Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mark and Stan leave a bar in Washington D.C. and Matt insists that the things that he saw clearly in his flashforward are valid. Stan tells him not to say anything and if the others learn about what he and Mark knows, they're sunk. They get in a car with Vreede and Demetri while Mark calls someone to tell them that Stan managed to save them and the trip wasn't a total waste. Four attackers ram their SUV into the car, fire briefly, and then launch a rocket into the agents' car.

Thirty-nine hours earlier, Mark, Demetri, and Vreede wait to undergo polygraph testing about their flashforwards. Demetri tells the agent in charge he didn't see anything, but the man suggests that Demetri is lying. Mark looks at his 7-year AA chip and then goes in. He avoids telling the agent much of what he saw, and the fact he was drunk, and focuses on the Mosaic board and the attackers. Afterward, Mark calls Aaron, who is at the Benfords' installing their new alarm system. He tells Mark that there are AA groups in D.C. and he should visit them. He's unaware that Olivia has overheard his end of the conversation.

As Demetri and Vreede bring Stan the documentation on Mosaic, they figure that Stan is worried that they'll lose funding. Demetri has heard that Stan used to be in Washington and something happened to him there that soured him on the city.

Stan is playing basketball with an old friend, Dave Segovia. Once they're done, Segovia assures Stan that he'll continue to get funding for Mosaic. However, he warns his friend that Senator Joyce Clemente, Stan's old nemesis, is heading the Senate hearings and she'll give Stan a hard time.

Janis is sparring with a man, Randy, at her tae kwon do class and easily defeats him. Afterward, Randy invites her on a date but Janis turns him down. She goes back to the office and meets with Gough and Turoff. Gough has the satellite imagery the hacker got from the CIA secured computers and Janis has the two agents go over it.

Stan, Demetri, and Vreede attend the Presidential press conference and Segovia comes in. As the President, he takes questions from the press and tells them that he'll cut funding to any investigations that aren't producing results. The vice president died and he'll put his new choice in charge of the Blackout investigations. As he prepares to go, a reporter asks him what he saw during his flashforward, Segovia says that he'd prefer to focus on the present, but remembers being woken up in the middle of the night and told that something terrible has happened.

Aaron finishes the repairs and asks Olivia how Mark's mission to D.C. is going. She talks about how Mark is away a lot and that he did the same thing before he started drinking seven years ago. She asks Aaron if he thinks Mark is going to drink and Aaron says that she'll have to trust Mark.

Stan meets with Segovia in the Oval Office. The President apologizes for not bringing Stan in after he was elected, and then offers Stan the job of Director of Homeland Security. Stan worries about Clemente but Segovia assures him Clemente won't be a problem, and then tells Stan to think about it.

Janis meets with Maya, a chef and her current girlfriend. The agent admits that she hasn't come out of the closet yet since the government frowns on gays with guns. Maya says that in her flashforward, she still worked at the restaurant and had a wedding band. Janis dodges talking about her flashforward, and the two joke and then kiss.

The Senate hearings begin and Clement is the chairman. The Surgeon General, the head of SETI, and the CIA director all testify. The CIA director, Phillips, insists that the Chinese are responsible since they took fewer losses than the Americans. Clemente points out that they were mostly asleep when the Blackout occurred. Clemente calls a recess and tells everyone that Stan will be testifying next, and impugns his investigative methodology. Outside, Stan calls Felicia but is interrupted when Clemente comes over. He notes she's a sore loser but she points out that if she could prove what he did with a woman six years ago, she'd be President today. Stan tells her to take his best shot and insists that Mosaic is worth the money, but Clemente doesn't believe it. She insists that the flashforwards won't come true, and points out that in hers, she was the President of the United States. She admits that it'd be nice but it's not going to happen.

At the hearing, Stan testifies concerning Mosaic and their goal of using the flashforwards as clues to find out what causes the flashforwards. When he notes they're basing much of their investigation on Mark's flashforward, Clements asks Mark to testify. Stan tries to dodge the issue but Clemente insists and closes the hearing until the next day.

