Couple of theories here (more like stating the obvious):
    Gibbons is very, very smart. Probably smarter then both Simon and Lloyd put together
    He has figured out a way to see the future He is a very bad man, and liar
  • I like FlashForward but have to down grade it because of a some bad writing. Seriously, I am REALLY get pissed at Olivia. The level of stupidity she's showing has got to STOP! Dislike away.

    Ok, You know the future and I can totally understand the "run to Denver" scenario. Makes perfect sense. And I did like how she coaxed her daughter into revealing her Flash Forward and the tie in. However, let's step away to the writer's world for a sec. He's the main character and ultimately he can't go anywhere. We all know this. This isn't a trick, it's not rocket science or brain surgery. Certain constants have to occur. What makes for a great story is how you work with these constants and making a character stupid isn't how you do it. Back in character: She knows he's going to stay because he has a mission and he believes in it. What we plainly see now is she doesn't believe in him! And this is VERY bad writing in my opinion. She knows the outcome, all they have to do is stay together no matter what. That it! It's simple, they stay together, he doesn't start drinking, he can't make the call to Lloyd, Lloyd won't be in her bed, the kid won't be in the house, etc. But we don't get this. What we get instead is her dogged determination to follow destiny no matter what. At least last week, when Demetri tried to have the gun destroyed it came up missing, nice mystery, out of his hands, he can't control it. But here she clearly can control it and doesn't! These are the aspects of the writing that just get on my nerves and make you want to yell at the writers, what are you thinking!? Because, clearly they're not.

    Secondly, after they discover the Warlord is going to save people and he's on good terms with them, was there really a need for people to walk around with guns? You're in the man's territory, nothing's going to happen at that point or so you would think but they mess up what I thought would be a very interesting destiny. I really wanted to see how that one was going to come out but they ruined it. Very disappointing. Obviously, they were trying to juxtapose destiny vs. free will but to me it failed. Had they reversed the outcomes, you'd have a better story: Warlord's Destiny/Olivia's Free Will.

    The Demitri and Janis moment was an interesting part of this episode because is shows them actively controlling destiny. They never said HOW she got pregnant, just that she was. I also enjoyed the end of the video tape. That was great and one of the few moments that makes this show worth watching.