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the producers should develop a new business model ...

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    tv will die someday, but I think it should die faster... printed media is already dying faster today... I can't imagine how long younger generations can insist on catching the linear, unflexible, not-on demand castings from tv...

    the producers should develop a new business model where they will cast their shows over the internet... without making contracts with sinking tv channels...

    I am willing to pay 10 usd for any new episode of flashforward w/o commercials for watching online... and I believe many can pay a couple of dollars with some commercials... so this should be a starting point...

    So producers; find independent investors, build your own webcasting sites, make contracts with amazon, hulu, youtube whatever.... and sell your own stuff... and you'll get rock solid cash... cut the middleman.... this is your future... and this is the only possible future that you can stay in a sinking large TV industry...

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    You have a great point. I too would pay 10$ every week for a new FF episode. I pay every month for my cable TV and my Internet. And I watch so little programs, some science, some Shows, some sport and that is about it. It is so little compered to the variety of TV channels. Television broadcasting is dieing, and the producers should go online directly. Internet broadcasting is the future. I live in Serbia and I cant watch FF or any other show at prime time, I have to wait for it get online so I can downloaded it, and now days I get it in a few hours after broadcasting, that is fast. So why does it have to go on TV first, they will broadcast it in specific time every week and charge some $, that it would be true fight among the shows and not the networks. That would be so great.
    Great idea man. Thanks!
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