Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Five Years Ago

A young Tracy meets with Aaron in prison. He assures her that he's been keeping out of trouble, and Tracy hopes that he'll make parole this time. Aaron promises to make things up for her and kisses her as visiting hours end. As Aaron returns to his cell, a guard comments on how attractive Tracy is. Aaron goes berserk and attacks him and the guards pull him off and beat him.

The Present

Aaron meets Tracy at a bar, where she's drinking heavily. He tries to get through to her but she insists he has no idea what she's going through. Aaron points out that Jericho can find her as easily as he did.

Demetri explains to Zoey what happened in Hong Kong. She's worried that Mark is the one who will kill Demetri, and tells her fiancé that her flashforward was of his memorial. Demetri tells her that he filed to have Mark's gun destroyed and she's not going to get out of their marriage that easily.

At home Janis takes prenatal vitamins and counts the days toward the pregnancy she saw in her flashforward.

Zoey comes to see Mark at his home and wonders why Mark would kill Demetri, or why Demetri would threaten Mark to the point where Mark would have to kill him. Mark mentions that there's a mole at the FBI and insinuates that Demetri might be responsible, and Zoey angrily leaves.

Two Years Ago

Aaron is at home eating takeout and watching football when two soldiers arrive at his doorstep to inform him that Tracy died two days ago. He closes the door on them and collapses in tears.

The Present

Aaron makes breakfast for Tracy and asks her about James Erskine. She claims she doesn't know the man, and Aaron explains that Mark has determined that Jericho is headquartered in Santa Monica and Erskine is the executive in charge. Her commanding officer, Paul Musgrove, died in a helicopter crash two days after Tracy supposedly died. Tracy tells him to drop it, and explains that she got out of Afghanistan in a humanitarian relief plane. Khamir thought it was a sign that Tracy was supposed to bring Aaron back to Afghanistan. However, once she got back, she couldn't bear the thought of taking Aaron back to a danger zone. Aaron insists that they'll both be okay and asks her to trust him.

Mark brings Lloyd back into interrogation to explain about the call in their shared flashforward. When Lloyd refuses to talk, Mark shows him a sketch of D. Gibbons. Lloyd denies knowing the man. Mark takes him out for a walk.

Zoey arrives with lunch for Demetri and shows Stan a Freedom of Information Act request that she's filed to learn everything about the Mosiac files. Demetri takes offense, and Stan demands an answer. When Zoey claims that it's legal, Stan tells her to go to a judge. She warns that if she has to go public, everything will come out, he reluctantly gives in.

Mike Willingham meets Aaron at the docks and tells him that he received a call on his birthday from a blocked number. The caller didn't' say anything, but Mike figures that it's Tracy, and she's alive. Aaron confirms his suspicion and they realize their flashforwards are coming true.

Mark takes Lloyd to Mark's home and tells him to walk him through everything he saw there in the flashforward, so he can learn everything that Lloyd experienced. They start in the bedroom and Lloyd wonders if it bothers Mark. Mark just tells him to go on, starting with how he received a text message when he was in bed with Olivia. The text message was a formula from Simon, It was also written on the bedroom window in lipstick. Lloyd then went downstairs and dialed a number, and realized it was Mark. They discussed Mark's drinking and then Lloyd said he was close to cracking the Q.E.D. They realize Q.E.D is a formula.

Janis goes to a fertility clinic and meets with Dr. Jane Parker. The doctor notes that the injury Janis sustained when she was shot makes pregnancy unlikely. She advises Janis to wait, but Janis explains what happened in her flashforward, and that she has to be pregnancy now to be in her second trimester in her flashforward. Janis insists she wants the specific child that she saw in her flashforward.

Demetri brings Zoey the files and tells her to drop it. She refuses and notes that she found something in her deposition of Alda Herzog. Demetri insists that she's going over the line, but Zoey tells him she'll do whatever she can to prevent his murder.

That night, Tracy makes supper and men in plastic protective suits arrive, knock her out, and abduct her.

Two Years Ago

Aaron drinks heavily after Tracy's funeral. He then smashes apart his apartment, sobbing.

The Present

Aaron arrives home and discovers that Tracy has been taken. He figures that Mike told someone what he discovered.

Lloyd describes how he heard Charlie and Dylan, and then he discussed with Mark how there would be another Blackout, and then his vision ended. Mark notes that Lloyd was insistent that D. Gibbons lied, but Lloyd insists that he doesn't know D. Gibbons. Mark doesn't believe him and pressures him until Lloyd admits that D. Gibbons was a liar.

