Season 1 Episode 18

Course Correction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Two days before the Blackout, Simon and Lloyd are at NLAP and discussing their upcoming attempt to recreate the Big Bang in miniature. Simon receives a call from his mother informing him that his father is dead.

On the day of the Blackout, Simon has gone to Toronto and Lloyd meets with Gordon Myhill and a reporter, Angie Tremont. They are there to watch the accelerator test. When they activate the accelerator, a wave of energy radiates out from NLAP and crosses the globe. Everyone at NLAP blacks out, Tremont cracking her skull when she falls.

In the present, Lloyd is on the air doing an interview on a talk show. He explains that flashforwards are not absolutes, and that the future people saw can be altered. He suggests that the universe may be acting as a force of destiny, forcing people to fulfill the futures that they saw. At the hospital, Olivia is tending to Gabriel and listening to the broadcast. At FBI Headquarters, Demetri and Mark watch the broadcast. Simon is being escorted and watching it as well.

The interview asks if Lloyd believes that the people who avoided their deaths might yet die. Lloyd admits that he has no way of knowing for sure. Next, they bring in Celia Quinones, the woman that Al Gough saved by killing himself. She admits that because she didn't have a flashforward, she lived in constant fear once she learned from the Mosaic Internet board that she would die in a car crash. The interviewer opens the phones up to callers and a man asks if the Blackout caused brain damage. Lloyd insists that there's no indication of permanent harm.

At the FBI office, Demetri wonders why Lloyd isn't saying what they know about a new Blackout, but Mark notes that with what little they know, all they would accomplish is setting off a worldwide panic. When Lloyd finishes his interview by saying that everyone is where they're supposed to be, Demetri wonders what he means. Mark insists that it means that they can fight the futures that they saw.

Simon is driving back when he sees Annabelle on a bridge. He has the driver pull over and gets out, but realizes that snipers in a nearby van have laser sighting beams on her. Annabelle tells him that her abductors received Simon's message and that she's been ordered to pass on their response: he has twelve hours to get the QED ring from FBI headquarters and give it to them. Annabelle begs him to leave and Simon reluctantly goes. However, he notes the license plate of the van.

When Simon gets back to FBI headquarters, he tries to pay off a FBI technician, Michael Zamperion, to track the van's license plate. When Zamperion wants to tell Stan and Mark, Simon insists that he shouldn't.

Nicole visits Bryce at the chemotherapy ward and gives him one of her mother's books so he has something to pass the time.

Demetri and Mark get word that Demetri is supposedly at a crime scene. They go to investigate and discover that MI6 agent Fiona Banks used Demetri's name to get there. She explains that the dead man, Andy Weeks, was a British citizen that supposedly was destined to die on March 20 due to a drug allergy. Mark notes that Weeks had a gun collection but that his killer put rat poison in his coffee. Fiona speculates that the killer tried to duplicate Weeks' predicted death as closely as possible. They discover that Weeks has flyers for blue hand meetings and Fiona confirms that four other blue hand members who foresaw their deaths and evaded them have since died.

Olivia and Lloyd get coffee and he admits that he lied in the interview to avoid a panic. She wishes that there was more she could do to help Lloyd, and Lloyd tells her that she's doing plenty. He then worries if the Blackout may have in fact caused brain damage.

Zamperion immediately goes to Mark and tells him about Simon's bribe. Mark confronts Simon, who lies repeatedly. The FBI agent doesn't believe him and warns him that if Simon can't be trusted, he could ruin the Mosaic investigation.

Lloyd and Simon meet at the lab and Lloyd analyzes the QED ring while Simon looks at video footage from the bridge. He accuses Lloyd of working so hard to save the world because he feels guilty, and then finally tells him that Annabelle has been kidnapped by the same people who abducted them. Lloyd wonders why Simon didn't come to him for help, but Simon points out that he couldn't do anything. When he finishes with the ring, Lloyd locks up the ring in a cabinet.

Mark goes to Stan and admits that Simon's polygraph is inconclusive. Stan figures that they need to find Annabelle and then they'll know why the opposition wants Simon.

Fiona and Demetri go to see Jeff Slingerland, the "Dr. Reynaud" that Mark and Demetri interrogated months ago. Slingerland is a teacher working at a high school, and meets with them after class. He claims that he remembers Andy from blue hand meetings, but Slingerland never goes to them any more. He suggests that Andy surviving opposed the will of the universe, and the universe struck back. However, he agrees to help in the investigation and provide a list of other blue hand group members. Fiona warns him that he could be the killer's next target.

