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Demetri and Janis relationship

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    The relationship between Demetri and Janis seems very interesting to me.

    Throughout the show, I always find them such close friends and so cute together. Then there was the night in Somalia where Demetri gave Janishis offer.

    Now with Demetri getting married soon to Zoey; he still wants to be responsibleforJanis but she doesn't want him to be involved because whatever is done is done, and there is so little time before 4/29 which Janis wants Demetri to be with Zoey if it's really his last day to live.

    ABC announced "Flashforward" is cancelled so what's gonna happen, orwill it just be a cliffhanger? Seems like Demetri will end up telling Zoey the truth, then what? He dies like he saw nothing in his flashforward?

    I really wanna see more between Demetri and Janis.

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