Season 1 Episode 21

Future Shock

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 27, 2010 on ABC

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  • A real shame this show is cancelled

    After the first block of episodes I was left underwhelmed. After being heavily promoted as the next LOST I thought great, a new mysterious sci-fi show but the pilot episode was so-so and the subsequent episodes were average. Compared with the debut season of LOST and this is extremely disappointing. After the long hiatus, the show finally came out of its shell especially after Janis being revealed as mole which is still the best episode overall of the series IMO. But then it was revealed she was a double agent and the series kinda stmbled a bit. But the last three episodes especially this one as a finale really brought home the potential this show still has. A second season is definitely off the cards and THIS is the most disappointing of it all. This SEASON finale due to the very teasing cliffhangers was fantastic and is my second favourite episode. I love the slight deviations of everyone's flashforwards but I didnt like the following:

    Thank God Olivia and Lloyd didnt sleep together with the kids in the house - although you could tell theyve fallen for each other - somehow! Seems random to me. Anyway whats more random is how Bryce could possibly be IN LOVE with someone he has only seen for 137 seconds. It must be the idea of her and should wear off soon. Mark was stupid for not listening to the blonde guy in the suit. I hate stubborn people.

    But I loved the second blackout and its flashforwards and who simulated it. I loved the timespan on the flashforwards, the bomb explosion in the FBI, Janis being kidnapped - OMG and finally Charlie's flashforward. Is Mark dead or just gone into hiding - for five years! The overall movement of this episode outweighs the flaws which makes it harder to say goodbye to the show.
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