The next morning, Janis is trying to cook breakfast. Maya takes over and Janis' alarm goes off late. She admits she has trouble setting it. As she leaves, she invites Maya to stay as long as she wants. Maya invites her to an art gallery showing that night and Janis says she'll be there.

Mark testifies at the hearing about all they've done since Mosaic started. Senators Clemente and Noland are unimpressed, and wonder how armed attackers could have entered FBI headquarters in Los Angeles.

Gough and Turoff go over the satellite images and show Janis what they've found: five 100' towers built in the middle of the desert in the Somali region where the proto-blackout occurred.

At the hearings, Clemente goes over the transcript of Mark's polygraph test and notes that he only recounted 30 seconds out of the entire 137 seconds. She observes that everyone else who has reported visions has had them with crystal clarity and recall, and points out that Mark didn't. He lies and tries to dodge her suggestion so he doesn't have to admit he was drunk. Clemente warns that if they can't trust his vision, Mosaic won't receive funding. Stan gets up and leaves in disgust. After Mark is done, Vreede and Demetri join him and point out that everything they've turned up does sound strange. Janis calls them and tells them what they've found, and Mark figures they can use the evidence to cut through the State Department's attempts to block their investigation in Somali.

Stan calls Janis and asks her to do him a favor. As a result, Janis arrives late at the gallery. Maya gives her a preprogrammed talking alarm clock and then asks if Janis dates men as well as women. Janis denies it and Maya admits that she checked the Mosaic website and learned that Janis was pregnant I her flashforward. Given her flashforward and the wedding ring she saw, Maya wonders if she'll Maya's partner in six months. Maya gets upset and insists that it's none of Maya's business, and then admits she can't handle it and says that they're through.

Stan goes to see a woman, Renee Garrigos, who clearly knows who she is. She invites him in and a young boy runs up to Stan and greets him.

Later, Stan goes to see Segovia and hands him an old photo of the President with Renee. Stan says that he paid her off to leave but didn't know where she was. He only discovered her whereabouts when she posted on the Mosaic site that she saw herself moving from Georgetown to Puerto Rico in six months. Stan subtly blackmails Segovia into assuring that Mosaic is funded in return for Stan's silence on the affair the President had and the illegitimate child that resulted. Segovia warns that Stan will only be blackmail him once but Stan insists it's that important. After Stan leaves, Segovia makes a call and tells the person at the other end he needs a problem taken care of.

Mark, Demetri, and Vreede go to a karaoke bar. Vreede sings and Demetri drinks, noting that he'll be dead in five months anyway and has a lot of steam to blow off. He goes up and joins Vreede while Stan comes in and confronts Mark. Mark accuses his boss of abandoning him during the testimony, but Stan points out that Mark was lying. He admits that he's been taking Mark's story on trust but is beginning to wonder. Mark finally snaps and tells him that he was drunk in his flashforward. Stan wonders if he can risk his career on an alcoholic's word when he's under the influence. Demetri and Vreede come over and Stan buys them drinks to celebrate, telling them he got the funding for Mosaic.

At home, Olivia is trying to set the new home alarm system. She calls Aaron but gets an untraceable text message saying that Mark was drinking during his flashforward.

Now, Mark and Stan leave a bar in Washington D.C. and Matt insists that the things that he saw clearly in his flashforward are valid. Stan tells him not to say anything and if the others learn about what he and Mark knows, they're sunk. They listen to a breaking news story that the President has chosen his new vice president: Joyce Clemente, and Stan admits that you don't get something for nothing in Washington. They get in a car with Vreede and Demetri while Mark calls Janice to tell her them that Stan managed to save them and the trip wasn't a total waste. Janis is walking home with groceries.

Four attackers ram their SUV into the agents' car, fire briefly, and then launch a rocket into the agents' car. Janis loses the connection. As she tries to get through to Mark, a man attacks her. She breaks his neck, but another man emerges from an alleyway and shoots her in the stomach. She collapses to one knee and shoots back, killing the man.

Mark and the others get clear of the car and return fire, killing two of the attackers. The other two escape in the SUV.

As Janis lies dying in the street, she remembers her flashforward about the pregnancy. Maya's alarm clock lies on the street next to her and keeps telling her it's time to get up.