Bryce comes by to give Olivia an update on Gabriel's medical condition. Dylan comes by and asks about Charlie, and Lloyd follows him. He explains that they're there for Dylan's therapy session, and he'd hoped he'd see Olivia again. Gabriel comes of his room and says that knows Lloyd, and that he's supposed to be married to Olivia. Olivia gets Gabriel back into his bed and Vreede arrives. He wants to question Gabriel at FBI headquarters, but Olivia insists that he can't be moved. Vreede agrees to question Gabriel there and asks him about his sketchbook. Inside it is a drawing of the Mosaic board, and Gabriel tells him that he saw it in one of his flashforwards.

Zamperion narrows the van's location to an eight-block district, but the camera coverage isn't sufficient to pinpoint it further. As Mark leaves to search the area, Simon insists on going with him. Mark refuses, saying that he can't trust Simon. He promises to find Annabelle and then have a long conversation with Simon. Simon agrees, but once Mark is gone, Simon goes to the lab and looks at the QED ring in its case.

Dr. Lahar Bahti, Bryce's oncologist, informs him that his cancer is officially in remission.

Fiona and Demetri go to the coffee shop where Weeks bought his coffee. The clerk tells them that Weeks met a man there several times, an apparent friend that matches Slingerland's description. The agents realize he's responsible and go back to the school, but he slips out as they approach and gets away. One of the students passes on a message from him to the agents, "The universe always pushes back." They figure that Slingerland will go after Celia next to balance the universe by killing her.

Slingerland drives a car and trails Celia, and prepares to run her over just like she was destined to die originally. Demetri rams Slingerland's car and yells at Celia to run. Slingerland goes after and chases her into traffic. Demetri captures Slingerland, who fatally injured his head in the crash, and Fiona drives up to the scene... and inadvertently hits Celia. They call the EMTs and confirm that she's still barely alive. Demetri tells the dying Slingerland that he failed, but Slingerland notes that he was supposed to die of a brain aneurysm and his own destiny is reasserting itself. As he dies, he tells Demetri that it's the universe seeking a balance, and Demetri will be next.

Simon approaches Lloyd in the FBI parking garage and apologizes for everything he's done to him. He admits that he's been worried about Annabelle. Lloyd suggests they get a drink together but Simon says he has somewhere to go.

At the hospital, Bryce finds Nicole and kisses her. He then steps back and tells her that his cancer is in remission. When she wonders about the kiss and his feelings, Bryce explains that he doesn't want to waste any more time waiting for his flashforward future.

Demetri and Fiona return to the office and he tries to reassure her that the accident wasn't her fault. She remembers telling Gough about the bird hitting her window in her flashforward, and his suggestion to put tape on it. The hospital calls Fiona and the doctor tells her that Celia is in critical damage and probably won't survive. He says the same thing that Gough told her the doctor said in his flashforward, and Fiona realizes she's taken the role of Celia's accidental killer intended for Gough… and there are no accidents.

As Mark searches for the fan, he encounters a maintenance man who explains that a van sideswiped a transformer box. Mark calls in a SWAT team to break into the warehouse. They find the van, and Annabelle in the back. Mark calls to tell Simon they've found his sister, and he asks to talk privately to her. He tells her goodbye and then hangs up.

When Mark returns to FBI headquarters, they discover that Simon has stolen the QED ring.

At Lloyd's home, Olivia visits to show Lloyd that she's checked the scans of Gabriel and people undergoing CAT scans when the Blackout occurred. None of them show any brain damage, and he's reassured that what he said in the interview was true. They talk about Gabriel's prediction and admit that they both felt it was right. They kiss, but Mark arrives to consult with Lloyd. He notices Olivia, who quickly leaves. Lloyd claims she was just showing him brain scans, and Mark tells him that Simon has disappeared. The agent asks if Simon was at NLAP on the day of the Blackout, and Lloyd explains that he was in Toronto. However, Simon made sure the experiment would occur at exactly 11:00 a.m. Lloyd warns that Simon always has a plan, and may very well have engineered the Blackout.

Given Simon's theft of the ring, Mark orders a new analysis of the Suspect Zero stadium tape. Zamperion determines that Suspect Zero matches the height and gait of Simon. Mark checks the flight records and confirms that a plane from Toronto landed in Detroit after claiming an emergency, and thus didn't file a flight plan. They realize that Simon must be Suspect Zero.

Mark interviews Annabelle, but she claims she has nothing useful to report and her abductors hid their faces. When Mark persists, Annabelle admits that they did say one thing: Simon is going to cause another Blackout.