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Janis Hawk baby daddy???

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    TidalWaveRider wrote:
    DarthFreeza wrote:

    KingofIPirates wrote:
    And why is it a problem?
    Normally it wouldn't be. It's just that "Baby Daddy" in itself has a few other meanings slang wise (in Manhattan atleast) so I was pointing out in my original post that seeing the title of this topic didn't get across the message of what it was really about to me properly.

    I was just making a general statement though.

    Haha... yeah, a general statement as a punctuation and grammar policeman. Sheesh. This is a message board dude, not a New York Times article.

    I wasn't being a "punctuation grammer police(wo)man".

    When I first made that comment it was in response to the fact that I didn't understand what the title of the thread meant when I first saw it on the forums.

    But whatever, it doesn't really matter all that much.

    KingofIPirates wrote:
    It's already been revealed that she's going to a sperm bank.

    It's been revealed already?

    Damn. I was hoping it would be Bryce (Atleast I think his name was Bryce lol. The suicidal doctor Olivia works with).

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