Aaron goes to see Mike, who is moving. Mike explains that his father offered him a job, but Aaron offers to buy him a burger first. As they drive, Aaron explains that he killed a man in a bar fight and ended up in prison. He tells Mike that he became an animal in prison and worked to keep it locked up once he got out of prison, but he's letting it loose. He pulls over in a junkyard and attacks Mike with a knife. The two men struggle but Aaron gets the upper hand and demands to know where Tracy is.

Demetri meets with Janis and explains what Zoey did. She points out that Zoey is honestly concerned, and he asks what she was doing that day. Janis explains that she went to a fertility clinic and convinced them to take her on a client so she could become pregnant next week. He wonders if she's scared given her job, but Janis explains that when she was shot, she could only think about the baby. She tells Demetri that they both have to fight for the future they want, and tells him to get rid of the gun.

Lloyd explains that D. Gibbons is actually Dyson Frost, and recognized him from a lecture where he took credit for work that Lloyd had come up with. Later, Lloyd read Frost's obituary but figures that now he faked his death. Mark notes that Charlie said "D. Gibbons is a bad man," but they figure Lloyd didn't say that to her. Mark asks what the men who abducted and tortured Lloyd wanted, and Mark realizes that they threatened Dylan. Lloyd confesses that he told them everything, and worries that they could use the information to create another Blackout. Mark insists they need to find Frost to stop another Blackout, and asks Lloyd for his help.

The next day, Mark meets with Stan and Vogel and tells them what he's learned, and that Frost developed something called a "mirror test," that determines recognition of consciousness among species… including crows. Mark believes that Somalia is the key, and Red Panda flies in to Somalia all the time. When Stan wonders how he can get permission from their superiors, Vogel suggests they seek forgiveness afterward rather than get permission beforehand.

Aaron calls Mark and asks him to get information on James Erskine, the head of Jericho.

Erskine is at home throwing a birthday party for his child. Aaron cuts the power and then comes in to check things out, and Erskine lets him in.

Zoey meets with Alda and assures her that Demetri will live, and Alda will help her. She reviews the interrogation transcript and figures that Alda knows something about Demetri's death. When Alda wonders why she should say anything, Zoey offers to represent her and notes that she wasn't in prison in her flashforward.

Aaron gets Erskine outside and then tells him why he's there. He demands to know where Tracy is. Erskine's daughter comes out and Erskine sends her back inside, and then claims he has no idea who Tracy is. Aaron but leaves, but first he warns Erskine that he has nothing left to lose, and that's what Erskine should worry about.

Vogel informs Mark that he's staying in L.A. while Demetri and Janis go to Somalia. He admits he doesn't like Mike, but they need Mark for the information he has in his head.

Aaron monitors Erskine via bugs he planted. The CEO calls an associate and confirms that Tracy has been sent to Kandahar. Erskine then tells the associate to have Mike dispose of Aaron and then returns to his daughter's party. Mike's phone rings and Aaron picks it up, and then tells the bound and gagged Mike that someone is calling to order Aaron's death. He warns Mike that he has something else to do.

Vogel briefs Janis and Demetri on their mission to Somalia to investigate the mini-Blackout in 1991. One tower is still standing, and they need to investigate it. They'll be going in, impersonating Red Panda. Simon arrives and insists on going since the designs were stolen from him and he needs to be on-site. Vogel warns that Somalia is a dangerous place, but Simon refuses to back down and Vogel reluctantly agrees to let him go along.

Zoey comes to take Demetri home, but he demands to know what she's doing. She admits that she made a deal with Alda to get the details on Demetri's death, and that she's scared. He embraces her and assures her that everything's okay, and then says there's something he has to take care of.

Aaron leaves a message on Mark's machine saying that things have escalated, but he's good.

Erskine is cleaning up after the birthday party with his wife and daughter. They find Mike hanging upside down, the words "Happy Birthday" written on his chest.

Aaron tells Mark that he's going off the grid for a while, and he's not going to lie down for Erskine and the others. He remembers his flashforward where he finds Tracy.

In the evidence room, Demetri signs the papers to have Mark's gun destroyed. Zoey apologizes for being too forward. The evidence agent returns and tells Demetri that the gun has disappeared.