Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Isn't it a bit too early to jump the shark?

    For what started as a great show concept with interesting characters now seems to be going down the drain fast. The new characters and extended politics are atrocious and the show has become just another weekly FBI/criminal drama with a twist instead of the fascinating retrospective on humanity and looking to the future it was shown to be originally. The politics of this episode really got on my nerves and I don't see that I like where this show is now heading.

    Alternatively, let me preface the next statement with the fact that I have no personal problems with the homosexual community and hope this is not taken as a negative aimed at said community, but the sudden outing of a female character as a lesbian on the show, introducing her new lover and having multiple onscreen kisses in one episode is just a ploy to bring in the fanboys and is simply bad film-making (see the three-way "morning after" scene thrown into the beginning of the Night Rider remake series (NBC)). For SHAME ABC. That's simply exploitative and insulting of your audience (and the community represented). How little do you think of the public? There were no indications of any of this in her personal life in any of the previous episodes and it seems like it is now being thrown in after the fact as a ratings booster (like Heroes' recent onscreen kiss with Claire).

    I am strongly reconsidering watching this show after this episode.
  • A dreadful sign of things to come?

    I've been watching Flashforward and so far the series has been competent at best. Mysteries are slowly unfolding before your eyes at the correct pace to keep the viewers interest. However, My feelings changed when it came to this episode, why? well first of all it was a very average story about the main protagonists trying to secure more funding to continue their investigation. This required a lot of wheeler dealing on capital hill, and the episode did a reasonable job of executing this. This is not the problem i had. The problem I have with this episode is very much the last 5 minutes. We see our heroic Agents ambushed in their car in a car park by a group of heavily armed Asian men dressed in black. One of them launches an RPG directly into the car they were sitting in before they had a chance to react. This is absolutely clear. Remarkabley... and this is bad even by Hollywood standards... Every single person in the car that just exploded violently not only survived, but emerge totally pristine with no hair out of place to take out about a dozen armed men with machine guns with pistols, in slow motion, complete with cheesy heroic music.

    I realise the need for drama in Tv, But come on! PLEASE??? how can this even be considered to be remotely realistic? We are not this dumb Mr Braga, give us some credit, the average person is a bit more sophisticated than this surely! Anyway, This show also seems to be very odd sometimes. It is trying desperately to make itself different artistically, and failing miserably, yes I'm talking about the score. Notably the use of entirely inappropriate music when a main character (who was ambushed in a separate attack) is lying on the floor bleeding to death. Any emotional power the scene may had or emotional bond the audience may have developed with this character is totally undermined by this ridiculous clattering racket that makes the entire scene totally meaningless. The Result? You don't care about the character's situation. So.. This episode makes me feel very pessimistic about the quality for the rest of this season, but lets see, It might turn out okay. Thanks for reading.
  • Best episode so far.

    Mark is questioned about his flashforward during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Janis ponders on how the future will make an impact on her current romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a tip about Mark's flashforward. With a awesome finsh of the last episode this episode starts off awesome! I loved the scene with the lie detective. I enjoyed the scene with Olivia and Aaron - was interesting. I love the scene with Mark and Standord the head of the FBI. What an awesome ending with all the shooting - best ending so far. My favourite character so far is Demetri, I love his storyline and his comments which he has every now and then.
  • Some intriguing discoveries and a solid beginning and end, but let's see some more of that forward momentum.

    Flash Forward may never be the new Lost, as it was marketed early in the television season, but it's definitely slowly moving forward. Slower then I would like, but at least it's starting to work towards something. The last few episodes haven't done much in the way of plot development (although last week, the appearence of Dominic Monahagn was a great way to end) but this week, we get a decent amount of screen time with Stan, an incredible ending and some new plot points to look forward to.

    The episode mainly focuses on a series of hearings and interviews that Benford and the rest of the group have to give in order to prove that they should be able to keep Mosaic up and running. The selling point of the argument is based on Benford's flashforward. However, Senator Clemante (a new character who is sure to be the typical annoying bureaucratic person that hinders every movement of the main characters) finds holes in his story that Benford is afraid to explain.

    Also, we learn some new things about Janis, mostly that she is gay which makes her flash forward that much more interesting.. if she doesn't date men, how does the pregnancy come to happen? Is it from dating a guy or from in vitro fertilization? Olivia and Aaron also had a couple of scenes together where Olivia finally learns of Mark's relapse in the future.

    There was a lot of plot points going on, but the most interesting stuff was with Stan. We not only get to learn more about him as a person but we get to learn more about his past with the President. It's clear that him and the President have a long, dark past together, and how that will affect the future should be interesting to see. And as for the ending, it was intense, out of nowhere and very entertaining. It helped that they had Like A Rolling Stone in the background during it.

