Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Some intriguing discoveries and a solid beginning and end, but let's see some more of that forward momentum.

    Flash Forward may never be the new Lost, as it was marketed early in the television season, but it's definitely slowly moving forward. Slower then I would like, but at least it's starting to work towards something. The last few episodes haven't done much in the way of plot development (although last week, the appearence of Dominic Monahagn was a great way to end) but this week, we get a decent amount of screen time with Stan, an incredible ending and some new plot points to look forward to.

    The episode mainly focuses on a series of hearings and interviews that Benford and the rest of the group have to give in order to prove that they should be able to keep Mosaic up and running. The selling point of the argument is based on Benford's flashforward. However, Senator Clemante (a new character who is sure to be the typical annoying bureaucratic person that hinders every movement of the main characters) finds holes in his story that Benford is afraid to explain.

    Also, we learn some new things about Janis, mostly that she is gay which makes her flash forward that much more interesting.. if she doesn't date men, how does the pregnancy come to happen? Is it from dating a guy or from in vitro fertilization? Olivia and Aaron also had a couple of scenes together where Olivia finally learns of Mark's relapse in the future.

    There was a lot of plot points going on, but the most interesting stuff was with Stan. We not only get to learn more about him as a person but we get to learn more about his past with the President. It's clear that him and the President have a long, dark past together, and how that will affect the future should be interesting to see. And as for the ending, it was intense, out of nowhere and very entertaining. It helped that they had Like A Rolling Stone in the background during it.

    This was one of the stronger episodes of FlashForward so far. There's still a lot of stuff they need to explain and explore more, but I have a feeling that this episode is a sign of good things to come.