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Official Discussion Thread: Queen Sacrifice (possible spoilers)

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    CharlesTheBold wrote:

    D-LinkUK wrote:

    Personally ( and like some others have said ), i think Janis being a mole is a bluff for Simon's benefit, it just would'nt make sense otherwise for her to turn just like that. Mark knows there's something not right with Simon and has instigated the whole Janis is amole story to get info from him.

    I agree.We know too much about Janis for her to suddenly be "revealed" as evil. She's humoring Simon in hopes that he'll tell her more secrets. After all, she and Simon have been trying to outmaneuvre each other for weeks.

    Vogel is really the one with the suspicious background. When the warlord goes bersek, Vogel shoots his down while everybody else is still offguard. Because he wanted to shoot him anyway? And why would he tell X that "Mark Benford is dead" before the family is informed, unless they wanted him dead?

    This is what I was thinking and am really hoping is true. If she really is the mole, then this show just tanked. In my opinion, when creating a mole character, (s)he needs to be a person who is dependable and pretty likeable, but stern enough that when they show their true colors, you can sort of believe it. Janis on the other hand has been like a cute cuddly teddy bear through out the entire show, and if she suddenly turns out to be the mole, I would be completely gutted
    When making a mole character, one has to make sure that the mole isn't too likable because fans will hate you for it. Fans spend their emotional resources getting attached to a character only for you to say that it was all a lie? yeah, fans don't like that.

    On the flip-side, it's a lot simpler to change an evil character into a good one because everyone likes a good guy, and we aren't all that emotionally invested in bad guys. Take for instance Juliet's transformation in LOST.
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    i agree with the bad to good guy thing.

    Janis being the mole, mmmm... it could be two things here, she either said that to outmaneuver Simon (as someone said in earlier posts) OR it is true. But in that case wouldn't it better to kill Mercy in that fountain rather than bringing her in? and the only explanation i can think of her getting shot is a warning from Frost for getting too close to find him.

    And for her FF, it should be a cover i mean no double-agent-person would wanna to have a child.
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    First thing I dont get why is it so hard to believe that Janis is the mole, I actually like the idea it gives a little "you dont know what is going to happened" note. Answers one question but rise a plenty more. Why her? What is her motive? Since when is she the mole? Is there something honest about her? Maybe she is not all bad, maybe they are blackmailing her, or maybe she is?....

    Second thing Why would you think that she is just saying that to see if Simon is on DG side. Why would the FBI even think that the death of his uncle is anything else then a heart attack. They dont have anything on him, they dont know who he is, they just know Simons uncle died and he tried to help him. The FBI have no reson to doubt that, and Simeon knows that. Do you really think he would be that stupid to come out like that if he wasnt sure? I dont think so. And I think he likes that she is the mole, he likes her, and maybe he was expecting her to be. Their whole relationship is fun to watch.

    And third thing like I said before I personally think that her flashforward is a fake, not because she is a double agent (every woman wants to have a child no matter what she does), but because I find it quite impossible to have an ultrasound at 10pm if everything is ok (I was pregnant, I should know ) only if something is wrong they would admit you to the hospital and then give you an ultrasound at 10pm. She needed a cover flashforward, a personal one, and what is more personal than being pregnant, noone suspects anything. That is so good, I really like the idea that Janis is the mole, it brings so many questions and I wanna know the answers. Maybe she had a flashforward but the different one, maybe she is in the FBI building when Mark is attact, maybe she will be the one to give Vogel the news that Mark is dead? This is a great show, cant wait for tomorrow.

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    Urnfs wrote:
    Oh,no, Janis has been Nina'd!!
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