    This was one of the stronger episodes of FlashForward so far. There's still a lot of stuff they need to explain and explore more, but I have a feeling that this episode is a sign of good things to come.
  • Washington Intrigue

    This episode shifts the focus to Washington, and shows use the wheeling and dealing most of us suspect is happening in the city. Overall I thought it was well done. Some things require a suspense of disbelief, but the same goes for most Sci-fi fiction. Overall i think the series is excellent to this point.
  • Sadly they secure funding, so the crap FBI dialogue and terrible acting will continue, at least until the end of Season 1

    This episode came damn close to making me switch off for good. There's the terrible scene with Wedeck playing basketball with someone he calls "Dave", just so the writers can have fun when "Dave" turns out to be the President. Wedeck then goes on to Blackmail the President in the Oval Office, even though there doesn't appear to be any need to do so, "Dave" seems like he would have helped. There's a scene in the restaurant which is both gut churningly badly written and acted while at the same time completely unnecessary.

    In the finale, for a second it looked like all the leading characters had been killed, and I was dissapointed when they survived.

    Fiennes acting is getting worse, somehow.
  • Okay......what?

    After last episodes events, what on earth happened here?

    It admittedly had some interesting elements- Olivias mysterious text and conversation with Marks friend etc. Also, Wellbecks acting and controversy was well handled, especially in the way he seems to have a deep personal past, that surely could be explored further- maybe he has a more secret flashforward than has been let on?

    The whole funding thing was a little mixed, especially Mark's fuzzy flashforward- cheesy, over the top action much? What really ruined it, however, was the last scenes- the crappy, action music, the cheesy fight back of heroes vs good guys- it really just saddened me! And how on earth did they survive that without a scratch??

    Overall, it was watchable, but I don't think its going to be all that it promised to be.
  • Much better

    For a show that is supposed to be a drama, previous episodes have failed to deliver. There have been the odd scene to cagoal us into believing that the pace of the show will heighten, but the screenplay remains to focused on characterisation. At least not enough of it imparted through action or intrigue. This episode though makes a better stab of being dramatic. The opening scene if for nothing else does this very well. The change in plot dynamic to a "political" one as you will see, have seen or read, adds some more. Furthermore, the character subplots continue in their slow, almost lethagic crawl to the date of the FF event. As in previous episodes these scenes are really, really over done. There is too much emphasis for me. I expect that most viewers will know that these subplots are there to explore and show the possible human reactions to a future where fate seems to be overriding free will and the change that this affects in people, but really imvho the screenplay should show more of the investigation. As it is this episode still fails to "really" draw us into the conspiracy. The show will continue to fail until it changes to incorporate more of the villians and what they are doing. At least the dialogue is edging towards being better.

    As for the shootout it was okay. Though it would seem a little flat compared to something like 24. The scenes of political meandering involving Wedeck brought some more bite to proceedings, especially as he goes up against the President and the Senator. Though the final scene with the President was a little too ambiguous. Was he authorising the attempted hit on the team, or effecting the funding to the team - or both!?
    Perhaps the best scene though is Janis left in the street clutching the bullet wound at her side. A gripping enough cliffhanger - same though that the build up is still pretty much flat.

    On the whole the episode is moving in the right direction. Though its still painfully slow. There is enough though to keep you wanting to watch.
  • The team heads to Washington to get additional funding but things aren't looking good when old foes try to make sure that doesn't happen.

    When the episode started I was a bit disappointed that the crows storyline wasn't going to be a big part of the episode. But as the episode progressed I ended up liking it very much. The Clementi character was a little bit clichéd but the fact that she was President in her flashforward was very interesting. What I didn't like was the music towards the end of the episode. I know how choosing music you wouldn't expect in a scene can really work. But the slow motion combined with the music being totally off took almost all of the suspense out of the action sequence. But the politics were great, the acting was decent so overall it was a more than decent episode.
  • Best episode yet

    Mark is questioned about his flashforward during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Janis ponders on how the future will make an impact on her current romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a tip about Mark's flashforward. In my opinion the best episode yet, the timeline of the episode was a cool idea, the ending was awesome with the gun fight and were Janis was shot. I was dissapointed to see no Dominic Monaghan in this episode but from the previews he will be in the next one. I also found the bar scene really funny in this episode even if the acting was a tad over the top.
  • The gang set off for Washington to secure funding but face fierce competition, from other factions also vying for the cash, and asassins.

    I'm always a fan of the 24/39 hours earlier format in serials. It builds tension and suckers you in.

    And up to a point, it served this ep well, but more on that later.

