Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

April 29: 3:23 a.m. Charlie wakes up crying, and Olivia comes in to check on her When Olivia insists that everything will be okay, Charlie tells her that today is when Mark dies. ]7:26 a.m. At Janis' apartment, Simon tries to convince her that he wants revenge on the Blackout conspiracy since they told the world that he is Suspect Zero. Janis insists that they've destroyed the organization now that they have Hellinger, but Simon warns her that it goes far beyond one man. He wants to check the mainframe computer at NLAP to see who tampered with the accelerator test program, but warns that the FBI and CIA don't trust him. He wants her to help. When Janis wonders how the conspiracy recruited him, Simon explains that they approached him as a young man and told him that he had a destiny. When Janis still doesn't agree, Simon agrees to surrender once she helps him break into NLAP. 8:11 a.m. Mark and Demetri have breakfast and Mark tells his partner that he should go to Hawaii with Zoey and get married. Demetri isn't convinced and Mark wonders if he's getting cold feet. He says that it's natural and advises his friend that even despite his current problems with Olivia, marrying her was the best thing he did in his life. Olivia is making breakfast for Charlie when Lloyd calls and says they should be together that night. Olivia tells him she can't worry about that now. At FBI Headquarters, Vogel tells Mark that a background check has confirmed that Hellinger used flashforwards to play the financial markets and make millions over the last two decades. Stan informs them that Hellinger has told the NSA that the only person he'll talk to is Mark. Mark goes to see the prisoner, who refuses to tell him the date of the next Blackout. Instead, Hellinger draws out timelines that show that, no matter what Mark does, he'll end up dead in his office that night. The only way for Mark to escape his destiny is to release Hellinger and alter the future. Mark refuses and notices that on one of the timelines, Hellinger has drawn a mathematical symbol and the word "wipe." Mark consults with Lloyd, who explains that the symbol represents a tachyon theoretical number, the holy grail of mathematics. However, the scientist insists that there is no such thing as a tachyon wipe. Nicole comes to see Bryce for the date they plan to have to celebrate flashforward Day. As he talks about what they'll do now that he's cured of cancer, she notices his drawings of Keiko. Bryce assures Nicole that she has nothing to worry about. At the Immigration Center, Keiko meets with her lawyer, Teek. The lawyer warns her that she won't be released unless she can come up with the bond money. She tells Keiko to keep believing, and Keiko looks at the "Believe" kanji tattoo on her wrist. Demetri goes to see Zoey at the airport and tells her that he'll go to Hawaii with her. However, he sits her down and tells her that he slept with Janis in Somalia so that she could have the baby she saw in her flashforward. He explains that since he thought he was going to die, he wanted to help bring a life into the world to replace his own. Demetri admits that Zoey was right and that they did have a future, but Zoey notes that she crossed several ethical lines to try and keep him alive. Demetri asks her to marry him, but Zoey gets up in tears and tells him that she's going to Hawaii with his parents. She tells him that he won't be coming, and doesn't know what they'll do when she comes back. In Afghanistan, Kahmir tries to stabilize Tracy while her father insists that she'll be okay because of what he saw in his flashforward. Mark does a background check on Hellinger and learns that he owns a company named Tachyon Data Center. He figures that Hellinger's group has important information stored there and plans to wipe it. Mark prepares to take a team, but both Vogel and Stan insist that it's a trap and that Mark should stay behind. When Mark refuses, Stan makes it an order. Kahmir tells Aaron to stay back so he can try and save Tracy's life. Aaron notices the Jericho guard and tortures him for information, demanding to know why they wanted Tracy. The man finally admits that they captured Tracy because Jericho was supervising another flashforward experiment. The village that Tracy saw where everyone was dead, they were actually in a coma due to an induced Blackout. When Tracy proved immune, Jericho needed to capture her to determine why. Demetri arrives as Janis agrees to take Simon to NLAP. He draws his gun and tries to capture Simon, who aims his own gun. Janis explains that Simon is making a deal, and taking him to NLAP is the best way to do her job. Demetri doesn't trust the scientist and refuses to ignore the situation. With no other choice, Janis helps him disarm Simon, who hits her stomach in the struggle. Demetri leads Simon away as the