Season 1 Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Much better

    For a show that is supposed to be a drama, previous episodes have failed to deliver. There have been the odd scene to cagoal us into believing that the pace of the show will heighten, but the screenplay remains to focused on characterisation. At least not enough of it imparted through action or intrigue. This episode though makes a better stab of being dramatic. The opening scene if for nothing else does this very well. The change in plot dynamic to a "political" one as you will see, have seen or read, adds some more. Furthermore, the character subplots continue in their slow, almost lethagic crawl to the date of the FF event. As in previous episodes these scenes are really, really over done. There is too much emphasis for me. I expect that most viewers will know that these subplots are there to explore and show the possible human reactions to a future where fate seems to be overriding free will and the change that this affects in people, but really imvho the screenplay should show more of the investigation. As it is this episode still fails to "really" draw us into the conspiracy. The show will continue to fail until it changes to incorporate more of the villians and what they are doing. At least the dialogue is edging towards being better.

    As for the shootout it was okay. Though it would seem a little flat compared to something like 24. The scenes of political meandering involving Wedeck brought some more bite to proceedings, especially as he goes up against the President and the Senator. Though the final scene with the President was a little too ambiguous. Was he authorising the attempted hit on the team, or effecting the funding to the team - or both!?
    Perhaps the best scene though is Janis left in the street clutching the bullet wound at her side. A gripping enough cliffhanger - same though that the build up is still pretty much flat.

    On the whole the episode is moving in the right direction. Though its still painfully slow. There is enough though to keep you wanting to watch.