Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • A dreadful sign of things to come?

    I've been watching Flashforward and so far the series has been competent at best. Mysteries are slowly unfolding before your eyes at the correct pace to keep the viewers interest. However, My feelings changed when it came to this episode, why? well first of all it was a very average story about the main protagonists trying to secure more funding to continue their investigation. This required a lot of wheeler dealing on capital hill, and the episode did a reasonable job of executing this. This is not the problem i had. The problem I have with this episode is very much the last 5 minutes. We see our heroic Agents ambushed in their car in a car park by a group of heavily armed Asian men dressed in black. One of them launches an RPG directly into the car they were sitting in before they had a chance to react. This is absolutely clear. Remarkabley... and this is bad even by Hollywood standards... Every single person in the car that just exploded violently not only survived, but emerge totally pristine with no hair out of place to take out about a dozen armed men with machine guns with pistols, in slow motion, complete with cheesy heroic music.

    I realise the need for drama in Tv, But come on! PLEASE??? how can this even be considered to be remotely realistic? We are not this dumb Mr Braga, give us some credit, the average person is a bit more sophisticated than this surely! Anyway, This show also seems to be very odd sometimes. It is trying desperately to make itself different artistically, and failing miserably, yes I'm talking about the score. Notably the use of entirely inappropriate music when a main character (who was ambushed in a separate attack) is lying on the floor bleeding to death. Any emotional power the scene may had or emotional bond the audience may have developed with this character is totally undermined by this ridiculous clattering racket that makes the entire scene totally meaningless. The Result? You don't care about the character's situation. So.. This episode makes me feel very pessimistic about the quality for the rest of this season, but lets see, It might turn out okay. Thanks for reading.
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