Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Mark is questioned about his FF during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Janis ponders on how the future will make an impact on her current romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a tip about Mark's FF.

    Once again Flash Forward delivers! Now I know action junkies (who would give a 10 to anything w/ action even if it has no story, plot, character development) will hate this particular episode but it was well done even with limited action.

    Right off the bat we have the opening scene which was nicely done and had you wondering what was up. In DC the FBI is being scrutinized over there "Mosaic" investigation and boy do they get hammered. It all starts up with polygraphs for all of them. Next we have the president telling Wedeck, "This is congress masturbating to the sound of its own voice!" I loved the line as well as most of the dialog in this episode!

    During the big congressional hearing all kinds of fireworks go off. First we have the CIA believing that America was attacked via the Blackout from good ole China. I loved how this was written in given its realistic nature. No doubt such an event would surely have some thinking it must be an attack on holy America despite other locales suffering from the event.
    The showdown between Wedeck and Joyce was fantastic.
    They have a unique history together and it's not a heartwarming one. She takes full advantage of completely railroading his attempt to deliver his belief in the "Mosaic" project.

    He finds out from her (as he tries to stand his ground during recess) that in her FF she will be President...OUCH! As they return from recess she rolls right over Agent Benford as he is unwilling to explain how his vision is so fuzzy compared to others.

    This of course doesn't go over well since "Mosaic" is based mainly on his FF. In the end Wedeck has to play hardball with the President via blackmail. Of course this sets up Joyce to be VP which is the very thing that will deliver her the Presidency in line with her FF...talk about WOW huh!

    I loved how the whole blackmail deal was played in the scene "no more boyscotts huh..."! It seems however that his ability to obtain the damning "Ace" was glossed over unfortunately.

    Wedeck eventually learns that Benford's FF was fuzzy because he was loaded during the FF which is shocking given his 7 year sober stint. This of course makes Wedeck look like a complete fool but so goes the way of drama in this show..well done!

    During all of this going down in DC land Olivia overhears Aaron tell Benford to attend AA...she eventually confronts Aaron on the matter. Worse, at the end of the episode an unknown individual gives Olivia a text revealing to her that during her husband's FF he is drinking. That leaves us of course with wondering who the hell is it.

    Two other subjects arise in this episode one, Janis attempts a romance with another woman. It all comes crashing when the lady snoops into Janis' FF and sees that she becomes pregnant. One thing I'll knock here for this episode was the need to do yet another girl on girl kiss scene chasing after Heroes recent dabble in such nonsense. The scene seemed way too contrived between two people but okay, whatever goes huh.

    The crow phenomenon eventually leads to the group discovering odd buildings and roads near the event itself. This is another intriguing item presented in this episode; I look forward to how this will all add up further down the line.

    Toward the end we see the assassination attempt from the opening scene take place again. The attempt fails and the agents come up guns blazing. The only thing I didn't like was there miraculous ability to barely dodge a RPG only to come out shooting completely unscathed.

    Last but not least we have Janis also suffering an assassination attempt. Of course in good fashion they leave her bleeding out as they cut out for the end. Now we are left wondering if Janis' situation is similar to Aaron's FF being inaccurate. We'll have to wait til next week to see right...that's great; I'm glad there are some nuggets left for us fans to look forward to being dealt with next episode. This adds just enough intrigue to keep things moving without being overbearing!