scientists warns that they'll regret their decision for the rest of their lives. The FBI team goes to Tachyon and radio in their status to Mark and Vogel. Mark realizes too late that it's an ambush, and looks up to see Hellinger watching him from the interrogation room. He starts to go after the conspirator, but Vogel and Stan restrain him. Before Mark can pursue the matter, Olivia arrives with Charlie and admits that she didn't know where else to take Charlie. Mark sits down with his daughter and assures her that he'll love her no matter what, and that it's okay to be afraid. He explains that he's also afraid, but he always reminds himself that he loves her, and she should do the same with him. 3:37 p.m. As Demetri loads Simon in the car, he asks Janis why she believes Simon. She explains that after a while, everyone gets tired of lying and has to tell the truth. Janis asks Demetri to tell Stan the truth about her involvement. Demetri starts to drive away, but then turns around, picks her up, and makes sure that she's serious. Lloyd is working on the formulae at home when Dylan starts rearranging the papers, saying that they have to be in the right place. Lloyd remembers Gabriel saying that Lloyd and Olivia have to be in the right place. Realizing what he has to do, he leaves with Dylan. Mark goes back to interrogate Hellinger, and the millionaire says that he regrets that Mark made the wrong decision about releasing him. He continues to taunt Mark, pointing out that the Mosaic board is a scrapbook of all his failures in the investigation and that all he has to go on is faith. Mark won't stop no matter how much he fails, and that's what will ultimately get him killed. Hellinger says that one thing come out of Mark's death: Charlie will be better off. At that, Mark snaps and attacks him. Vogel and the FBI agents pull Mark off and get him outside, and Stan tells his men to get an angry Mark out of the building. 4:17 p.m. As they leave for the Flashforward celebration, Nicole tells Bryce that she's worried that she's going to die, and there's nothing she can do to stop it. Bryce promises that he won't let her die, but Nicole finally admits that she knows Keiko is in Los Angeles at the Immigration Center. When Bryce realizes that Nicole left Keiko in custody rather than tell him, he leaves her. At the center, Keiko's mother Yuuka arrives to bail Keiko out. She explains that Keiko has to come back to Japan with her, and warns that if she doesn't the INS will deport her. Keiko insists that she has to be at the sushi restaurant at 10 p.m. that night but has no choice but to leave. Kahmir finally stops his efforts to revive Tracy, whose heart has stopped. Aaron begs her not to die, insisting that he saw her alive in his flashforward. Mark wanders the streets of Los Angeles as everyone celebrates Flashforward Day. A man hands Mark his flask and says that in his flashforward, he gave up drinking. He asks Mark to hold onto the flask and walks away before the FBI agent can stop him. Mark sits down, starts crying, and takes a drink from the flask. 6:46 p.m. As Demetri drives, Janis asks why he changed his mind. Demetri admits that he was angry at her when she appeared to betray him, and that she wasn't the woman who was his fellow classmate at Quantico. However, when she decided to help Simon break into NLAP, he realized it was the same Janis he knew, coming up with some crazy plane. He explains that he told Zoey the truth, echoing Janis' earlier words about how no one can live with lies forever. Demetri concentrates on the road, unaware that Janis is in pain from the blow to her stomach and her baby. Kahmir tells Aaron that his daughter is dead. Aaron tries to revive her without success and finally gives up, sobbing. At a bar, Mark drinks as everyone around him celebrates. A man, Powell, comes over and tries to strike up a conversation. Mark tries to ignore him. Olivia is driving with a sleeping Charlie in the back, and Lloyd calls her from her house. She explains that she needs some space from him and Mark, and is leaving with Charlie for the time being. Lloyd insists that she has to be there so that his flashforward will be fulfilled and he solves the formula, but Olivia doesn't want to hear it and hangs up. Dylan realizes that Olivia and Charlie aren't coming back. Powell continues to bother Mark until the agent attacks him. A bar fight erupts and Mark ends up in jail. As Demetri drives to NLAP, in Afghanistan, Aaron kneels besides Tracy's corpse. Nicole sits alone at Bryce's home, looking at the sketches of Keiko. Meanwhile, Bryce arrives at the Immigration Detention Center, unaware that Yuuka has bailed out Keiko and taken her to the airport. Lloyd and Dylan stand outside the Benford house, unaware that Olivia is walking with her daughter on a beach. Mark sits in a jail, alone.
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