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I Love This Show!

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    The series is everything science-fiction fans need in a show. It features an adrenaline-pumping mystery that has the potential to grow more compelling and fascinating as the season goes on. It's also a versatile drama that can examine relationships or make jokes as easily as it can build suspense. I also love how the writers are ensuring that with each episode, the storylines shoot forward. This was a major sticking point / problem with the horridly written Defying Gravity disaster of the summer. DG's writers would just keep the storylines stagnant and try to wait out the clock instead of advancing much of anything. I am so glad Flash Forward has a much better staff of writers-- not a coincidence since David Goyer of THE DARK KNIGHT and BATMAN BEGINS fame was at the helm of developing this project. I especially love the intruiging questions the show raises, questions like: can the future be changed, or is changing it impossible (in this week's episode, the villian says, "He who sees great catastrophe in the future is doomed to suffer it twice.")? Is it okay to absolve a mass-murdering Nazi of his crimes, if he can provide answers that will help the world? Will Mark and Olivia's relationship survive? Will Demetri find a way to stay alive? Who's unborn child is the FBI girl gonna be pregnant with? Will Aaron find his daughter? There's no such thing as a perfect show, especially not in its first season, but this one has a tremendous amount of potential and I am loving the thrill ride it provides.

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