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government cloning?

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    idk if this is true but sounds plausible to me. so that dude saw his daughter in a bed of sorts in iraq. but he later checks the remains and it proves that shes dead. and also demitri nohs fiance swore she saw him at the wedding. but hes gonna die. and i know some of you are going to say maybe she just saw some from a distance and assumed it was him. but what about nicoles vision were she felt like she was being punished. wouldnt agent nohs fiance be feeling horrible if he died. so i think that the governent might be doing cloning. like they mightve cloned the dudes daughter and when demitri dies they later clone him with all his memorys but the real noh is dead so he would see his wedding.

    idk just a theory

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    It's possible, but how do you tie the flashforwards into this? One answer is that the group responsible for the flashforwards are trying to warn people that their lives are going to be snatched by doubles. Who would believe that unless you showed them?

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