Season 1 Episode 13

Better Angels

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After Bryce bumps into Nicole and she drops her pennies, they strike up a conversation, then walk off leaving all the pennies on the floor, a substantial hazard in a hospital.

  • Quotes

    • Simon: Going into Somalia without a gun is like scuba diving without an oxygen tank.

    • Mark: (about Dyson Frost) Meanwhile, everything we know about him is coming to a head, and all we've got are blind alleys and cryptic messages. What the hell am I supposed to do with that, huh?
      Stan: Be like Hercules and slay the beast.

    • Bryce: No, seriously, that's... that's the most difficult thing about becoming a doctor, is picking the right name. I mean, take me, for instance. My real name is Marvin Goathead.
      Nicole: You're an idiot.
      Bryce: Really. Martin Goathead.
      Nicole: Yeah, I think I like "Bryce Varley" better.
      Bryce: Ah, of course you do. It sounds rugged. It's, like, a guy who eats protein bars and climbs mountains--"Dr. Bryce Varley."

    • Mark: Three-bedroom colonial with a sunporch.
      Olivia: That's right.
      Mark: In Denver.
      Olivia: It's where we could go--Denver.
      Mark: Mm-hmm. Big fan of the omelet.
      Olivia: It's one hell of an omelet.

    • Abdi Khalif: People who live in Heaven shouldn't judge those who live in Hell.

    • Abdi Khalif: You are not afraid of death.
      Demetri: I've gotten used to it.

    • Abdi Khalif: Devil or no, it is an evil place. But there is one thing that can push a man more than fear.
      Demetri: What's that?
      Abdi Khalif: Destiny.

    • Janis: You look like you've seen a ghost.
      Simon: It's entirely the opposite. What I designed was theoretical. It could only be done in the future, and yet it's been standing here for 18 years.
      Janis: Welcome to the future.

    • Janis: It's so stupid. I just saw a mass grave, and all I can think about is a mythical baby.
      Demetri: Grave, the baby... you're having a circle of life moment, right? You know, the weekend's not over. (they laugh together) I'm just saying, if it's baby-making you need, I will take one for the team.
      Janis: Okay, first of all, no offense, but that's kind of gross.
      Demetri: What?
      Janis: Second of all, that's, like, 1,000% wrong.
      Demetri: Desperate times.
      Janis: I'm gay.
      Demetri: I will make you gayer.

    • Dyson Frost: Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost, and I'm recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn't I?

  • Notes

    • Jack Davenport and Brian F. O'Byrne are credited but don't appear.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: April 1, 2010 on ATV
      UK: April 5, 2010 on FIVE
      Finland: April 15, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: April 19, 2010 on AXN
      Sweden: April 30, 2010 on TV4
      Australia: April 29, 2010 on Channel 7
      Norway: May 27, 2010 on TV2
      Germany: June 7, 2010 on ProSieben
      India: October 28, 2010 on Zee Cafe
      Slovakia: February 7, 2011 on JOJ

  • Allusions

    • Simon: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
      Referencing the English translation of The Divine Comedy, an Italian poem written by Dante Alighieri about the Christian after-life. In the poem, this is the inscription at the entrance to Hell. Simon quotes the poem upon seeing a triple-6 scrawled on the tower--another reference to Hell, as 666 is the "number of the Beast" in The Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible.

    • Charlie: I'm throwing rocks tonight. Mark it, Mommy.
      Referencing the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski, where Donny (Steve Buscemi) tells the Dude (Jeff Bridges), "I'm throwing rocks tonight. Mark it, Dude."

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