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Is Demetri already dead? (and other thoughts)

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    Just finished a rewatch of the past 5 episodes (loving this show so far, definitely tiding me over until Lost comes back!) and thought I might compile my thoughts on each flashforward...

    1) Demetri. Okay this one is the most out there, and I haven't fully thought it through yet. But in the pilot, just as the Blackout happens, Mark and Dem are in a car careening into the side of a tanker truck, with Dem's side about to take the brunt of the impact. That's the last we see of Dem until later when he is wandering around, dazed and confused. Not sure what this might mean...but what if he died when the car impacted the tanker? Which makes this one, what, a copy? Or he was supposed to die, which then makes him...some sort of Donnie Darko-ish manipulated dead? Manipulated a la Starbuck from BSG (oh god please no)? I don't know, I haven't thought it through, the tanker just got me thinking.

    2) Janis. This one is a bit full on, but fits best I think...the baby could be hers, but only because she was raped. She's about 17 weeks pregnant around April 29, 2010, which means conception is somewhere around December 31st. Now I *hope* they don't go the route of her jumping the fence, I mean she seems pretty settled to me, has a good grasp of who she is. With that option out, and assuming there is a mid-season cliffhanger somewhere in December (?) requiring compelling what-happens-next drama, this option might fit. On top of all that, if you watch her flash forward...when she finds out it's a girl...I'm not convinced those are entirely tears of joy. But if they do this plot, I hope they handle it with care.

    3) Mark. What's the deal here...I find it weird that they will probably be counting down the minutes and seconds until 10pm on April 29, and when the moment comes he is hanging around in his office? Drunk, desperately trying to piece something together, probably aware he is almost out of time. Still odd. This is not a theory so much as a comment...if they really want to catch these guys they *know exactly when and where a couple of them in masks are going to be*. He might be alone in that room, but I'd plant a bunch of guys with tazers in the next room to take 'em down, then question them.

    4) Stan Wedeck. Only a side-note: he better be lying about that flashforward! He's been waiting 8 months for 10pm on April 29 to come around, and he couldn't hold it for 5 minutes?

    5) Nicole. I can't wait to find out how this plays out, because at this point she is so removed from the action, I can't imagine how her flash ties in.

    6) Olivia. If she is serious that she felt strong feelings toward Lloyd in her flashforward, then that really kills any sort of 'faking it', undercover-type theories. She can't know Lloyd is who he is. I can only assume that one is as it appears...but I do find it odd that Charlie apparently saw something harrowing, so you would assume she was not at home with her mother, and Olivia doesn't appear at all stressed.

    7) Bryce. The only clue we have so far is the girl he's been drawing in his notebook. His flashforward may have been romantic but, to come up with something different, maybe he saves her from dying. Maybe he saw himself doing something heroic, and he knew he had to survive long enough to do that. It gave him something to live for, even if only for 8 months. Maybe he sacrifices himself in the process (too much?).

    Aaron. I'm stumped. Like Nicole, this one is really random. Need more info!

    A few more random throughts:

    A) Maybe they didn't have memories of the future exactly. Maybe something happens on April 29, 2010 that sends their memories *back*. As in, they're looking for 'how did this happen', but they can't find out yet because they're feeling the effects of something that will happen next April, something that will dislodge two minutes of memory and send it back 8 months. If that's true, then maybe Demetri not having a flash is because he was protected somehow, he was undercover with the people who did this, so he was wearing protection...they must have some method of not being affected.

    B) Whats with that white bar of light that goes over flashforwards? I can't tell if it's a stylistic visual effect for flashforwards or literally there. You can see it in Marks in the first episode at about 09:16 depending on your copy, as it shines down his arm, over the friendship bracelet. You see it again in Olivia's at 37:35 straight after she says 'Hi honey'...it scans across the room, and her flash ends before it lands on Lloyd. They appear a lot in Rudolf Geyer's flashforward as well. I know, they are most likely a stylistic choice, not to be taken literally, but it's odd they appear so prominently, in some but not others.

    Anyway, just some random observations. Some a bit crazy, but I'm sure the obvious choices have already been talked about to death so I thought i'd aim for left field. Any thoughts?

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    With regards to Stan's FlashForward, I'm not completely convinced that all the FlashForwards are images of the same moment in time. It seems that several people here on the forum are of the belief that all the FFs are supposed to be a picture of the same moment on April 29th. But I'm not buying that since it seems like people are doing things at different times of the day in their FFs (as implied by the different amounts of light they see, the hours of operation for certain activities, etc.). So, just because Stan saw himself in the bathroom doesn't mean he was "sitting down on the job" when he should have been concerned with backing up Mark while the office is under attack. For instance, I don't believe there are too many doctors who will perform ultrasounds (like the one Janis was receiving) at 10 PM.

    I think Stan's FF was just a cute throwaway to show that not everyone on Earth had a FF of something that is important to the grand scheme of things to come.

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    I said the same thing about Janis a while back right after the first episode. I figured she was raped because she started crying in her FF, and it didnt look like happy crying.

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