Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • Unfortunately, there's a reason this show's being canceled. People don't know when to shut up and when dealing with the total unknown, not taking advice, even in passing, seems unproductive.

    "You're going to lose control, attack me, then loose everything." He tells you that right off the bat but it doesn't stop Mark. He's handed a flash and doesn't throw it away. Dem had no reason to tell Zoe but did anyway. Zoe believed in them, Dem believed he was dead, each acted accordingly. Considering the EXTRAORDINARY circumstances, not sure the reactions were exactly appropriate. It's not like he said, "I though I was going to die so I screwed every woman I could find." And Janice is a lesbian so it's not like there's some affair going on.

    I was pissed that the daughter died, that seemed uncalled for given the circumstances, however, it seemed to be a disappointing day all the way around. At least Mark's in jail, his wife is doing something totally different, the lovers are trying to get together and Simon's seeking revenge.

    Next week is the season/series finale. I hope things wrap up neatly. This show seemed to have a lot of potential but in the end fell flat. I'll miss it but I'm afraid I won't mourn it's passing.
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