    It's a big old cast, and there are still backstories, and flashes that we have yet to see. So this ep also used the old staple of reminding us of where we stand, and used that opportunity to remind us of the intricacies of political wranglings, and the human cost. That is IMO the essence of it's Zeitgeist flavour. We are in shaky times, people have hopes and dreams for the future but still feel uncertain, hope is there but it's muted. I enjoyed the Senate scenes. There was menace, drama, coercion, and a horrifying acknowledgement that, that is probably, exactly how it is. The "chinese" man, anyone?

    I actually quite enjoyed the reveal of Janis as a lesbian. I know some of the dialogue was clunky, and some of the tender moments seemed a tad awkward, but I felt that really was the writing and directing at fault. Who sits like that round a table in a resturant? When the actresses were allowed to be more comfortable in the space they occupied I thought there was some nice chemistry. I quite liked how the baby was a red herring. My only thought was maybe she shouldn't have called that guy in the karate class a "douche" - he seemed fine to me, regular guy - 'cos that might be one donor off the list. Seriously though, I felt more concerned for the breakup of this tryst, than I do over Mark and Olivia at the moment. And I think Christine Woods' portrayal is great.

    I also thought Courtney B Vance was terrific. His reaction to Mark's confession, that his vision was impaired by alcohol, was mesmerising and his brutal taunting, cruel, but understandable after his own behind the scenes machinations. Nothing gets nothing in Washington.

    The stuff with the towers was intruiging but just keeps spinning the background along and that was fine for tonight but anymore and I may lose some patience. I liked the deepening of the individual storylines, and can only hope that we get repaid a la Lost, and not flumoxed a la Heroes. But I gotta have me some story in there too. And then came the ending, it's been said, the magical exploding car, the Hollywood movie walk whilst shooting, and then there was also the little matter of the choice of song and it's artist. Hokey?

    I thought again the scenes with Janis did better. Once we knew, she was the person on the phone to Mark, we knew she would be targeted too. Immediate tension. Plus she had some kick-ass moves. And, despite myself, and so what if the electronic voice repeating "wake up" was a bit too much, I quite liked the little spirograph effect. Thanks for popping by.
  • The Senate Intell CMTE holds a hearing to decide where to allot funding to inquires into The Event. The study of the crow die-off in Somalia bears fruit. Stan uses a major marker to get support. Olivia finds a fact about Mark's FF that he kept from her.

    The best episode to date. Full of political intrigue, personal revelations and a good old fashioned shoot out, leaving one FBI Agent seriously wounded (nice twist on that character turning out to be gay considering her flashforward revealed that she would be having a baby before too long). Clearly the Mosaic project and the subsequent investigation by FBI Special Agent Mark Benford and his team have begun to make certain people uncomfortable. Though who they are and why they are upset with Benfords's unit enough to try and kill half a dozen FBI agents not to mention a FBI Assistent Director will have to wait for future episodes. Lucky for us veiwers that ABC has recently decided to keep Flashforward on air during the fall's tradional cancellation choping block the networks use to make room for their Jan mid-season replacements line-up. My only serious concern is that ABC might try and turn Flashforward into another Lost. The temptaion to do so must be great considering what a smash hit Lost has turned out to be. If Flashforward becomes the show that doles out tiny peices of story every week, never satisfying the veiwer, I'm afraid I'll be saying adios to yet another great ABC show. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
  • this show is NOT Lost and its not gonna be..

    ... stop comparing guys, Lost is one of it's kind show, but this one is different, FF is a unique show present a unique idea not necessarily a sci-fi i mean it could happen, right? we don't know those genius scientists of ours are doing right now. Ok now for the epi:

    this episode for me it was good, for a sixth episode in a brand new show. it was about agent Hawk's personal life. It's hard for a female to be in a male world already, so how also about being gay and above it all she's going to have a kid, let me tell you, I'm a female and i work with the government (not FBI though) and it's really hard that you have always to prove yourself, so presenting her character like that made me really liking the show. the close hearing that was held, it good acted despite what others said, i liked when Wedeck got out in the middle of it, he's really a good actor, and yes i was surprised when i knew the the person he was playing basket ball is actually HE PRESIDENT, that was well presented.

    and when Wedeck went blackmailing the president (older posts said that once he's his friend the second he's blackmailing him) welcome to the politics word. however i didn't like how they 'dodge the bullet' in the car blowing scene, that was a bit over.

    overall, the show is good, its definitely not Lost, having Abrams in common don't make them the same!! right?
  • Mark is questioned about his FF during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Janis ponders on how the future will make an impact on her current romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a tip about Mark's FF.

    Once again Flash Forward delivers! Now I know action junkies (who would give a 10 to anything w/ action even if it has no story, plot, character development) will hate this particular episode but it was well done even with limited action.

    Right off the bat we have the opening scene which was nicely done and had you wondering what was up. In DC the FBI is being scrutinized over there "Mosaic" investigation and boy do they get hammered. It all starts up with polygraphs for all of them. Next we have the president telling Wedeck, "This is congress masturbating to the sound of its own voice!" I loved the line as well as most of the dialog in this episode!

