Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2010 on ABC

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  • Episode 13

    Watching this in Japan - and this is episode 13.
  • "Mark questions Lloyd about a phone conversation from their flashforwards, while Aaron seeks out the Jericho unit after his daughter. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to prevent Demetri's destined future."

    That's the tv.com description which doesn't sound to intresting but this episode finally finds what this shows been missing. The part about Zoey trying to stop Demetri's death is well not boring but also not intresting. I think its safe to say everyone wants him to live but the time spent trying to save him just seems to be filler. I thought the part with Mark would be the best part of the episode because it usually is every episode involving him and the blackout or him and a discover or piece falling into place off his board. That's exactly what happened this episode with the D Gibson and crow discoveries. What made this episode so incredible for me was Aaron's story. Don't get me wrong i always wanted him to find his daughter and liked him i never really cared about his story. He was a secondary character that didn't really do much for the story, however after this episode i feel connected to him. This episode in my opinion with the flashbacks took the key feature of lost's success.I now feel like Aaron is a person with a story, a life. I know more about what he's been through and is going through. For me the connection to the characters of this show is missing but know i feel connected to Aaron. If they can continue to build connects and back stories to other characters especailly the secondary ones that they like to show but nobody really cares about then this show can finally become great like they want it to be.
  • you know I have a lot to say but Aaron's Part was really epic

    i mean it was the high of epicness he was seeking this guyz from Jericho and he did incredible things! I never thought of him this way and making flashbacks on him was the right choice! no for me , he's the guy with the story, with a life not just one guy who saw something... and it seems like he's not going to stop on this! I like repeated 10 times the scene where he beats that guy which he thought was her doughters friend! so... I hope there will be lot of aaron on this show and I hope they'll make this flashbacks on every character to fill them because they really seem like ghost without a backstory! so I can say a lot of other things about this episode but I think it was Aaron episode!!!
  • This week's episode was slightly better than last week's two hours - just slightly.

    I actually liked Janice's storyline for a change. She is doing everything she can to make her flashforward come true. Good use of the show concept.

    I also like that Mark is being made an important character in the story. Glad that we're finally going to Somalia. They have gone there first instead of to Hong Kong (I really hated that episode - Hong Kong looks NOTHING like that!).

    Aaron going to get Tracy back from Jericho : I felt that the flashbacks were unnecessary because they were things we already knew. I also don't see Aaron as Rambo - I don't like where this storyline is going.

    I really hated that jail guard talking about the teenage Tracy like that - who wrote those lines? Arrggh...

    I also disliked Zoe, who's becoming a one-note character for me.