Season 1 Episode 0

FlashForward: What Did You See?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • A recap of the first half of the show.

    I watched this particular episode because I had forgotten some of what had happened in the first 10 episodes of season 1. (This is why I tend to like watching season after they end.)

    It summed up nicely the most important events, characters, and flashforwards, bringing you up to speed, but there was too much tell instead of show; it was like a list someone created, then completed it with the right scenes, adding some dialogue to bind it all together.

    A bit boring in a way, and definitely a waste of time if you've recently watched the last 10 episodes. If not, however, this is a good way to refresh your memory.
  • Recap of the first 10 episodes of Flashfoward.

    After waiting for 3 months for the show to return, and watching the recap of the first 10 episodes, I am ready for more.
    What did people see in their flashforwards? What about those who didn't even have flashforwards?
    Can their flashforwards be changed? This recap was very intense and very well done. It showed us what everyone saw in their future and how they are planning to cope, or change them. However, if you have not watched the first 10 episodes, I suggest you watch them before part two starts on Thursday.

    I was wondering, if Season 1 ends in May this year, will there be Season 2?
    Afterall, the date of flashforward is 4/29/10.