    During the big congressional hearing all kinds of fireworks go off. First we have the CIA believing that America was attacked via the Blackout from good ole China. I loved how this was written in given its realistic nature. No doubt such an event would surely have some thinking it must be an attack on holy America despite other locales suffering from the event.
    The showdown between Wedeck and Joyce was fantastic.
    They have a unique history together and it's not a heartwarming one. She takes full advantage of completely railroading his attempt to deliver his belief in the "Mosaic" project.

    He finds out from her (as he tries to stand his ground during recess) that in her FF she will be President...OUCH! As they return from recess she rolls right over Agent Benford as he is unwilling to explain how his vision is so fuzzy compared to others.

    This of course doesn't go over well since "Mosaic" is based mainly on his FF. In the end Wedeck has to play hardball with the President via blackmail. Of course this sets up Joyce to be VP which is the very thing that will deliver her the Presidency in line with her FF...talk about WOW huh!

    I loved how the whole blackmail deal was played in the scene "no more boyscotts huh..."! It seems however that his ability to obtain the damning "Ace" was glossed over unfortunately.

    Wedeck eventually learns that Benford's FF was fuzzy because he was loaded during the FF which is shocking given his 7 year sober stint. This of course makes Wedeck look like a complete fool but so goes the way of drama in this show..well done!

    During all of this going down in DC land Olivia overhears Aaron tell Benford to attend AA...she eventually confronts Aaron on the matter. Worse, at the end of the episode an unknown individual gives Olivia a text revealing to her that during her husband's FF he is drinking. That leaves us of course with wondering who the hell is it.

    Two other subjects arise in this episode one, Janis attempts a romance with another woman. It all comes crashing when the lady snoops into Janis' FF and sees that she becomes pregnant. One thing I'll knock here for this episode was the need to do yet another girl on girl kiss scene chasing after Heroes recent dabble in such nonsense. The scene seemed way too contrived between two people but okay, whatever goes huh.

    The crow phenomenon eventually leads to the group discovering odd buildings and roads near the event itself. This is another intriguing item presented in this episode; I look forward to how this will all add up further down the line.

    Toward the end we see the assassination attempt from the opening scene take place again. The attempt fails and the agents come up guns blazing. The only thing I didn't like was there miraculous ability to barely dodge a RPG only to come out shooting completely unscathed.

    Last but not least we have Janis also suffering an assassination attempt. Of course in good fashion they leave her bleeding out as they cut out for the end. Now we are left wondering if Janis' situation is similar to Aaron's FF being inaccurate. We'll have to wait til next week to see right...that's great; I'm glad there are some nuggets left for us fans to look forward to being dealt with next episode. This adds just enough intrigue to keep things moving without being overbearing!
  • Lame episode!

    Very disappointed episode. How stupid do they think we are? One minute Stanford is friends with the President, and the next he's blackmailing him? Totally illogical turn. And "the kiss." Television is so contrived in how they portray same sex couples. Does anyone you know talk and behave that way on a first date? Totally forced! And then the car attack. How did they get out of the car crash and explosion without a scratch on them? And all of the sudden the show becomes a music video while they shoot at the bad guys. Definitely a lame turn for what seemed to be an intriguing show. Typical network TV. I don't have the time to invest in a show that's headed for the garbage heap.
  • The team goes to DC.

    As you make your bed, so you must lie in it. I think that quote fits this episode.

    This was a great episode, which had only one real flaw and I'll get to it later.

    Gimme Some Truth was really a show about lies and secrets and the consequences making that choice. The team heads to Washington DC to face congress and you everyone knows whether dealing in reality or fiction it never ends well.

    This episode dealt a lot with Stanford Wedeck(Courtney B. Vance) which was great. He had a lot to deal with in this episode. From Joyce and her hatred for him to his friend ship with President(Peter Coyote) to his trust and belief in Mark. He made a lot of sacrifices in this episode including giving Joyce the vice-presidency, and the look on his face when Mark told him he was drunk during the black out was so sad.

    On the west coast Olivia a truth is revealed to her about her husband, that could drive her to Lloyd. Janice again has a ever expanding role(which I think is great, I like her character) finds out what was going on in Africa. The end of the episode for her was heart stopping. You don't know whether she lives or dies. I hope she lives I like her character.

    Ok now to the park I didn't like yet I liked. The other ending where the gang in DC is attacked and the Asian men fire a RPG at their car. No don't get me wrong I'm all for great action even unbeleavable action like Die Hard, but even John McClane gets hurt. These four didn't even have a scratch on them. I wanted them all to live, but could they have at least had broken bones, or bleeding. This alone stopped me from giving this episode a 10.

    Overall a another great episode.