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Season 2 Spoiler?

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    Got an email from somebody claiming he knew people in the production Crew. He responded to my dismay over the cliffhanger and responded to a few important questions in the finale. It made me feel a little better however i can not confirm it's authenticity.

    Copied from my mail:

    "Dimitry uses the ring in the last second almost blacking out and he shoots the neutron collider, the Flash Forward lasts only 40 seconds thanks to that and is a little jumbled jumping trough 4-5 different dates. Thanks to FBI's "Benford's" warning and that it's only 40 sec only 10 people die in America and just 500 hundred thousand in the rest of the world. Mostly China. If you remember it was very few deaths in China in the first Flash because it was night over there, now it was Night in the USA instead. Mark wakes up on the floor when the helicopter breaks the windows with machine gun fire,he shot all the lights in the room thinking he got mark but Mark fell because of his flash and is very much alive. there is only one person in the helicopter because they had only a few rings and the pilot thought it was easy picking since they planed a much longer Flash Forward then 40 sec. Mark jumps to wards the helicopter and the building explodes, the explosion damages the helicopter and the pilot is forced to land, Mark jumps maybe 15 feet and takes cover before the helicopter explodes.

    The woman trying to abduct Janis gets caught because of the 40 sec Flash Forward and the escape of Lucas Hellinger gets interrupted by the FBI and his own men kill him when they find out he didn't knew about the shortened Flash Forward variation and they didn't want the FBI to get Lucas alive. All the variations Lucas saw was with Dimitry dead And they knew it didn't matter What Simon Campos did since they had a failsafe in case Simon switched side. In all the variations Lucas was supposed to escape so his men didn't want to take a chance since this was a totally new variation of the time line.

    In season 2 even if you didn't have a Flash Forward you could survive since many of the people without the flash forward should have died because of the Flash Forward. When it got shortened and Dimitry changed his mind in the last 0.1 sec some people even got several variations of the same thing, meaning 2 people talking to each other could have different Flash Forwards. Because it was only 40 sec people drowning in their soup could have been revived.

    This was going to be the last Flash Forward, meaning no Flash Forward in the end of every Season. FBI were going to close down all the colliders In the USA and Interpol all the ones i Europe. This Flash Forward would have been very different since everything got jumbled thanks to Dimitry. It didn't matter people were blacked out for 40 sec they could have a Flash Forward for several hours with different variations different dates and some people even got other people Flash Forward. Thanks to that an entire episode could be somebody's Flash Forward observed by another person, meaning the person having the Flash Forward didn't necessarily be the person in the Flash Forward."

    This seems a little confusing to me, I have emailed him asking more questions but I haven't got any answers.

    The thing I was most confused about was the helicopter outside the window. What was it doing there since Mark warned the FBI. It would have been suicide. So I was very enlightened by the answer that it was one of the terrorists and that he had a ring. Just like the lady that tried to abduct Janis had a ring, the person that was going to make sure that Mark was dead had one to. I am not sure how many rings there were total but there weren't many and the people that came to free Lucas Hellinger had one each to. And Agent Dimitri Noh had one to, the one from Campos.

    I don't know how accurate this info is so please don't blame me if they decide to make a Season 2 and you get all the answers here. Don't blame me either if it was a nuttjob that emailed me. This answers seemed satisfying and that's why I cut and Pasted them here.

    I feel much better then before because I couldn't stop thinking, now I can relax, The only question that is hunting me is what happened to Benford's family. Did Olivia Destroy the family for a romance or? She almost left the town so she didn't need to experience the Flash Forward again. The only reason she went with Lloyd was so he find out how to stop the Flash Forwards and save lives. She is a doctor so she obviously want to save lives, however I still think that Lloyd somehow tricked her. Mark is a great guy for Olivia and throwing away their marriage just because he can't leave his job and condemn millions to a certain death. I believe Mark's Intel saved many lives, all the planes in the air could go to auto pilot, cars could stop. little things like not using the stairs could save people from a broken neck...

    Mark should get a reward for that and not punishment. He could quit FBI or retire and move away with his family....

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    Sounds intressting. But what a pitty that there is no Season 2. But Maybe there will. Or it there will be a Movie or so.
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    dude who sent u the email.? it sounds very possible.....would take a person with take heck of a creativity to make up something like that......
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    JasonShein wrote:
    dude who sent u the email.? it sounds very possible.....would take a person with take heck of a creativity to make up something like that......

    Not at all; it's pretty simple, anyone could have made it all up. I'm not saying it's BS, maybe it's true, just not as creative as you think. Still, it's a good conclusion to season finale's cliffhanger.
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